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  1. So, the update from week 1 1. I stuck to the plan and hardly drank at all. In fact, for the first time since I don't remember, I actually drank less than 14 standard drinks in a week. Holy shit! 2. I also did one workout. W00p! I had hoped to more but I ended up doing 55 shit filled hours at work last week. Bit of a miserable failure on goals 3 and 4, I think I did each thing once only, but considering I spent almost all my time at work or in bed, I reckon I did alright.
  2. Hey people I've been in the academy for a while (about 6 months) but this is my first respawn since joining and my first challenge. I really hope to get better at respawning. I find mental health bullshit knocks me off my bike every 3 to 6 months or so and I always feel like whatever I was doing last time, wont work this time. I have notepads of abandoned plans and schedules and stuff coming out my ears! It's pretty frustrating. Wish me luck, I made some significant changes last year so hopefully I can cruise through 2019 without needing to respawn too badly. Some of my long term goals Drink Less! Holy shit I drank so much in 2018! I drank pretty much every day. It was super hard to take an alcohol free day. Half the time I wasn't even getting pissed, I was just consistently in the habit of drinking every evening. It all adds up. I've put on about 10 kg over the last 2 years and I'd attribute it all to beer. Time to dry out a bit. (On a positive note, I've had 4 alcohol free days already this year, and have halved the amount I've been drinking since I started counting a month ago) Get Strong! Obviously I also need to loose some alco-weight but I think strength is more important to me right now. I need it for work, plus it's cool to be strong enough to do stuff. Being weak makes me feel a pretty crap. Make my musical goals more solid I've been a musician all of my life. Goals change over time. Circumstances sometimes change your goals for you. I've been feeling pretty aimless in this regard for a while and so I'd like to take time to step back and think about where I really want to go. I'm hoping that spending more time with the composition side of things will give me some more clarity about where I want to go next. And so, my goals for this month are: Plan the days I will drink. Plan the amount I'll drink. Stick to the rules I've made Do at least one workout per week Do the incredibly dull but exceptionally useful exercises from my physio every day Spend an hour a day working on composition I'm deliberately not being specific with the alcohol goals. I have found this to be a license to drink in the past. "oh well I've achieved my alcohol free day goals for the week so now I can piss up." Instead I'm being specific about the circumstances where I can drink and the specific amount of drinks it's OK to have. I like to have rules to follow.