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  1. Thanks, Artemis! Right now support is needed every bit as much as advice, so I really appreciate it.
  2. Imaginitive, I know. Hey guys. Long time no see. I got into a really good rhythm for a while there, but eventually got out of the habit of being on the forum. (I can be like that with social spaces.) I also made a lot of life changes and suddenly had way less time on my hands. Not all of those life changes were good. On the spiral back down, I completely stopped working out, I went vegan for a while for ethics reasons, then I started Daily Quarantine Yoga and Morning Walks, and then developed sudden, inexplicable knee pain. Now I'm in physical therapy and struggling to
  3. @Sylvaa Good to see you again, friend! <3
  4. What's a KISS challenge? *looks like a small, confused puppy* In other news, hi everyone! I'd say I'm running at a solid 50% for this first week. Food has been a wash; I keep waking up late and then scrounging for whatever food I can stick in my face as I run out the door. I walked to work twice and I went to the park for a walk (which turned into an impromptu 2k jog when I saw a runner about to give up on himself; couldn't have that, so we ran the way back together!). The last 2 days, though, since I haven't needed to go to work, I just haven't been getting out. Or get
  5. Hey Everyone, So I've been a little challenged with the last couple of challenges. I'm thinking it's partially due to pushing too hard on stuff I'm not ready for yet. (seriously, sleep is frustrating, I'm not sure why I can't get myself to go get some, but maybe I need a break from focusing on it all the time?) Partially also I think I'm overcomplicating a little. And both of those can be draining. This challenge, I'm also moving out of my family's home to a strange and new place. (An apartment. 20 minutes from here. Not that strange and new, lol, but enough that it ha
  6. Alright, kinda delayed on the update, but I'm here. The good news is, I'm moving into an apartment with 2 awesome people! The less good news is that I lost touch with a lot of the self-confidence I'm working on, and I let myself slide into less healthy habits to facilitate adulting as usual. I've been walking to work a lot though? There's not a lot to say right now on my goals, because to be honest, I haven't been pursuing them with my usual vigor. Thank you guys for being here <3 I'm working it out, but it's taking a while. Much love. Khari
  7. Hey, Everyone! Week 2 Update here. I'm recognizing a lot of stress in my life that's manifesting in different ways, and I've figured out one portion of why it's so hard to get to bed on time. Part of my night time ritual (that I developed what, 2 challenges ago?) is a small amount of mindfulness. In a stressed out state, I tend to avoid mindfulness without realizing it. My subconscious knows that if I get all mindful and aware of my negative emotions, I'll have to deal with them, which feels exhausting and mentally way too much to deal with. So instead, I get really busy. Eventuall
  8. Aww, thank you Elastigirl! <3 <3 <3 I'm super excited to be back.
  9. Alright, here we go! The plan for food is as follows: grains (except rice) and sugar are off the table on normal days. Once a week, if I arrive somewhere with the intention to deviate, I can have 1 off-plan item (example: a single dessert, OR a drink, OR a freaking amazing piece of bread) at a meal, or 3 items at a party (because who doesn't want to try 3 different cookies at a party?). I also refuse snacks and kinda-okay foods (like dairy and snacking) on deviation days. And when I do deviate, my rights to whine about food are vetoed for the day. I eat the heck out of that th
  10. Greetings, fellow adventurers! The story elements of Khari's journey are taking a break for a little bit. I've got a wide variety of projects going on right now, and I don't want to pressure the story by force-writing it right now. (Please feel free to imagine force-writing as a person madly scribbling in ten notebooks by sitting in meditation and using the Force. This has been a Whimsy PSA. Thank you.) Although I'm a whole week late to the challenge, it just didn't seem right to throw in the towel just because I didn't get a post up in time for the official start. So here I am <
  11. And so, Kharissandra gave herself no permission to foods of the Fair Realm. It was excrutiating at some points, but at a temple where everyone ate vegetables for breakfast and enlightenment for dinner, she had a much harder time throwing herself a pity party. Thankfullly, she had other forms of self-destructive acts to derail her efforts. As she focused more on resisting the weakening fae's pleas, the ritual she and Elra had concocted began to sit idly in her memory. THWACK! Khari glared up at Aliza from the ground, favoring her stinging torso and a bruised ego t
  12. "What do you mean, I 'died'???" Khari's abrupt stop in the middle of a kick was unfortunately timed; Aliza was expecting her follow-through, and her counter to where Khari's strike should have been landed them both in an embarrassed, tangled heap. Aliza sighed, gathering herself together and standing. "You weren't ready. The gnomes alone might've had trouble taking you..." "But...?" Aliza heaved another weighted breath. "I have said it before, and I will say it again. That creature you're carrying around is feeding on you. The longer you let it, the stronger it grows. Do not tel
  13. Hail good Adventurers! Two weeks in and I'm not doing terribly (although I haven't given you any new story points. I'm going to get on that soon.) Last week, I ended with mixed results. I am suffering in the sleep department. (I think I turned it into a continuance quest too soon; I've been in the negatives solidly both weeks. -5 for sleep last week, and looking to be at least -4 this week, IF I go to bed super early tonight.) I've been kicking workout butt (I'm 6 for 6 workouts both weeks) and I've been right in the middle for food goals. I took my mom out for ice crea
  14. I don't have an instapot, but Yes please to recipes! Good job on the nighttime routine; it sounds lovely Also on the workouts (yoga with a small pupper climbing all over me is the first kind of yoga I might actually get into long-term XD). That's deep (lol was not trying to make water puns, but here they are anyway XD). Sounds like you're kicking major butt so far! Let us know what kind of support you need! (And in the meantime, here is a cute picture).
  15. I'm gonna need that recipe, please. Homemade vegan pho seems like everything I need in my life. Good job getting 'er done! Yes it sucked, but look at you goooooo. Your pantry is adorbable! I love it. And good on you for the recycling pile! No judgements here. Ooh yes, I also like this. Looking forward to nerding out with you! In other words...WOOT!
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