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  1. Tobbe

    Tobbe kills zombies

    Wednesday 🚶‍♂️ 30 min 🐴 warm up only + some random yoga poses and some handstand play
  2. Boat folds, that was a new one, wasn't it? I did 30, but it wasn't pretty, and I had to take small rest stops every now and then. So no extra credit today ✔️
  3. Tobbe

    Tobbe kills zombies

    Tuesday Spent the day at the office today. And after work me and two coworkers went to the climbing gym. First time in a long time for me! The actual climbing was 💩 Need to awaken those muscles again. But I still had a great time. Even if I could just climb the easiest problems it was still a lot of fun When I got home from climbing I spent a couple of hours working on the house. I think I'll finish framing the wall tomorrow. No walk, or swim, or sleeping outdoors today. We sleep with an open window now, which just makes me want to sleep outdoors even more, to get more of that lovely fresh night air. Unfortunately the mosquitoes and no-see-ums have awakened, so next time I might have to bring a bug net.
  4. Tobbe

    Tobbe kills zombies

    My oldest son always wakes up early, like 5 am early some days... So for me it's definitely the late nights that are the most quiet.
  5. Tobbe

    Flea Gonna Do Stuff

    We hang-dry all our clothes. Hang them on the evening and they'll be dry by the morning after. Your grown up brother should know these things and not rage about not being able to wash! I mean, wtf? Good on you for not going out of your way to solve a problem that isn't even a proper problem!
  6. Tobbe

    Tobbe kills zombies

    Monday This day for sure went by faster than expected! Also got my walk 🚶‍♂️ (20 min) and my workouts in (🐴, warm up and main workout, plus handstand stuff 🤸‍♂️)! We now have furniture in our living room, so less space for me to work out ☹️ 😛 A few of us from NF Prime are competing on The Fit League ( Last week I logged something for 6 days. My goal for this week is to do all 7 days.
  7. Tobbe

    Tobbe kills zombies

    Sunday WTH happened to this day? Didn't even get a proper walk in... I did do other things, but no walk, no swim and no workout (except for the daily dare one, but that was just two minutes...) Tomorrow I'll make sure to at least go for a walk!
  8. 310 ✔️🐝 Have we done all the exercises they have in their library now? Starting to see a few repeats now aren't we?