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  1. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SELF-ESTEEM by Nathaniel Branden
  2. As my subject line states, I live in Troy NY. I would love to meet up with any Nerd Fitness folks nearby. I am also not too far from certain parts of MA (like Pittsfield) and Vermont.
  3. The responses to my thread "Bizarre Occurrence of Emotional Eating" got me thinking about this. I was beating myself up over eating 3 small bags of chips. The response I got in the other thread was to NOT beat myself up over it. That got me thinking: how much cheating is too much? My guess is that one of the most common answers I will hear is, "It's different for everyone because of metabolism." Even so, sometimes there are general patterns that will emerge. I'm curious to see what people will say.
  4. Just a random update, since a lot of things have been basically the same for me. I am running into a snag, which is...things have been basically the same for me! It's weird how, on some days, I do the routine and I feel great. On others, I feel bored. Why? Because as you can see from previous entries, it is always the same stuff. However, next month I am joining a boxing gym. Hopefully that will give me enough new stuff to train on where I won't even notice the time passing by.
  5. Telling her is one thing. Getting her to go is another. LOL
  6. I was out late helping a friend whose car broke down and left her stranded in a bad neighborhood, so I did NOT get to try out my new routine today. Tomorrow is another day though. :-)
  7. I call it "bizarre" because I was upset, even though I wasn't the one who SHOULD have been upset. This requires some backstory. I know this girl (we will just call her "E" here), who has been in my life since high school. Back then, we hung out with similar crowds, yet for one reason or another I never talked to her. Within the last few years, we became friends on Facebook. By that I mean she sent me a friend request and I added her, but there was still no talking for a while. Then we finally did talk, and I found out she'd been through quite a rough time in her life with alcohol a
  8. If you have any music online, send me a link! I would like to hear.
  9. I am one step ahead of you! LOL On weekends, I make it a habit of doing just my forms, because I have my kids. Also, on days that are cramped, I basically take everything you see and cut it in half. So if the full routine gives me an hour, I reduce it to 30 minutes.
  10. Thanks! I hope you get some good ideas or inspiration that you can apply to yourself! Are you currently training anywhere right now?
  11. That forum would be cool, although I have to admit I am far behind on video games. Not a lot of time when you have 4 kids and 2 jobs. Hell, I still haven't beaten DEAD RISING 3 yet. So sad. I am not really a good nerd, am I? LOL
  12. So here is how I will structure my day. I will wake up early enough to do a LOT of martial arts training before I go to work. When I do, it will go like this: MORNING Improvise on the wooden dummy, 5 minutes Biu Jee Improvise on the wooden dummy, 5 minutes Pole form Heavy bag, 5 minutes Butterfly swords form Heavy bag, 5 minutes Wooden dummy form Celebrita MMA dummy, 5 minutes Wooden dummy form Celebrita MMA dummy, 5 minutes Wooden dummy form Then I will be out the door and on my way to work. Throug
  13. Check out Jason Van Veldhuysen at Precision Striking. A good online coach. Innovative as hell.
  14. Hello again. I did not eat too great over the weekend, but I am not going to take the time to type it all out here. Rest assured that it IS written down in a journal somewhere! Today, I came up with something pretty cool: an alternative to the way I have been training. Well, sort of. It basically involves all the same stuff, but it is shuffled around a bit. So I have several components to my training. Things I seek to do every day. They are: 1) All 6 forms 2) Shadow Boxing 3) Footwork 4) Improvising on the Wooden Dummy 5) Heavy Bag work 6) Beati
  15. I got a Fender Strat myself, as well as an Epiphone SG, not to mention two acoustic guitars. That's because I keep them in different tunings for different songs. Been writing since 1998. I write how I feel, which means I've got quite a few genres under my belt.
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