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  1. Tobbe

    Tobbe keeps a journal

    Everything about making pierogi is a hassle ^^ Thanks for letting me know that it does indeed work to use cottage cheese as well. Certainly easier to find. And cheaper too!
  2. Tobbe

    Tobbe keeps a journal

    Today I made a breakthrough with my side business. I made the first proper transaction using this Swedish mobile payment provider that we want to integrate in to the web site. It was a pain to set up with certificates and stuff, but finally I was able to buy a fake product for like 50 ¢, paying with my phone. Lots more work to get done for a proper integration with the store, shopping basket etc, but it feels like a really big step in the right direction. Best today: I took my youngest son to the orthoptist (fancy word for an optician who works at a hospital in close connection to an eye doctor). The best thing though was that the lady who worked there asked if I was my son's dad or bigger brother 😁 Worst today: My oldest son was home from school all week last week. Now my youngest son is showing symptoms of having a cold. So he can't go to school. And he's going to require more from me, so I won't be able to work as much as I could with my other son at home. Looking forward to tomorrow: Baking with my son
  3. Tobbe

    Tobbe keeps a journal

    I never thought I would be able to find it here. The shopping list we were given before the class had a few options listed, and I was trying to decide if I should go with drained cottage cheese or ricotta, or some mix between the two. But then I decided to do a quick Google, and it turns out both of the bigger grocery stores where I usually shop had the cheese! Made me super happy 😊 Now that I know what the taste and texture is like though, I think a better substitution than what they suggested would be what we call "salad cheese", which is kind of like feta cheese, but made purely from cow's milk. There are two variations, one that's more creamy, and one that's more firm (less fat, more protein). I think a mix of the two world work very well mixed with potatoes and black pepper for the ruskie filling.
  4. Tobbe

    Tobbe keeps a journal

    Thanks Savory: Filled with twaróg (Polish white crumbly cheese), potatoes, salt and plenty of pepper (Pierogi ruskie). Served with fried union, bacon and créme fraiche Sweet: Filled with twaróg, cream cheese, heavy cream and sugar. Served with blueberry+raspberry jam and whipped créme fraiche
  5. Tobbe

    Tobbe keeps a journal

    I had so many plans for what I was going to do today, but didn't finish almost any of them, or even start them 🙁 I did get an unplanned 1h walk in before lunch, that was nice. And I did make Swedish dumplings (kroppkakor) for the first time in my life. That was fun. But I didn't make any further progress on the flooring (had a secret hope of finishing that this weekend). Also didn't finish the payment integration for my e-commerce that I was hoping to do. Been working on it most of the day, but it's proving much more difficult than I thought it would be. TBH I'm feeling pretty inadequate because it's taking me so long to figure it out. Kroppkakor served with heavy cream and lingonberry jam. The filing is traditionally salt cured pork belly, onion, allspice and salt. None of us in the family really like the pork belly though, so I used a 50/50 mix of minced pork and minced beef. The dough is a mixture of boiled riced potatoes and finely shredded raw potatoes. Plus an egg, salt, and a bit of flour. Best today: Making some progress on the payment stuff Worst today: Progress is so slow on the payment stuff Looking forward to tomorrow: Working on the flooring
  6. Tobbe

    Tobbe keeps a journal

    Netflix and chill didn't happen. Instead we bought access to an online live cooking class. We made pierogi and learned a bit about Polish traditions and history. It was great, and the food turned out delicious. Best today: Cooking class! Worst today: Trying to get my daughter to sleep. She cried and screamed for almost 15 minutes before she gave up and fell asleep exhausted from all the screaming. Looking forward to tomorrow: Having my wife home so I can get some computer time.
  7. Tobbe

    Tobbe keeps a journal

    I can hardly believe it, but I think I've hung my last drywall board, and screwed my last drywall screw. Right now it feels like something I never want to ever do again. (But I have a feeling I'll do it again anyway, just give me a couple of years...). Also removed the last of the old floor. I know it's a ton of work left to do, but for the first time it actually feels like we're on the home stretch. Best today: Had a nice evening with my daughter. Whenever I'm home alone with all the kids it usually ends with me being super frustrated with my daughter because she's screaming and I don't understand what she wants. But today that didn't happen, and we actually had some quality time together. Awesome! Worst today: Two hour long meeting that almost put me to sleep. Took to candy to stay awake... Looking forward to tomorrow: Netflix and chill when my wife gets home from work in the evening.