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    Cap becomes a Winter Soldier (Part 1)

    Cap has been absent from the NF community for a while. Summer, etc etc excuse excuse. Whatever... I am back on a mission. To become my inner Winter Solider (Pretend an awesome Winter Solider gif is here now! Boom explosion and stuff... Maybe i'll come back and add one later) So, what does my randomness mean? I am setting a little bit longer than 4 week goal for the rest of the year, but I like the 4 week tracking so this will be a multi-part straight to DVD kind of journey. My focus for reporting here is going to center around the 3 key lifts we care about for powerlifting... Flat Bench... Squat... and Deadlift. I'll of course be doing other randomness as I can, but these are going to be my goal tracking lifts. All goals are going to be focused on what I'd like to be at in December, allowing myself a longer-term view of my journey. Of course, I'd like to see progress each month... but by setting a longer horizon I think I'll avoid disappointment with missing an arbitrary short-term goal due to travel messing with lifting, etc. Goal 1 - Squat - Current status - My "work sets" this week for squats were 3 sets of 5 at 180. I've also been doing some even lower rep heavier weights on these key lifts to stress the system. My "heavy doubles", as i have been calling them, maximum was 2 reps at 215. December goal - When I was thinking of this challenge a few weeks ago I thought 225 was the most I'd get to. I don't think that is the case anymore. I'm going to stretch this a little further.... DEC GOAL - 250 - this is a 35 pound (16%) increase over my current lift Goal 2 - Deadlift - Current status - My work sets this week were 3 sets of 5 at 315. My most recent heavy doubles was 2 reps at 345 December goal - I would really like to get this sucker up in the 400 range. I'm just not sure if that is too much of a stretch or not. Regardless... DEC GOAL - 400 - 55 pound (16%) increase over my current lift Goal 3 - Flat Bench Current status - My work sets this week were 3 sets of 5 at 205. My most recent heavy doubles was 2 reps at 230 December goal - I am lifting heavier than I have since highschool (quite some time ago....). I think I am in the range of slower increase on my bench though. Still, I want to stretch myself a bit on what I'm doing. DEC GOAL - 255 - 25 pound (11%) increase over my current lift Goal 4 - The holy grail of combined strengh awesomeness --- the combined lift total of all three above Current status (utilizing heavy double values as an approximation of 1 rep max) - 215 + 345 + 230 = 790 December goal - When i first started thinking of this challenge, I was thinking somewhere between 850 and 900 would be a nice increase. Given what I just laid out, it puts me at 905. So.. DEC GOAL 1 - 905 - I'd be pretty happy with this lift given I've only been really into squats and deadlifts for less than a year. DEC GOAL 2 - All the stars align - 925 This will require me to exceed somewhere a good bit more. AND --- and this is important --- I want to do all of this without going to some bulking extreme. I'm not going to be tracking weight very often (183.2 at 6'5" for last weigh in), but I'm going to try to make sure I don't put on unnecessary body fat just to get numbers up. That is it. Lift heavy. Get strong. Hit PRs. And don't over complicate it!
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    Cap becomes a Winter Soldier (Part 1)

    Hotel lifts this week. Max weight available 50 lbs dumb bells. Do what I can. Doing reps of 12 or 15 because the weights feel too light on some lifts is quite a different workout. But it is resoundingly better than just sitting around, watching TV, and going out to eat unhealthy food. Also a simple cable machine that will allow a big. Work trips are definitely a challenge for fitness. This is especially true of traveling with other people. Being healthy is sometimes a loner activity. But we each prioritize what we care about I suppose!