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  1. Had to let my arms down for the last 10, so no bee ✔️
  2. Speaking of Swedish food. If you were to cook something that called for Falukorv, what would the closest thing you could get in the States be?
  3. Hmm. There seems to be a bit of a confusion about what hash browns are... vs From wikipedia "Hash browns, also spelled hashed browns, are a popular American breakfast dish consisting of pan-fried shredded, diced, julienned or riced potatoes" That's what I meant, shredded potatoes that you fry in a pan.
  4. Yeah, that's why I said "hashbrown pancakes" Hashbrowns mixed with pancake batter Uses the exact same batter as ugnspannkaka. You just add shredded potato to it
  5. Interesting. Now, I know we have different kinds of bacon in Sweden and the US. But I'm not sure exactly what the difference is. I thought that generally American bacon was a little thicker and sweeter. Is that correct? And if so, how does that affect your ability to make raggmunk? For anyone following along, this is raggmunk with bacon and lingonberry jam. Kind of like hashbrown pancakes:
  6. We never make rårakor. We make raggmunk instead. With proper bacon. Not the thick, uncured, unsmoked stuff that you're supposed to have.
  7. Wednesday E-commerce 1. Pagination Haven't done anything 2. Search Haven't done anything 3. Download all photos locally Haven't done anything Goals from last challenge Do at least one Focus@Will session per day Yes Spend less time cooking/preparing food Best quick-meal yet was lunch on Wednesday. Mixed frozen wok veggies, Thai green curry instant noodles, green hot sauce, tofu Put some water to boil in a kettle, added some frozen veggies to a bowl and put that in the microwave oven to defrost a bit. Cubed some of the tofu. When the veggies were mostly thawed I dumped the contents of the instant noodles in the bowl and covered with the now boiling water. Added the tofu and some hot sauce and let it all sit for a few minutes. Done! 20 minutes to cook, eat and clean up. Bam!! And super tasty too 😋 Dinner was another quick meal, but not as tasty Two kinds of ready made frozen dumplings, fried cabbage, unions and mushrooms, mixed salad greens. Up top we have Pelmeni served with sourcream and créme fraïche, on the bottom we have gyoza served with home-made gyoza sauce (that I already had left-over in the fridge). Lidl was running a "Finnish" theme this week and had the frozen Pelmeni on sale. Google however tells me Pelmeni is actually a Russian food 🤷‍♂️ Write a pagination Redwood tutorial Not started Thursday E-commerce 1. Pagination Haven't done anything 2. Search Haven't done anything 3. Download all photos locally Haven't done anything Goals from last challenge Do at least one Focus@Will session per day Put on a 45 min session on Focus@Will, but that was a disaster. Wasn't in the right mindset when I started, and didn't mute/close Slack or my email notifications. So wasn't nearly as productive as I usually am during those sessions. What I usually like to do is to make a quick todo list in my head, so I know what to work on, and then remove any potential distractions, and then get to work. Now I know - not doing that is a bad idea! Spend less time cooking/preparing food Found a cheese in the store I hadn't seen before Made an open-faced sandwich with. Had much more of a chilli kick to it than I expected! I'm still counting sandwiches as "quick and easy". But it's actually not as quick as you'd think. At least not when making a couple different versions like that getting all the ingredients out, cutting the veggies, mounting it all and then cleaning up/putting everything back in the fridge. Dinner was a 15-minut affair. Which was the time it took to cook the pasta. I had the tomato sauce already prepared from the day before (had it simmering on the stove while I prepared and ate breakfast). Just added ⅓ glass of red wine and half a can of kidney beans to it and reheated it on the stove. Sometimes my tomato sauce turns out just bland and boring. But this one was better than most. Super happy with it 😋 Write a pagination Redwood tutorial Almost done! Published a pre-release for some people to try Random wins Went climbing with a couple of friends here: Did some adulting on hard-mode during lunch break. Moved our mortgage from one bank to another to get a 1.2% lower rate on it. 💰
  8. A classic! One of my wife's go-to meals as it's so easy to make and the kids all love it. I'm not a fan and will usually eat something else. But when I do eat it I want some lingonberry jam with it. I know some families eat it with raspberry jam or strawberry jam, but that's just weird 😛
  9. Leg extensions (180 extensions, 2 min 5 sec) ✔️ 🐝