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  1. Cynforgiven

    The Long Night

    I think one of the wights got me bc I fell completely on my face and didn't get up during the battle. I remember trying to accomplish my thing then fighting to stay alive and get enough sleep to fight it all over again. I'm glad our side won though In all seriousness, work has been kicking my ass much harder than usual so the past 2 weeks have been in survival mode (work, forage for food, try to rest, rinse and repeat) so anything outside of that (i.e. some semblance of a life) has fallen by the wayside. Congratulations to everyone and another of whatever you're drinking to celebrate :-D And I am so going to try these recipes when I get enough time to grocery shop and actually cook.
  2. Cynforgiven

    Let's try this again

    So I'm noticing a pattern in my challengeishness... in how I participate in the challenges. I do really well up to the first weekend I work after the challenge starts. I hit that mark and fshzzzzzzz.... I completely fizzle out. I wasn't sure if that was the case, but looking at my schedule along side my postings here and I can see I'm definitely more active before that first weekend verses after. I also notice that my challenge participation runs parallel to my posting - if I'm more engaged in the challenge I post more; when I've been bodyslammed by work and it's all I can do to get up to forage for food and the bathroom I don't post at all for a few days. Seems that I start off things (even non NF life stuff) really well but work sucks all the life and energy out of me and I fall flat on my face. Needless to say, I don't really have a challenge update bc that all got put aside because - sleep. I'm still reading, but haven't every day like when the challenge started. Elliptical, meditation, and logging food every day went the same route. But in better news I have oreintation for my new job on July 5 and go live on July 8. It's 12hr day shifts so hopefully there will be a bit more routine in the work and sleep schedule and I can start to incorporate other better habits as I get settled. My biggest problem there is my current job doesn't know yet that I've decided effective the first I'll be very part time (bc I do love my co-workers and my residents). I only found out Friday when my actual start date is and would like a few days at least to (hopefully) reoreint myself to being awake during the day and sleeping at night since it might be a good idea to stay awake at the new job. So that's where I'm at right now. If I participate next challenge (not sure yet) I may just keep these same goals and work on being consistent with them, posting here, and actually completing the challenge while adjusting to the newness. Thoughts? Comments? Bueller? Bueller? *listens to the crickets..... Anyone here?
  3. Cynforgiven

    Let's try this again

    New challenge round. I feel like I should "yay" or something, but just feel quietly positive about it. I already know the coming few weeks are going to be crazy and super stressful. I'm leaving my current job and starting another (see previous challenge thread. I'd add a link but I'm not cool like that - yet.) So since last challenge was a total bust for me and knowing what's coming the next few weeks I'm purposely going to be easy on myself. 1) Meditate at least 5 min every day I figure since I'm already starting to stress about everything just thinking about it, then maybe I need to spend a few minutes each day not thinking about it. 2) Do the elliptical at least 5 min every day Last challenge I said "exercise 5 min every day". Looking back that was too general and vague for me - and too easy to say "I didn't park right by the door when I went grocery shopping so that counts" when honestly it wasn't any extra activity for me. Being specific about the elliptical will hopefully go a bit better. 3) Start logging my food on MFP again I don't know why I quit doing this. I know that when I'm logging my food the quality and quantity improve. (Yes, quantity. I have a bad habit of putting off eating or just snacking instead of eating an actual healthy meal and don't eat enough. More on this later if anyone's interested) 4) Read. This challenge seems almost silly to me, so I'm going to explain as much to myself as y'all why it's a goal. As I said before, this coming month is going to be crazy. Trying to add a new thing to do with all that going on would be adding stress. Reading is relaxing and an escape for me. And - might sound weird - but I'm actually stressing about the amount of unread reading material I have piled up. A lot of "I'll read this when I have the time" then I never make the time. So this challenge I'm going to make the time. Possibly even while I'm on the elliptical - LOL Side quest for me is to be more active here. I noticed a big difference last month when I wasn't posting/commenting here and not on a good way. I missed y'all Also considering the GoT mini challenge, but not sure yet. So that's where I am this round. Any and all comments, opinions, and/or silly gifs welcome.