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  1. Speaking of German greetings "Mahlzeit" is one that sounds/feels so weird to me! 😃 Probably because a literal translation turns it into a noun in Swedish meaning "full meal", like a two- or three course meal.
  2. Is dinner actually dinner, or more like lunch? Do you have a cooked evening meal after "dinner"?
  3. One of the things I'm looking forward to the most! So I'm happy to hear you liked them. Hoping to do some yoga things as well. Other things planned are: Work, eat good food, relax, enjoy not freezing my feet and fingers off (like I'm currently doing 🥶) The gym you found sounds awesome! I wish I had a gym closer to where I live!
  4. What a great update! I'm sorry for my ignorance if this is mentioned in the thread already, but what are your house plans? Building something new from the ground up?
  5. Traveling for a full year?! I guess I have some catching up to do! 😅 Any past challenges I can read to catch up/online stalk you? 😄 Bummer you had a bad time in India! I'm going with my wife and kids to Sri Lanka in February. I've never been to India, so was hoping to get some indian culture in Sri Lanka because of how close it is. But now I'm not so sure anymore. And welcome back to the cold part of the world! My dad's mom had dementia the last few years of her life. It was rough. Sorry you have to go through that with your grandma too. I'm super curious to hear more about your plans for a "not a job job" kind of income! Do you already have anything going? Are you selling any arts/crafts?
  6. Yeah, I like my coach too. I think they do a really good job with the match making
  7. Ugh! That's tough 😞 I'm actually with NF Coaching too since like six weeks back. But I had the opposite experience – onboarding was too slow! But that's addressed now and we're working towards my goals at a pace that's right at the limit of what I can handle, which I think is exactly where you should be! Did you get back on with the same coach? Was that by your request, or did they suggest that?
  8. Seeing a notification email with a post in this thread was a pleasant surprise! Nice to have you posting updates here Jean! > I'm settled fitnesswise with NF Coaching, I'm following the plan "well enough". You're doing NF Coaching?! How long have you done that for? How do you like it?
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