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  1. WEEK 2, DAY 4 Yeah...can we just pretend Thursday never happened? Thursday was never here. I drank too much Thursday night and then ate all the things. WEEK 2, DAY 5 Calories: tracked Gym: rest day Miles: none I went to bed at 2pm Friday. I'm hoping the fact that I stopped eating at 2pm makes up for Thursday. I've been in a little of a funk lately. Now that I think about it, I'm always a little depressed in the fall, so I think it should pass soon.
  2. Pretty good Lisa! Thanks for asking. WEEK 2, DAY 3 Food: tracked Gym: rest day Miles: 2.4 My sister and I went to Turkey Run state park, but we were too tired from killing it at the gym to do much walking. I got some good pictures though!
  3. WEEK 2, DAY 2 Food: tracked. I'm not under in calories today. The Cheesecake Factory didn't really help matters. Gym: conquered. I am really, really sore today. Miles: none for today Motivation of the Day: None. Lol. I am very tired.
  4. Good job turning the day around! I can't keep sugary snacks in the house or they really would all be gone by lunchtime.
  5. Simple is good when you're starting new habits. The simpler the better! You've already got a really full life.
  6. I always expect other things to sort of fall by the wayside a little when I start a challenge. You only have so much time and energy, you know? That's one of the reasons I scaled back on my goals for this one - so I could take care of life outside of fitness.
  7. Great job on W2D2! You must be doing something right if you're sore.
  8. Thanks! I love soup season! I really need to find a chilli recipe that doesn't tear my stomach up though. All the ones I have are just beef, beans, and tomatoes. Thanks! I got them from the nice man at the farmers market. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over in October. Thanks! WEEK 2, DAY 1 Food: tracked. This is the week I'm trying to start eating close to my calorie goal (which I upped to 1800). With all the veggies I prepped for today, I actually had a hard time eating enough. Gym: conquered on accident. I was with a friend, and we're like "We don't feel like working out today. We'll just do deadlifts and be done. Except for chip ups 'cause the bar's right here. And we should do triceps so we look pumped on our walk. And then we'll be done. Except for bro curls so we can look even more pumped. Can you do pushups on a bosu ball? Let's try. Now it's handstand time!" Long story short we actually got a good workout in around our excuses. Miles: 5.3. It was a gorgeous fall day here and the leaves are just starting to turn. Silly Motivation of the Day: This one's a little less silly - I like having goals and things to fill my time. I can't imagine if my life was just go to work, come home, watch tv, go to bed. But that lifestyle is pretty common. Life seems so much shorter when you have nothing to do!
  9. What a great start to the challenge! It's smart to build in some rest and relaxation so you don't burn out at the middle of the challenge.
  10. Way to plan ahead! Batch cooking saves my butt on so many tired days.
  11. Great first week! Looking forward to seeing you kick ass in week two.
  12. Awesome start to the week! I'm glad your challenge is starting to feel more like habit.
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