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  1. We took zero pics b/c of all the rain, but it is indeed awesome. The only other one I've been to is NC and Md is just leaps and bounds better and larger. We've been going there for years and there are still shops I find each year that I've never wandered into and love.
  2. Welp, closeout entry-I didn't do so great on my challenge. But-I did a heck of a lot better than I would've if I hadn't done the challenge so I'm counting it as a moderate win. I did end up doing the 5k and am so glad I did. It renewed my desire to keep up with running a bit and definitely made for a much more positive Saturday than it would've been if I'd just been sitting around all cranky and sleepy. I actually did pretty great on my timing too! I think my fastest time every about a decade ago was around 31 and I did 35 minutes Saturday on 4 hours sleep, without training, an
  3. It sure is a renaissance festival! Maryland-it's awesome. Annnnnnd, bonus, it's supposed to rain at the start time and then be cloudy the rest of the day-which means instead of being elbow to elbow with everyone we'll have the run of the place! So long as you dress properly it's basically the funnest. I have not! For some reason I'm not a huge raw veggie fan...but maybe I should try again. It's much easier that way and I certainly prefer them to soggy leftover cooked veggies so worth a shot. I'm leaning towards last minute signing up for Baltimore's 5k, which is
  4. Yeah, I always do scrambled eggs too but I sort of hate them so I end up not eating enough of them and then being starving at lunch. I think I need to get back to just scrambling random veggies into the eggs and focus on mixing up the veggies each day so I don't get bored. I was also thinking about cooking the veggies and making little uncooked egg scramble ramekins at night and then popping them in the oven when I wake up so they're ready after showering/etc but I'm not sure if it's foodsafe to have raw scrambled eggs chill overnight in the fridge? Every time I make quiches or egg bakes an
  5. What Waanie said They're so cuuuuute!
  6. I vote that the lounging was needed. You're doing a LOT for someone who is pregnant and kicking arse while doing it but sometimes, your body just needs some recovery or some soul feeding hygge with a good book to build up your mental reserves. Sorry your hip pain has been getting in the way of workouts. I was definitely frustrated once I hit the point in my pregnancy with munchkin where I couldn't jog anymore but remember you'll get it back once your adorable baby girl makes her way here. Happy Tuesday!
  7. Alright, new week and last week of challenge! Overall I feel like I am doing about 50% challenge wise but...better than 0% and everything I'm doing was a 0%ish before I started. So I'll try for a great final week. Yesterday was holiday from work so I watched a ton of my nutrition video course, did a bunch of meal prep for buddha bowls this week for lunch, and cooked up some winter squash that I told myself I'd eat for breakfast...meh. I baked butternut at 450 last night, then warmed it in the toaster oven this AM and put some honey on it and it was still just kinda blech. I think if
  8. Alrighty, new week and back at work. So in sum, last week sorta sucked but that was expected. Went camping Sunday night and it was...kind of awful? Haha. But at least now I know! Munchkin wouldn't go to sleep so was overexcited and running all over. I was dehydrated b/c too busy trying to keep up w her instead of hydrating and trying to sleep with a munchkin rolling all over the tent in her sleep wasn't ideal and it was also about 5 degrees too hot to be comfortable sleeping weather. Ah well. So in sum, next time-get a cabin and contain the munchkin. Then, lack of sleep led
  9. Love the Emma bike pic! So cute Hope you're feeling better going into the weekend so you can enjoy it!
  10. Ooooh, I really like this one! Are those peas or capers? Either way, looks delicious! Also, random question but just realized the title 5 x 5 and I can't say that without having it in Faith voice from Buffy. Intentional reference? Happy weekend
  11. Alright so I decided on account of all the horror stories of women traveling alone and getting murdered that I'd see if my brother wanted to join as his wife hates camping so I know he misses it like me. I could just bring my dog for safety but the goal is to have as stress-free a camping experience as possible and I'm not sure how munchkin or dog will sleep in nature yet so gonna keep the variables smaller, haha. I'll save her for next time. Bro said he was down so I found a state park in between us and hopefully tonight he'll get the go ahead and I can book it! I'm sort of ridiculously
  12. Yay! Munchkin slept til 7! Feel like a new human. Randomly used my 20 seconds of courage yesterday and signed up for a bodpod assessment for this morning. I was kinda just curious where my body fat actually is and wanted to know my RMR calories. The end result was 35.5% body fat (which is better than the 38.3 my fitbit scale was saying) and RMR of 1300 calories, which is 100 better than I thought it would be. They recommended 102 grams of protein a day (oof, guess it's time to break the protein powder back out). Not sure I would pay to do it again but it was definitely interesting to do
  13. Eating as much protein as docs or trainers or whoever want us to is SO HARD. I almost never hit it unless I have a protein shake. Mainly b/c of breakfast; there's only so many eggs I can eat or have time to cook, haha. Greek yogurt is a good one at breakfast but I always have to sprinkle some carby goodness granola and/or walnuts in to make it palatable. For fruits I know all berries are big on the low-starch. They're my go to for a parfait in the am. Pears (I personally hate them) are good too. Are there specific preparations you've tried for veggies that you ha
  14. New week! Weekend was okay. Hanging out with the extended family has challenges but I survived. Then went to last game of the season which was lovely; my fav player hit the game winning homerun (which is SUPER rare for him b/c he is quite terrible these days) and munchkin was an absolute dream and stuck it out til the end of the game. No tantrums, lots of cheering, super happy. Didn't have time to do meal prep/plan or go grocery shopping, so it will be a bit of a lost week food wise :/ So now I just get to come up with a mental list of where we're going to get takeout from thi
  15. Welp, turned a rough night into a great morning! Munchkin woke up at 545 and wouldn't go back down so I just decided to get up and take her on a morning run with me so I wouldn't have to do it at lunch. And it was straight up lovely. Normally I don't wear my headphones if I have her with me for extra safety but this early in the AM it was totally fine as there were a ton of joggers and very few cars. Munchkin just spent the whole time pointing at the moon and waving to the other runners. Gonna be a packed weekend, which I never look forward to. Got an O's game tonight and Sun
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