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  1. I think you're right on point. I think what she means is that it's not about external control of how much you eat, or what you eat. You're not choosing your food just because someone else said it was "healthy". And you're not limiting your portion sizes to some arbitrary plate size. Instead, what you're doing is making sure you're paying attention to what happens in your body and mind while you eat, and let that decide what you put on your plate, how much you eat of what's already on your plate, and if you want to take seconds of anything.
  2. -
  3. Feel free to interrupt at any time. You always come with such valuable insight! Totally! I recently tasted my own sauerkraut a few days ago, after being all out of it for way too long. They say the lacto bacteria in the kraut is awesome for your stomach. Now I don't know if that was the reason or not, but whatever meal I added some kraut to really made my stomach bubble a bit more than usual, but I also stayed full for way longer than I usually do.
  4. Thursday Feb 14 Food Log   Breakfast - 10:10 Rice cracker with peanut butter and banana slices Cottage cheese mixed with kefir and frozen berries Now, you might wonder why I didn't put PB and bananas on the entire cracker The reason is that it was so long ago I had a rice cracker I wanted to taste it without anything else, to really get the taste of the cracker alone first, before going all in on all the toppings Lunch - 13:50 Fried caulirice, fried eggs, sweet & sour thai chili sauce and a white sauce made of blended cottage cheese, kefir, salt and pepper Dinner - 20:30 Pan fried steak and arugula salad with white beans, button mushrooms and caramelized union Delicious Valentines dinner Evening sweets - 21:30 We had heart shaped coconut cake with raspberries and whipped cream. I decorated my cake pieces in a few different ways, just for fun This was two of the ways I made them And with this I'm ending my photo food log for now. I will try not taking any photos of my meals for a while. See how that makes me feel. I might pick it up again, I might not. We'll see!
  5. Wednesday Feb 13 Food Log   Breakfast - 10:30 Two bowls of long milk and granola You can't really tell, but that is actually two different brands of the "same" granola. You see, the one I had yesterday was the brand I always got before. But now they had New recipe. 30% less sugar. Written all over the front of the box. So I knew it wouldn't taste exactly like the one I was all nostalgic about. But then I found this other brand that had copied all of the original brand's different flavorings, but hadn't (yet?) updated their recipe. So I picked up their oats and raisins version, so I could compare them both So I asked my wife to prepare two bowls, without me looking, and then I would have a taste test. My wife had already tried both versions, but not side by side, and said she couldn't taste a difference at all. And I agree, they are extremely close in flavor. But doing a side by side comparison like this I could pick up a tiny difference. Now, remember, I didn't know which one came from which box. But I could pick a "winner", and it was actually the one with the new recipe, with less sugar. It just had a deeper flavor for some reason. So, do I still like it as much as I used to? No, I don't. It's too bland. I'd like more flavors in there. Maybe an additional kind of dried fruit. Or some different kinds of nuts and seeds as well. Lunch Nope Dinner - 19:00 Fried broccoli and fried eggs. Mixed salad and mixed pickled veggies. Evening snack - 22:30 Long milk, granola and blueberries I went shopping earlier today, and picked up a different kind of longmilk than the one I usually buy (this one is more expensive, and not organic, so that's why I don't buy it as often). It's even more sour, almost fizzy on my tongue, and I like that. It's also higher in fat, 4.2%, so it's extra creamy and good As I said above, I felt the granola was missing something, so I tried adding some blueberries this time. It was better, but it was almost best to just eat the longmilk with the blueberries, to really get the taste of the berries, because they were so good
  6. This is so funny. I laughed in recognition when I read this. I just realized this myself like half an hour ago I was typing out a long answer to all that @Defining wrote above. But then I had to delete it all, because, exactly as you're saying, what works for someone might not work for someone else. And there's nothing wrong about that. Both ways could be equally right And why should I even care what someone else calls "Intuitive Eating"? As long as I find a way that works for me it's all good, right? Whatever way I end up eating might not be what anyone else (or even me - who knows) calls IE, but as long as I'm in peace with myself over how I eat I'm going to be happy with it So, thank you @Defining for making me come to this realization. And thank you @Ensi for pointing it out too. It was almost scary to read how you really nailed it with the description of how I was thinking/feeling. And to everyone here - please be harsh with me. I much prefer that to being talked to with all sugar-coated words.
  7. I like that. Much better way to put it Thanks
  8. It's a researched fact that your hunger signals work more reliably when you exercise. And on a more personal and mental level my wife always says it's easier for her to make better food choices when she's also active. She says she doesn't want to ruin whatever good she's done for her body with exercise by making bad food choices.
  9. Totally 100% restriction. One serving is ½ cup. I'm not "allowed" more than that.
  10. Not really though, as long as you brush your teeth regularly. Yes, I like that rule/idea too My wife and I have been talking about that I'm not sure how to talk to my kids about this. If there is "healthy" food, that also means that there is "unhealthy" foods. In other words "good" and "bad" food. And I've read all over the place that it's very important not to label food as good or bad.
  11. Glad to have you back I'm pretty good right now Feel like I'm doing things for myself right now that will help me in the long run in regards to how/what I eat and how I feel around food
  12. This I can totally get behind! It's one of the reasons I like to add shredded zucchini to my morning oatmeal But, it's also to add more volume without too many extra calories, so I don't have to use as much oats, which is diet-mentality
  13. That's a perfect reason! Helping with stuff like that is what being a good parent is about Now, I have to admit, if my son asked for a teaspoon of straight sugar instead of butter I'd probably say "no". Or candy, or a cookie. Realizing that I can't really justify why I would say "no" though Hmmm.... Difficult!
  14. Tobbe

    Hulkine and the final touch

    A whole week to wait almost! I'm getting impatient! Don't forget to take (and post) photos! Progress photos too if you can
  15. From what I have read about IE and HAES your (current) body size shouldn't play in to what food choices you make at all. If you just eat what your body is telling you it wants it will eventually reach a weight/size where it's comfortable. For me, that might mean I gain a little weight. For you that might mean you lose a little weight. Maybe if I was heavier a big spoon of mayo might not be as tasty as it is now, because then my body wouldn't need it. But if I understand it correctly this is not for me (or anyone) to make conscious decisions about. My body should just tell me what to put on my plate, and in what amounts. Interesting. Why not? We figure it will fill him up and keep him ful. Actually, now that I think about it, eating fat before dinner is probably the best time to eat it. I find that it takes a while for my body to realize I've given it a lot of energy in a small package when I eat things higher in fat. But by having it before dinner, by the time he has eaten dinner the body has also had time to register the energy from the butter. And the slow release of energy from the fat will keep him full until bedtime