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  1. Hi everyone! I just joined and signed up for the Academy to make the process fun for what I knew I had to do already to get my energy back and to feel confident in my appearance again. I've chosen the path of the Ranger, because I get bored of repetition. The flexibility inherent in the class is great. Additionally, I need an all-around fitness level for my job, so it will pay off for sure. I'm a gamer, yet more of an old-school variety... I have an AVS (HD NES), Super NT (HD SNES), PS1, PS4, and Switch hooked up to my TV. I just got it last month, but the Switch is fun, because I don't have to sink a lot of time into the games, but can (currently learning the insurance and outs of ARMS) Some say that makes me "casual," I just don't care; I've been playing video games since the 80's. I'm post-hardcore, post-casual at this point, haha. Most newer stuff I play are RPGs, with a sprinkling of indie action, adventure and platformers. My user name and character name is based on Norse mythology, inspired by the PS1 game Valkyrie Profile, if anyone's curious. Avatar is Lenneth Valkyrie of that game. See you all around.
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