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  1. I can do it with the shake! It's not impossible. I use a whey protein and mix it in about 8oz of milk. I just need to be intentional about getting ~30g each meal and eating about every 2.5 hours. And then throwing a shake in when I get behind, because I do. I'm starting today to track with an app, because I realized I'm not counting the protein in my wheat or oatmeal, and I probably should be.
  2. Thank you all! I haven't been keeping as good of track as I should have been, but I'm starting to work on pushups again. I backed up a little because I hurt my elbow and I was just working on my form, really carefully. I have hypermobile joints, a form of EDS, so I have to be concerned with how my elbows are moving. If I'm not, they go all funny angles. I've been levelling up my life in other ways, working on setting up a new routine, that takes the one year old into account, and a weekly list of chores so I don't let them all pile up, all to increase my mental health and lower my stress. #1 I'll track my pushups this week. #2 I got a Krav Maga book and am starting to work in some shadow-boxing, basic weight shifts. #3 I had given up on trying to get 150g/day, because I was having to use protein shakes and wanting to stick to real food, but I just talked to a Nutritionist friend and she said she often encourages clients to use shakes for the first 90 days, so I'm back to trying again!
  3. Week 1: reps of wall pushups Day 1 today, 62! Personal best! In four sets, 20, 16, 16, 10
  4. I'm really trying not to lose weight. I'm nursing my one year old daughter, and trying to build muscle. I'm 6 feet tall, and weigh 150 lbs, trying not to drop below 145 lbs or so. I'm mostly trying to nourish my body and give it enough calories to rebuild the muscles I'm exercising. Since I started exercising, I'm ending up fighting my body losing weight, trying to get enough calories into me.
  5. Trying to follow this plan from Steve. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/proper-push-up/#train_for_push_up I do 4 sets on Bodyweight days, 3x week. I'm up to about 16 per set right now, and in the 4th set I go until my form fails. Then I readjust for the next workout day. So if I did, 16, 16, 16, 19, then the next workout I'd do 17, 17, 17, and see what I could get on the 4th set. When I get to 80 I'll increase the difficulty by doing them on a lower surface, like a table, and see how many I can do, working up until I can do 80 there. I wasn't doing them regularly for a few weeks, but this is my record so far, on 4/29 I went til form failure in my 1st 3 sets and couldn't do a fourth. 4/14 Set 1-20 Set 2-20 Set 3-13 Set 4-9 4/17 Set 1-15 Set 2-15 Set 3-15 Set 4-15 4/19 Set 1-15 Set 2-15 Set 3-15 Set 4-16 4/29 Set 1-20 Set 2-20 Set 3-20
  6. Thanks to Prime, I'm rebooting, again, after trying the academy over a year ago, and posting on the forums a few times. I plan to be an assassin, since I want to generally be antifragile enough to not fall/trip/injure myself and be strong enough to hike miles with a heavy pack. I'd appreciate any feedback on how this is worded, or if it looks like I've bitten off too much, or too little for the 4-week challenge, especially from @Hazard. And if any actual Assassins guild members want to weigh in on whether I'd move to that guild for my next challenge, that'd be great. 1st Quest: Get my first proper push up. Goal for this challenge: Increasing my reps of wall pushups from 60-80 by continuing to include them in my bodyweight workouts 3x week. 2nd Quest: Learn Krav Maga Goal for this challenge: Include Krav Maga warm-up component on my off days, at least 2x a week. 3rd Quest: Build better nutrition Goal for this challenge: Work up from averaging 100g/day of protein to 150g by the last week, (1g/lb. body weight) so I can build muscle better and stop feeling so hungry.
  7. Welcome Emil! Don't be embarrassed to own where you are! I can't do a knee push up yet, but I will. Because I'm the woman that works on her pushups! It's an identity thing. You are the person who is getting their health on track! Can I ask you a question? I'd like to know more about your #2 quest. How big of a change is that going to be for you? Your other quests seem nice and manageable, but that one seems bigger and more unwieldy. I'm still just rebooting myself, but maybe you should look at the nutrition levels and see where you're currently at, and make a nice small, easily trackable change.
  8. So, I'm trying to set this up for the next four week challenge. I'm respawning because after giving birth I had to go to physical therapy to recover ab strength. I'll put my challenge here, and move it after the new four week post goes up, if that's alright, @Hazard? My 'big picture' goal is to get back to the fitness I had before pregnancy, and then beyond, becoming anti-fragile and not batting an eye at going hiking while carrying the kid, and many other adventures. In the meantime, I need to 1) re-kick my sugar intake, back down to zero. 2) continue doing my therapy exercises, twice a day, NO skipping. and 3) focus on making sure I'm getting enough sleep in a day, at least 7-8 hours. Is this too much for one four week challenge? I don't think so, the primary reason I'm respawning is that I stopped tracking progress and procedures, so just tracking again should help me do better!
  9. Sounds like you've got a plan to keep moving, until your back gets better! Good job!
  10. Hi! I'm new to the NF forum, and just finished posting my first challenge. Thanks for all your really helpful information in the 1st challenge forum. So I came over here to see what you've been up to lately, and the little kid in me is really hoping you get the parts of your gym room installed so the floor can be lava. If you do, please post a picture; I'd love to see it!
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