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  1. ShyAnn looks very comfortable. Hope things get better soon. *hugs*
  2. Thanks. Didn't really happen today. I'm hoping for tomorrow.
  3. Aw, poor baby. I'm glad she's feeling better now.
  4. Thanks for the comments and support, guys. You're awesome. Also, today I did my first strength training workout in... two weeks? And I was not terrible. I only did half of what I usually do, but still.
  5. Oh, that's interesting, I didn't know about that. And thanks, I've come out of it (for now) and I'm doing okay.
  6. Well, for me binge-watching and binge-reading only tend to happen when my brain just completely stops working or if I need to refill my emotional and/or creative well or if I'm just overall feeling drained. If I let it run its course it will usually just stop on its own and I'll go back to doing everyday things with more energy than I had before. But I'm with Waanie, if it goes on too long then it usually starts to affect my mental health in a negative way.
  7. Yeah, probably. It's been pretty stressful the past few weeks, for obvious reasons, so I'm not surprised that I crashed. It's just not always very convenient lol. Yeah, very true. I need to learn to take more breaks and appreciate them more. I hope you had a good restful weekend.
  8. I agree with this person, your paintings are beautiful!
  9. So, the last few days I've been feeling pretty exhausted and apathetic about life and ended up doing nothing except binge-watching all the shows. I watched a few seasons of The Librarians, I watched most of the Sandman, all the episodes available so far of the new show Vampire Academy, and the new season of Fate: The Winx Saga. Oh, and I've been eating all the junk food in my pantry.
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