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  1. Every week to ten days. More concerned with body fat percentage and lean body mass than overall weight at this point. I keep a close eye on whether or not I’m losing muscle mass while the fat burns off, but staring at the numbers daily wouldn’t tell me anything new.
  2. I’ve been putting a scoop of collagen peptide powder in my morning coffee and using shea butter for a couple of months now. I’m 46, and the fine lines I was developing are starting to diminish, and the cellulite on my thighs is starting to smooth out. Yay for a sturdier collagen layer! Congrats on your progress there both with weight and smoking. Hope you find what works best for your skin!
  3. Congrats on your new IUD! (And how often do you get to say THAT?) I’ve had a Mirena for about a year and a half, and I love it. I always had gnarly, heavy periods, so the IUD didn’t stop them, but they’re ridiculously light now. I’ll take it! Hope you have the best of luck with yours!
  4. Hello, all! I just stumbled across this illustrious assemblage and decided to come in. Almost any pursuit is improved by nerdy company, imo. After a pretty serious knee injury at work early last year (I’m a stagehand, professionally), the rehab process has been slow and annoying. My mobility severely reduced and living at the top of lots of stairs until recently, I gained back part of the weight I’d taken off in previous years owing to inactivity and less than stellar food choices. Seamless was both my salvation and the bane of the width of my backside. Currently, I l
  5. New here, not new to keto. Hi! I topped out at about 350 lbs. several years ago, in the 240’s right now, back to work on continuing the descent. Just some things that have helped me along. Data is a great resource. It can tell you a lot about what’s going on with your body and health. This year, I looked up a decent macro tracking app and started keeping tabs on what I eat in a much more specific way than previously. It’s been illuminating, to say the least, and invaluable to ensuring that I stay below my carb threshold and at or above my protein goal daily. I also wei
  6. I’m here! You folks around Buffalo still alive?
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