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  1. I've joined previous challenges as either a newbie or an adventurer, but I've always enjoyed assassin-like activities. As it happens I am taking a circus based class all month so I am actually doing the stuff I enjoy. My last challenge was a big bust. I mostly had a hard time coming back from vacation and getting myself back on track, but I feel I am ready now. I am using the new "epic quest" xp leveling system fyi. This months's challenges: 1. Walk/run 30 min/day in addition to any walking I get done during regular work day (I was tracking steps, but this became discouraging so I think time
  2. Another day, another adventure. So far staying on the path to healing. Shoulder hurts a little more today during the exercises, but for the most part my shoulder felt better today. Met all goals today including reading goal. This feels like a very long path. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Day 2 update Still on the journey to the healer, no set backs today. Completed over 10,100 steps, all shoulder stretches, and ate 3 cups of veggies. Also read for 20 min on work related stuff. So far trudging along the path. Feels good to be able to say this after a long day. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for the reply! So I didn't have much time to write out my above challenge thread, but I wanted to get it started so I could have my goals written out. I feel more accountable that way. Anyway, I have a feeling I will be posting often this time around as I seriously dread doing shoulder rehab stuff. It is like in a video game when you have the option of turning tail and going to see the healer or continuing on knowing you are about to die, but saying "to hell with it I've got this!" Of course only to die shortly thereafter and having to respawn at a much less fortuitous location. Well as
  5. Since my last (successful!) challenge I have still been battling some old foes and one new one. I went home for Christmas and have gotten off track somewhat with my diet goals so I am going to start there. I also slacked on walking everyday so I will resurrect that goal and challenge it a little further. As for my new foe I developed some nagging pain in my right shoulder and so my main goal this challenge will be to address this first before attempting other great and glorious feats. I'm not sure I do or don't fit into the new adventurers group though I think both the new description and the
  6. So at the end of the challenge now. One day left technically I guess, but I thought I'd weigh in on how things went. Overall goal was weight loss and habit maintenance. On the weight loss front I am down about 4 lbs, not the 5 I was aiming for, but things are still heading in the right direction so that is what matters. I started my current weight loss journey in September and have lost approx 16 lbs since then so overall fairly steady success. And I think at 15-16 lbs that puts me at having lost about 10% of my prevoius body weight which isn't bad either. So all in all I count it a success. I
  7. This week has been tough. I'm meeting my goals, but emotionally and physically it has been hard. Started strength training this week. Monday was a preview session just getting used to the movements and then on Wednesday I started the first progressions of the movements. Woke up today SO SORE. But I went to yoga this evening (yin yoga which is essentially stretching/holding poses for a long time) and it was good, helped me to move my muscles even though I didn't want to. Goal 1: 4/5 workouts met this week. One more strength training session tomorrow. Goal 2: 4/7 days have met my step goal, plan
  8. End of the week update: Finished GMB elements today! The program was seven weeks and though that doesn't seem like much I had a hard time making it through the first two weeks on several attempts so it seems like a big milestone. This last week seemed especially difficult, kept wanting to put it off. As for the program it really helped me deepen my bodyweight squat and mobility in this position. For that alone I think the program was worth it. I may still use some of the flow elements as a warm up in the future. So 6/6 workouts this week. Steps: 7/7 days hit 10k. I went for a 7.5 mile hike tod
  9. Well as a reward for completing my first three weeks I went to see the final Hunger Games tonight which was pretty good. Of course it ended late enough I didn't feel like working out, but it has become enough of a habit that I came home, changed, and just started warming up without giving myself much time to back out which is a pretty big milestone for me. I have three workouts left of Elements and then will start GMB integral strength on Monday. The program is 3 days a week so on Tue/Thur I am going to go to yin yoga classes which I am looking forward to. Nothing else new. Progress this week
  10. I am doing well keeping up with most of my goals. Goal 1: 4/6 workouts this week and 6/6 for previous weeks Goal 2: 5/7 days of hitting 10k steps, 7/7 for previous weeks Goal 3: 5/7 days of logging/tracking food intake My weight hasn't changed too much, but my clothes are fitting better which is what I am going for anyway so I remain motivated there. For those wondering why I bother weighing myself the answer is I eat better when I weigh myself and I slack off when I don't so it mostly just keeps me on track rather than providing an 'accurate' health and fitness measure. Some hate the scale w
  11. Thanks for the support. This week has been pretty good. There have been a few nights where I didn't really feel like working out, but I still managed to get it done. Goal 1: So 5/6 with workouts this week, have my last one tomorrow. Goal 2: 6/7 days met 10k steps, one day left Goal 3: So not as much success with this one. I think I have tracked my calories for about 3/6 days. I had several days where I was eating food out or provided at work which made it difficult to accurately estimate calories, but I tried to keep portion sizes in check so I consider that part a success. I did overeat at
  12. Thank you all for the support. So far so good except for going to bed by 11, that hasn't happened. I am going to have to look at things at the end of the week and analyze what changes need to be made, but all my other goals are being met. This week is a little rough in that I have two late night work shifts so that has thrown off my sleep schedule and my general weekly flow of grtting things done, but after this week that shouldn't be an issue for the rest of the challenge. Will check in later in the week.
  13. So the last time I attempted a six week challenge it was a little over 2 years ago and I never completed it. Part of me was ok with that at the time as I was making a new friend, working out with them, joined crossfit, etc. none of which were part of my six week challenge. I deliberately chose not to follow through with my challenge even though I was making excellent progress for the above reasons. Two years later I am in a more stable place, my weight went back up again though probably around where I was two years ago +/- 5 lbs. I still have met my strength goals or anything else so for now I
  14. Halfway through update: Week 3 goals: Goal 1: 6/6 - completed all workouts - A Goal 2: 4/5 - fell asleep early Friday night so I missed one this week - B Goal 3: 3/3 - had veggies for breakfast 3/3 days, actually 4/3 - A Strength progress over the last 3 weeks: overhead squats: currently at 52 from 36, so met my first goal, however, I am still not quite at a full depth squat so I will continue to work towards that push-ups: I gave up on kneeling push-ups, I wasn't progressing as much as I wanted strengthwise so I jumped into regular push ups, currently at 13 in 5 sets up from 45 kneeling p
  15. Thanks for the encouragement swe. I did get in my Tuesday morning workout, but I was quite sore, worse by the evening though. However, I was feeling good enough by Wednesday that I went to yoga Wednesday night as well. I like the class. I was still sore today after the class, but not as bad as I felt Tuesday so I would call that progress. I did manage to get my jump roping in on Wednesday and my Thursday workout in as well. So doing well there. Progress for week 3: Goal 1: 4/6 - 2 workouts left for this week, so far so good Goal 2: 2/5 - but those 2 were 1 hour yoga classes so I think
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