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  1. OMG... Did not realize how massively long that post was. Sorry about that. :bashful:
  2. Cynforgiven

    Who R U?

    I'm guessing you missed a spot on your back? Maybe try a spray sunscreen or look for a lotion applicator - basically a sponge on a stick - to get the hard to teach places.
  3. Cynforgiven

    Who R U?

    Love your challenges and your knitting. I have two projects that i started about 10 years ago and haven’t finished. One is making squares just to use up yarn remnants and eventually make a blanket or something with them, the other is either a wrap, throw, or blanket depending on how big it is when i eventually get done. Both are using an afgan hook bc between the beginnings of carpal tunnel and entrenched arthritis I can crochet/knit maybe 3 stitches then can’t move my hands. at least with the afgan hook I’ve found that I can do 2 or 3 lines before having to take a break. I guess its the ay I
  4. Here I am. Late again. Since I’m a week late this time maybe I’ll actually finish the challenge. Now that I think about it, maybe I should just do an ongoing thing in the general rebel chat.... Something to think about. Anyway, on to the challenge! Since I’ve FINALLY started my new job (SQUEEEEE!!!!) and have never actually finished a challenge I decided to keep the same challenges - almost. 1) meditate 5 minutes every day. 2) elliptical 5 minutes a day 3) read every day for at least 30 minutes and the one that’s changed from last time- 4) actually finish the challenge - last round this
  5. I think one of the wights got me bc I fell completely on my face and didn't get up during the battle. I remember trying to accomplish my thing then fighting to stay alive and get enough sleep to fight it all over again. I'm glad our side won though In all seriousness, work has been kicking my ass much harder than usual so the past 2 weeks have been in survival mode (work, forage for food, try to rest, rinse and repeat) so anything outside of that (i.e. some semblance of a life) has fallen by the wayside. Congratulations to everyone and another of whatever you're drinking to celebrate :-D
  6. So I'm noticing a pattern in my challengeishness... in how I participate in the challenges. I do really well up to the first weekend I work after the challenge starts. I hit that mark and fshzzzzzzz.... I completely fizzle out. I wasn't sure if that was the case, but looking at my schedule along side my postings here and I can see I'm definitely more active before that first weekend verses after. I also notice that my challenge participation runs parallel to my posting - if I'm more engaged in the challenge I post more; when I've been bodyslammed by work and it's all I can do to get up to for
  7. Whenever I get overwhelmed and confused by too many choices I try to just take a deep breath and pick something and remind myself there's no wrong choice bc I'm at least doing "something".
  8. @miss_marissa I'm beginning to think that you're either secretly following(stalking) me or that you can read my mind. The mini challenges have been totally in sync with my challenges - especially this challenge round. Work and trying to sleep was the thing all last week so I didn't even see the week 2 challenge until this morning. If coloring counts as mindfulness or meditation then I'm golden. My mental saving grace this past week has been my 2 go-to apps when I need as mini mental vacation: Unicorn - a coloring app that I think I might be slightly addicted to [emoji57] and Solitaire Decked
  9. Adulting sucks and takes a lot of practice. You're already doing better than I do a lot of days. Be gentle with yourself and remember to breathe - it'll help keep you calm and help you scream louder if you need to vent. I hope your difficult times are over soon and you can get back to attempting normal operations. And if it helps, here's a hug.
  10. In case I haven't mentioned it before, I work 2 16hr shifts every other weekend. This weekend is a work weekend. Unfortunately challenges go by the wayside if I'm working a 16 hr shift, especially if afterward I'm off for less than 8 hours before I'm back at work. (No, I don't get much sleep on the weekends I work, thanks for asking) I've managed logging my food and getting some reading in to make myself take a break. Didn't elliptical before work mainly bc the AC is out at home, it was 83° inside, and I was dripping with sweat already (so much for taking a shower this morning). As far as t
  11. No dedicated walk for me today since I'm working a 16hr shift. Same thing for tomorrow. And as I'm typing im realizing that I miss that extra little 5 min already and it hasn't even been a week. But I'll take the time this weekend to figure out when and where I can get my walking in next week
  12. Currently I’m working my way through the Kurtherian Gambit universe of book series. The original author wrote a 21 book series, then a few other authors joined in and wrote spin off series using some of the background characters. Now there’s 145+ books from 20+ authors and at least 3 different genres. Not to mention the multiple facebook fan sites - including one devoted to fanfic. If you search for Michael Anderle you’ll find it. As far as having a set amount of time each day to read, the answer is “not really”. I’ll read while doing my 5 minutes on the elliptical and whenever I have a ch
  13. Other half of yard completed as planned (yes!) And just before the rain started too :grin: Bonus points!
  14. I tested as INFP but it said that I’m also very close to INFJ. I’m surprised though. This is the first time Nursing hasn’t popped up on the career choices for me. Usually it does. I got Social Worker, Psycology, and Archeology like I normally do though. Maybe I’ve changed a bit since the last time I did one of these. ~~~~~~~ Whether you decide you can or you decide you can’t, you’re right. In a world of princesses, dare to be Batman.
  15. Yesterday I got my elliptical in before work again (yay!) I tried to meditate when after I got up, but ended up dozing off. I signed up for the GoT mini challenge and got my 5 min walk in after work (yay again!) Today I was trying to figure out when I was going to do challenge-y things. Did the meditation thing this morning. Not well, but did at least give it a hardy attempt. Mowed half the yard and used that for my mini challenge walk. I was logging my food (in the passenger seat) while hubby and I were out to shop for work food for the weekend. He asked me "Your back to writing everything
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