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  1. Never posted a recap last week so here is a quick rundown nutrition did the log and was in good ranges runs sort of. Didnt do 10K saturday because raced a 5K instead but higher intensity balanced lower mileage. Won my age group which was a nice surprise (22:06)... not bad without training weights lifted heavy things and did a murph training overall good week. AND this week the gym I go to reopened to the point where I can go again. Should help a bit as I can lift in the AM again and I have more equipment. Excited about that.
  2. Covid wasnt a big deal with this one.... at least no one restricted much ... my state kind of does what it wants though
  3. Office decided to start doing workouts wednesday morning and I joined them yeaterday. They are training for a Memorial Day Murph (body weight only). Went well for me... need to push some of the others. Should be fun training with some others. One person pushed me on the run a bit, which was good. Murph 1 mile 300 squats 200 pushups 100 pull ups 1 mile good overall workout also signed up for my first race since this COVID mess. Running a 5K on saturday. Havent really been training for speed so we’ll see how it goes. Used to be in the ~20min range when I raced. Will be happy if I run at least 23 this week I think. Even that I may be feeling it a bit at the end. We shall see!
  4. Omfg..... i have never heard of this but i know this is now a goal of mine.... you may have just influenced my training the rest of the year friend!!!
  5. Depends how active you are. 2.2k may be right. But a lot of calculators ignore weights when they consider activity but give big credit for cardio. Kind of BS if you lift hard. if 2.2k is your maintenance that 1.55k will be tough! Dont let yourself eat so little you feel odd. And hydrate up! It helps a lot. edit: i see you upped a bit! That sounds better! Im mid 180s and eating 2300-2600 right now and cutting a bit. Maybe i need to trim back a bit more! But i’ve been upping my cardio too so i may be allotted a bit more
  6. Did 12K today. Hit my March goal! Tomorrow this challenge starts with ... probably a rest day. Going to a duathlon in the morning but will be cheering not competing. Will be fun anyway!
  7. Finishing March strong... challenge not started but feel like posting anyway. About to go hit 10K saturday... 92% humidity so that’ll be fun! Goal for March was 80K run. I’m at 71. Absent hurting myself I should that box today. Thought about signing up for a half marathon this spring but seems most of the races are still COVID cancelled... may look to next fall and train. Only ran 2 in my life... 1 as a “can i do this without training run?” And a second a week later. 1:46 without really training. Curious if I could drop into the 1:30s if I really focused on it. Dont want to burn up muscle though so its a struggle deciding how to focus my training time!
  8. 2020... gyms closed... why!? But let’s not go there... we are where we are. I’ve been trying to get more consistent on nutrition and exercise. Last few weeks have been good. But I want to step it up a bit with some NF work! ok... maybe not that extreme yet. motivation... 10K mud run mid-May. Want to be stronger and faster than I am today. Simple enough! Goals: Nutrition: ️ Track food at least 5 days a week ️ Stay on calorie goal / macro target within reason Cardio: ️ 100K for month of April ... math math... weekly goal of 20K for this 5 week challenge ️ 10K Saturday.. this is something I started last March to have a schedule of some kind. Been one consistency at least! Weights: ️ Minimum of 3 lifts a week... would like more but with gyms closed and that thing called a job it isn't always possible ️ Show some progression in weights... write it down and you can prove you improve... we’ll see how that goes Wish me luck!
  9. Hotel lifts this week. Max weight available 50 lbs dumb bells. Do what I can. Doing reps of 12 or 15 because the weights feel too light on some lifts is quite a different workout. But it is resoundingly better than just sitting around, watching TV, and going out to eat unhealthy food. Also a simple cable machine that will allow a big. Work trips are definitely a challenge for fitness. This is especially true of traveling with other people. Being healthy is sometimes a loner activity. But we each prioritize what we care about I suppose!
  10. A lot of people really don't think about how important this can be to mentally seeing how you've changed. I try to do this every now and then, but not too frequently. In fact, I wish I did it a little more often in the past because it really can help to realize how far you've come. Also, it can be a motivator to try to keep yourself fit and not slip too far back. (When you look at it and you say "whooooooaaaa man" it can be motiviation!) MBAs for the win!
  11. So.. random little check in. I'll be out and about in the world over the next couple of weeks so how often I'll post is unknown. Also, unfamiliary gyms with limited weights (boo). But... I'll work in what I can and that is all I can do. Bench - Yesterday the gym was insane. It really must have been national benchpress day or something. I ended up doing some chest related work and some dumbbell press, but I didn't really get a chance to have a fresh bench to have an update here. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see. Dumbbell bench with two 80 pound dumbbells is certainly quite a different lift. Squats - Did a little bit of work today. Work sets 3 sets of 5 at 185; Did a couple of sets of 2 at 205. Didn't go any heavier than that today. Quads were annoyingly a little night from some lap swimming I did yesterday. But I am happy with the 3 sets of 5 work. Deadlifts - 3 sets of 5 at 315. I am going to up these worksets on one of my next deadlift workouts. 315 at that set / rep range isn't pushing me as hard as it used to. I actually did a 1 rep max (though I didn't go until failure to see a true 1RM so.... we'll just say I did a set with 1 rep..) after my worksets. 1 rep at 365. I am sure I could have gone heavier. 365, I believe, is either the most or tied for the most I've ever done. I've only been deadlifting since August 2018 so I'm pretty happy to have gotten this far in a little under a year with the way I've trained. Oh and I should caveat that, at least for now, all of these numbers are without a lifting belt, gloves, or any types of straps. This is all pure me. If I can't grip it, I can't lift it and so on. I certainly understand using straps if I ever get to some type of insane weight, but I will continue to improve my grip strength as well as long as I can. That is it for now!
  12. We'll see how it goes. If i don't get there I'll sure do my best to get as close as I can.
  13. Essentially the basic "Starting Strength" keep it simple approach. Warm up sets, worksets of ~5 reps for 3-5 sets. Prioritize complex movements over accessory type work. I will say one thing I've made it a point to add into my stuff this summer is core work. This has significantly increased overall strength... at least it sure feels strong which is a big part of it in my head.
  14. This is true for sure... I found that just taking a break in the middle of the day can help reset your brain too. Sometimes I would unconsciously solve a problem I was dealing with just by going to the gym for a bit. My current job doesn't allow it too often, but it is still something I try to work in as possible.
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