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  1. What if you decorate them with flowers, camouflage style?
  2. Chinese pole is so cool!! Some of the tricks are just insane. I will definitely be working on pull-ups, but for this challenge I wanted to focus on something I can do without excuses while traveling Sure sure I bet you secretely use it for some sexy booty shaking Oh and congrats to both of you for being mods! I see some things have changed around here,have clearly been away far too long...
  3. Hey rebels, I'm back! And I'm on a mission. I have decided that I want to be an acrobat. Now I'm not expecting to join Cirque de Soleil anytime soon. I just want to see how far I can push this body as a personal long-term challenge. I also want to discover what will happen if I actually commit to something in life. My starting point is absolute scratch. My weapon of choice is the pole. Well, there isn't actually much choice here, it's the only aerial apparatus I can fit in my flat. Goals 1 Pole Skillz - Complete a 30 day intro to pole The programme includes strength and stretch exercises as well as pole tricks. (Pass or fail DEX +4) I'll start this when I get back from traveling. In the mean time I'll work on... 2 Pole Strength - Proper girl push ups I'll be doing sets of negative and partial push-ups 3-4x/week. (Points awarded for number of completed workouts A= 20+ workouts for STR +4) 3) Pole body - Has anyone ever seen a fat acrobat? Didn't think so. At 5'10'' and ~170 lbs I'm not technically overweight, but it's enough to make me uncomfortable, especially if I have to be half naked on the pole. Plan is to eat ~1800 kcal and 100+g protein everyday, adjusting half way through the challenge as needed. (CHA +4, points for number of successful days) 4) Life - Wiping the slate clean (I need to fill it with fun things) I've been procrastinating things like, hrmm, going to the dentist for the past, umm, half year or so. Yeah. Every time I find myself procrastinating I will put 20 SEK in a jar. Every time I do something "hard" I'll reward myself 50 SEK If at the end the cash flow is positive I get to treat myself something nice, else I will donate the difference. (WIS +3 max points based on ratio between in/out flow to be decided) Starting stats Aerial assassin Level 1 (Back on square 1) Age: 26 Height: 5'10'' Weight: ~170 lbs (To be updated) BF: ~27% according to scale (To be updated) Measurements: To be updated STR 2 DEX 3 STA 2 WIS 3 CHA 2 CON 3
  4. Day 1 I didn't own Monday. But I did try, really! I started doing some hip-opening yoga, but couldn't quite get into the swing of things and stopped after 30 min. Then I played a bit on my hands, but it wasn't really training. I just did some random handstands every few minutes while halfheartedly watching a TV show. I also started a cooking experiment, smoked mackerel and sweet potato fish cakes. But then I couldn't figure out the "missing ingredient". And then I couldn't decide whether to bake them or fry them (I've never made fish cakes before). So I ended up eating the filling in mash form, oops. And then of course I spend ages trying to decide what my challenge goals would be... Day 1 was weird. Day 2 90 min handstand class, that's one point for being upside down a lot Also, for my first goal I've started tracking what I eat. Mindful is good, but analytic is better. WIS +2 for tracking all 6 weeks, unless I decide I'm wise enough as it is and it's no longer necessary. CON +3 for eating real food 90% of the time. To judge the success of the second part of the goal I will simply categorize and sum up all the meals in my spreadsheet. (Yay spreadsheet!)
  5. Yay, it's awesome to be back - and thanks for trying to resurrect me from the dead last challenge. I really appreciated it even though unfortunately I saw your PM way too late. But now let's have some fun Learn something new every day! Thanks! I won't be able to do anything near as cool as you though, well at least not yet But I'm becoming seriously addicted to handbalancing, I LOVE being upside down in weird poses! Thanks Fear! You're right, it's so important to find the right balance in life. For me the past months have been manic, but the worst part is that it was entirely self inflicted. (One of the managers actually said that we are all like overachieving school girls and that it's our own fault we're stressed ) So it's nice to take a small step back and reprioritize what's important in life. Like handstands, yay for handstands! Thanks loads rabbit! And big welcome!
  6. Oh no you ran away! Haha our brains must be synced, 3 of our goals are kind of similar Looking forward to this!
  7. Haha, maybe your dog has hidden super powers? Fellow Firefly fan I presume? (ooh one alliteration point won for me ) Thanks Elastigirl!! And this time I'm not going anywhere
  8. Nice goals Kibcy I gave up on jeans a long time ago as I have the exact same problem... So high five from me!
  9. Hey Tinkerer! Love your goals, especially the friends goal. I also struggle with keeping in touch with friends, but you might be just the inspiration I need
  10. Princess bride and rocky horror, this is off to a great start already!
  11. Love that you hula hoop for cardio, it's so much fun! A tip is to make your own so you don't have to buy the weighted ones. Lighter ones are a bit more difficult to use as you say but you can do more tricks and stuff with them and they don't mash your intestines.
  12. inara

    #4: Feet of clay

    Yoga is all about accepting yourself and realizing that you're awesome however your poses look. So keep rocking them, you look great
  13. Those are some very cool looking goals. #2 is seriously badass, looking forward to the video
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