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    Tobbe catches up and pleases his wife

    I know, right!? Boston Dynamics builds some uncanny stuff!
  2. I've decided to stop logging my morning walks, and my sleep, for now. Also not (publicly) logging my workouts. Mostly because I don't feel like I need to. I don't feel that I need the extra accountability right now. I'm getting my daily walks in no matter if I log them here or not. Same with my workouts three times per week.
  3. Tuesday Dec 11 Food Log  Brunch - 11:00 Sandwiches with various toppings We were invited over to friends of ours for some late breakfast. We brought the wort bread my wife had baked the night before, some butter and cheese. They had the rest. I ate two bread buns. I had liver pate with fresh cucumber on one piece of bread. So good! It's something we almost never have at home, because it's only I who eat it, and it will spoil before I can finish a package Dinner - 18:50 Pan fried boneless pork chops, oven roasted sweet potato with olive oil, garlic, thyme and salt. Pan fried green beans, a salad and Salsa Romesco We had some roasted bell peppers left over from making the Italian salad the other day, so I used it in one of my favorite sauces, Salsa Romesco, which is basically bell peppers, almonds, garlic, chili and olive oil mixed together. Evening snack - 22:30 Two different kinds of glögg Freshly baked saffron crescents with almond, butter and sugar filling. Gingerbread cookies Tried a new glögg. It was flavored with port wine and figs. I liked that it had a really distinctive taste. You could really taste both the port wine and the figs. But if I had to choose, I'd still go with the traditional "Blossa" glögg, which is what I had in the other mug My wife was baking saffron crescents for the first time ever. So once they were out of the oven and had cooled down a bit we just had to taste them She had made two versions, one with filling according to the recipe, and one with twice the amount of filling I liked the ones with lots of filling! All in all I had four crescents. They're only freshly baked once! I also had three more gingerbread cookies than what's shown in the photo.
  4. Tobbe

    Rise Above (the Pull-Up Bar!)

    Well done! And thanks for the encouragement
  5. Monday 10 Dec Food Log  Breakfast - 10:00 Quark, cottage cheese, kefir, strawberries and almonds Cup of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee I gave my mom a couple of different types of "coffee" substitutes. She didn't care for it much, said none of them tasted like coffee. This one only tasted mushrooms according to her... I don't drink coffee. I think it smells nice, but tastes like sh*t But, since this one apparently didn't taste like coffee I thought I'd give it a try. Yeah, you guessed it. It tasted like crap! (I.e. coffee). Not going to try that one again The added mushrooms, "Lion's Mane & Chaga" was supposed to increase creativity. Not sure about that claim... Lunch - 14:40 Sallad with a little bit of goat's cheese and three boiled eggs Dinner - 18:45 Leftovers from when we had guests. Boneless pork chops with sun dried tomatoes slow cooked in heavy cream sauce. Served with rice and an Italian salad This is my kind of food! Lots of sauce, lots of cream! Candy - 21:00 I had one piece of candy, and that was it. Didn't want any more, and didn't have any more. Didn't even have to fight with myself not to eat any more than that single piece of candy Evening food - 22:30 Bread with cheese Cottage cheese with apple, cinnamon and almond butter My wife had baked what we call "Wort bread" ("Vörtbröd"). But in this case it didn't contain any actual wort, just the spices that typically goes with it. From wikipedia: "Wort is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky.". Wort bread is typically only eaten around Christmas time in Sweden, and most commonly with cheese or "Christmas ham" on top. We usually make an effort to only buy cheese made from Swedish milk, because we know Swedish cows are treated pretty good. But in this case we had to make an exception and buy a cheese made from Danish milk The reason being that there is no Swedish cheese that is made with this much full fat cream in it. This cheese is 38% fat and really soft and creamy. Typical Swedish cheese is only 28 - 31 % fat. With this bread a really fatty and creamy cheese goes best On one of the pieces of bread I had blue cheese, more specifically it was a Stilton cheese, from England. Again, this is because there is no cheese like it made from Swedish milk The strong blue cheese went really well with the spicy bread!
  6. Tobbe

    Rise Above (the Pull-Up Bar!)

    And finally 15 more before going to bed
  7. We do the coconut ones as well sometimes. Sometimes half of the cookie is dipped in dark chocolate. But out of the ones you linked I'd like to try the almond cinnamon one the most
  8. Never heard of them before, but these look really good!
  9. Sunday 9 Dec Food Log  Breakfast - 09:40 Quark, kefir, almonds and strawberries I'm back at weighing/measuring my breakfast. Not sure why really. I don't feel like I really have to. And I don't think I'd get as stressed out if it's not exactly right as I would have gotten a while back. I'll see if I can try to eye-ball it more in the future... Lunch - 13:45 Two hotdogs. With mustard, ketchup, relish and fried unions We were eating lunch at my parents-in-law, and this is what they served... Veggies - 14:40 A tomato and a carrot I felt the lunch was lacking in vegetables, so I snacked on a tomato and a carrot Afternoon treats - 15:15 Saffron bun and gingerbread cookies My mother in-law had baked saffron buns the day before, so she treated us to one each. And we'd been baking gingerbread cookies all day, so we had a bunch of those as well. 18:30 - Dinner Sausage and beans casserole with rice and broccoli (and a spoonful of Sambal Oelek) Now we're at my parent's place instead of my wife's parent's place 21:00 - Glögg Non-alcoholic wine glögg My parents had a new kind of glögg they asked if we wanted to try, and of course we did So we got a tiny cup of glögg each 23:00 - Evening sweets Leftover apple cheesecake with whipped cream, bought gingerbread cookies and home baked gingerbread cookies I had been looking forward to the last of the apple cheesecake from the day before all day long. Finally got to eat it! Miscellaneous We spent almost all day baking gingersnap/gingerbread cookies (what are these called anyway?) They're called "pepparkakor", literally pepper cookies, in Swedish. But despite the name there is no actual pepper in them. The spices used in this recipe is cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Some recipes add cardamon as well (and, mostly in older recipes, there might be bitter orange as well). Anyway, the dough is so so tasty! But I managed to not eat too much of it while baking. But then I lost it with the actually cookies later and had way too many. All in all I probably ate 20 - 30 cookies... Sure, they're really thin, and some are tiny, but still, 20 is too many. Baking these cookies is a lovely family tradition, the house smells great, the kids enjoy it, and so do the adults. We put on some Christmas Carols and really get in the mood of the season
  10. I like to think I had a small IE-win yesterday My wife baked bread yesterday evening, and I had even bought a special kind of cheese to go with the bread. So I was really looking forward to tasting it. So when it was out of the oven, and had cooled down a little bit so we could cut in to it we prepared ourselves some cheese sandwiches. Now, if this would have been just two months or so ago I wouldn't have eaten any of the bread at all because of stupid diet rules. But now I had three pieces, and it was great! But it was right after a pretty heavy workout, so it didn't quite fill me up. "Normally" I would not allow myself to have any more, and I'd even feel a little good about myself for feeling a little bit hungry, and not eat. But instead I decided to listen to my body and have more to eat. And not only that, but I could actually feel that what I wanted wasn't more bread, but actually a small bowl of cottage cheese with some apple, cinnamon and almond butter. It would have been so easy to just say "Screw it! Now that I've already eaten "unhealthy" bread, butter and cheese, I might as well go for all the Christmas candy we have as well!". But I didn't. I could really feel what it was my body wanted, and I had that instead Even going with the cottage cheese, the "diet safe" option would have been to have it with some berries, and no almond butter (i.e. no extra fat). But I really wanted it with apple, cinnamon and that almond butter instead of just the berries for some reason. So that's what I made for myself! Thanks for letting me ramble
  11. Tobbe

    Tobbe catches up and pleases his wife

    This video is just too cool! That robot is better at jumping than I am Scary!
  12. Tobbe

    Rise Above (the Pull-Up Bar!)

    Got back from my morning walk, did 12 negative pull-ups Edit, 8 hours later Just did 20 more.
  13. Tobbe

    Rise Above (the Pull-Up Bar!)

    Good morning! 20 negative pull-ups done! Only planned to do 10, but I was feeling strong, so I did 20
  14. Tobbe

    Big Hatter 6

    Want some mindless action? My wife and I just finished watching Venom (the Marvel movie) For what it is, it was good!
  15. Tobbe

    Rise Above (the Pull-Up Bar!)

    4 sets of 11 during the workout. Plus 3 x 90 seconds of dead hangs. And then a new PB right now, before going to bed Did 20 negative pull-ups, brushed my teeth and then did 12 more