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  1. Oh, ouch. I hope those bites get better fast! And when did you dye your hair, it looks so cute!!
  2. Now I'm intensely curious. What book/series is this?
  3. Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to disappear for 2 weeks. During my vacation I was pretty tired and just tried to focus on resting and enjoying my time off. As a result this last week I had more energy than I knew what to do with so I did all the things. Well, more things anyway. It helped that I didn’t have much to do at work this week. We slowed way down all of a sudden. I don't know if it was because I was out and everything in my queue was reassigned, or if we are just genuinely slow right now. Probably the former rather than the latter, or some combination of the two. Still, I probably should h
  4. Hey Waanie, just checking in on you. Hope you're doing okay.
  5. The last two days have been a blur. Saturday I ran errands, cleaned, and finally got some new sweatpants (all of mine are old and have holes in them). Also finally cleaned out all the extra crap from my hall closet that I don't use anymore. Now I just need to separate everything out into trash and donate piles and then get rid of it all. Yay for spring cleaning. Today I cleaned some more (especially the floor, but somehow it's still dirty) and then some friends came over to hang out for a bit. I'm not used to hosting so I'm hoping I wasn't too bad, LOL. Wasn't able to get groceries until late
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