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  1. It was a good plan - until we decided we need to leave the house before 9 am to take the kids to an amusement park and spend a night at a hotel after. So now I need to also help get the kids ready, pack the stuff I need. Get some snacks for the 5 hour drive for the entire family, etc. New plan is Saturday evening
  2. I went running πŸƒ So one of two completed for the week. The plan is to run again Friday morning.
  3. Best of luck at the competitions these coming days! πŸ‹οΈβ€
  4. Thanks for asking @Salinger. I'm doing good. Got up and did some light exercise this morning. I want to do that every day. (We're talking like two minutes here.) I used to be good with that, but I've been letting it slip lately. But today I got it done, and it felt great.
  5. I did notice you had a pretty substantial break at noon. If you're working from home that should be plenty of time to cook a decent lunch πŸ‘ I usually try to clean up my mess from cooking. Sometimes I manage to do it, sometimes not
  6. "TikTok viral dance" 🀣 Hahah LOL πŸ˜‚ Stop, I can't breath! I so wish I could shuffle! I love the music, I love the dance style. If there are any kind of progress videos I want to see this challenge/coming year it's your shuffle progress! From the comments on that video
  7. Awesome! So, everyone, if you haven't tried the Bilberry GlΓΌhwein I highly recommend it!
  8. Ok, so this challenge started off great. Then it took a big nosedive. Time to get up and try again!
  9. Tobbe Goes Running in the Dark Last challenge (which I failed horribly) I did two things which led me to the goals I have for this challenge. I climbed the Zugspitze (see photo above), which is the highest mountain in Germany. And that made me realize just how bad my cardio is, compared to what it has been. So I need to change that! The other thing I did was strike up a conversation with @Cheetah in the Guildhall about food. And more specifically about eating the same food over and over again. The exact quote is So. Two goals. 1.
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