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  1. Work was quiet today because of the holiday, which I'm thankful for because I was not with it at all. I don't even know how I got up this morning. I was surprisingly better by the afternoon though and was able to get some stuff done. Stats: - Strength training -- Did 2 sets. I wasn't feeling Agent Carter today so I watched an episode of Arrow while working out. Wasn't as hard today as I was expecting. - Yoga - Eat healthy breakfast/dinner -- Had a protein bar for breakfast and leftovers of rotisserie chicken and frozen veggies for dinner. - Revise my novel -- Work
  2. Yeah, it'll pass eventually, I just need to ride it out. I did also figure out the first paragraph. Thanks! Yeah true. Problem is, my acne is really bad now so I need to find a way to cut back. And thanks!
  3. On to today: - Strength training - Yoga -- Did 16 minutes. - Eat healthy breakfast/dinner -- Had cream of wheat for breakfast. I got another rotisserie chicken at the store (these have been a lifesaver) so I cut up some of that and had frozen veggies for dinner. - Revise my novel -- Worked on it for an hour. I decided to write an alternate first chapter. I like what I have, but I'm not sure it really fits with the themes and overall tone of the story anymore, so I wrote up something else, just to see if I like it better. I think I do, but I need to go back throug
  4. So, I disappeared this week. My bad. I have surprisingly kept up with things, though. Quick recap: - Strength training -- Did 2 sets once this week. - Yoga -- Did around 15 minutes once. - Eat healthy breakfast/dinner -- Had at least a somewhat healthy breakfast/dinner every day this week. - Revise my novel -- Revised my novel every day except for Friday. The shortest amount of time I spent on it was 20 minutes, longest an hour. Not bad. - Read -- Only 2 days. - Meditate -- Nada. Zilch. Don't know why. Not too bad all things considered.
  5. I've felt something similar. For me sometimes music or meditation can help get me in the right headspace to get stuff done.
  6. Wow, looks delicious!
  7. Work was fairly calm today, all things considered. My supervisor let me know that I'm now one of the fastest/biggest producers they have. Maybe that means upper management will leave me alone now. Anyway, stats for the day: - Strength training -- Did 2 sets. Didn't eat much during the day and I was tired, so it was harder than usual, but I did it. It helps that I've added an incentive. I can watch one episode of Agent Carter while I do a workout. This makes it much easier to get through despite the tired. - Yoga - Eat healthy breakfast/dinner -- Had a protein bar for bre
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