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  1. Nice job surviving the kayak trip! Glad to hear you only had a bruise. Your NOS number is getting way up there! With all of the cash your saving you probably could have splurged for that FM radio in the new Subaru and still been money ahead. Your quick summary of the year sure has some impressive feats in it. Do you get a sense of satisfaction writing it out or does it remind you of future goals to come? Or something else? I suppose I shouldn't ask closed-ended questions about your thoughts. Also, GRRR. NF dropped all my subscribed posts but I found yours.
  2. I'm fine, just got burned out on NF due to life things. I'm actually still hitting a decent number of my goals. Stoked for you to see the NOS is continuing! Thanks for checking in.
  3. Haha, i lol'd. Too bad this doesn't work for NOS purposes...mentally flip Joe Camel the finger and onward with the day... ...or heck, physically give the one finger salute and then move onward...
  4. That landlord story sounds very frustrating. I think the times when I am the most upset are when I am unjustly accused of something. Hopefully things will get cleared up soon! That running club sounds amazing! Perhaps it was even a good thing that your friends didn't show up forcing you to mingle with some other people? A club like that is what really kick-started my running interest a few years ago and led to meeting one of my really good friends now.
  5. Way to go still getting in some exercise after work last night! Curve-balls like that can really make it easy to skip something. Hopefully that gas leak is a short term thing; that doesn't sound like anything you want happening near your house.
  6. Things always seem so much more achievable once you know the actual details vs. having some nebulous thing hanging over you for "someday." Hooray on securing the venue!
  7. Have fun with the new car! I was in the same "I'll never buy a new car" situation until we recently purchased an Impreza. One of the things that convinced me was that a slightly used model really wasn't a substantially cheaper option. Subaru has also made some big advances with engines and efficiency lately that are worth (in my mind) purchasing instead of sticking with the older models. Will yours be the fancy auto-magical transmission or the six-speed? How is the return of food logging in combination with NOS going today? Sorry about the bird. That's a pretty crappy story.
  8. Week 2 Day 2: DC Adventures Well, it was a pretty interesting time trying to get in a 5K run. I decided to ride a rental bike to Georgetown, run my 5K along the river, and then bike back to my hotel in time from my meeting at 2pm. I left at 11 thinking it would be a half hour bike ride, half hour run, and half hour ride home. Lots of time! (Haha). So the rent-a-bike program is pretty cool. You get to use a bike for a day for $8. You just park it in a bike dispenser rack when you aren't using it and then check another one out later. However, I didn't really know where the bike lanes were. I started riding in a really nice one which quickly disappeared. I was then in 3 lanes of traffic with angry buses honking horns at me. Once re-routed I found a place to run...50 minutes after my departure. My run went great! I had my fastest 5K time since my injury with a 6:41 / mile average pace! Super excited. (Funny event #2 - I ran into a post avoiding pedestrians. Of course I acted like I didn't notice and it didn't hurt but it did!) Back to the bike rack - can't get another bike! It won't take my information. Hmm....at this point I have 1.5 hours to get to my meeting and I'm several miles away. I decided to jog back. That ended up working fine, I grabbed a sandwich, scarfed it in my hotel room, and made it to the meeting 5 or 10 minutes early. Anyway, that's the whole adventure. Since then it's been mostly work.
  9. I suppose it could be a positive thing that he did find a venue he loved...hopefully that other party finds something else to do! Nice job on week 1!
  10. So much good news! Congrats on the article and on the weight. I also vote climbing...if you're missing cardio you could try to find a way to either do both or to build it into your climbing.
  11. I was wondering about your new affinity for gifs! I hear you on posting challenge details too. Some times writing it all out is very helpful and other times it feels like a chore. I just slowly change from one extreme to the other as feels best.
  12. I'm only here for a few days and working a lot of that. I always feel I'm spending my time on the wrong things when I "tourist". Today I rented a bike and rode to Georgetown. Maybe I should have toured something but I was overwhelmed by choices.
  13. Did you make this happen!!!?? I agree with enjoying the first-thing-in-the-morning running. If I eat breakfast then I get into "weekend project mode" and running never happens. Hope things went well for you this weekend! I also understand not wanting to run in a so-so place. Risking your safety isn't really a good gamble, even if your risking it for a good reason. When I lived in a bigger city (and even now to be honest) there are places I will run and places I won't, especially at night.
  14. And now for the Week 1 Summary! Goal 1 - Run in Balance 17:09 Project Hours to 10:36 Fitness Hours I added a lot more workout time this week than I added project time. That is OK but I need to make sure and hit the projects hard upon my return home Thursday. I'll try to keep adding to the Workout Time while traveling. So far, pretty balanced after two weeks! Goal 2 - Zone 1 Training Week 0: 80 minutes (shortened for race prep) OK, 71 minutes (going on a 9 minute run doesn't make sense and I got plenty of undocumented exercise shoveling compost) Week 1: 300 minutes DONE! Kind of against the odds. Week 2: 300 minutes (Travel week) Week 3: 360 minutes Week 4: 80 minutes (shortened for race prep) Goal 3 - Other Training (5/6 currently) Climbing once per week Week 0: Subbed Core Training, Week 1: Done! Outside! Strength training once per week Week 0: Done, Week 1: Done! Zone 3 training once per week (races will count during race weeks) Week 0: Race (Done!), Week 1: Not Done
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