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  1. Ouch! I'm sorry to hear that! Hope you have a speedy recovery
  2. 30 side-to-side lunges 2 minutes tree pose hold (per leg)
  3. I always do when I squat Especially when I only squat bodyweight. I'd say I got my ass down to 4 - 6" from the floor
  4. Thanks for asking. It was my thumb, and it's much better now. I've been out of the cast for a couple of weeks. Wearing a much smaller and less inhibiting plastic brace now. And because you asked, I had to try, and I actually could do the climber taps! I had to be slow and careful not to place my weight in the wrong way on my hand, but I could at least do it! Super happy about that Meeting with the physiotherapist again tomorrow. Climber taps
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