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  1. That's a nice picture Thank you!
  2. Arkania

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Oh an my personal challenge this week is: Sell something you don't use anymore
  3. Arkania

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    That worked out Ok. I used meditation to get to sleep better and it worked good. (Counting breaths etc).
  4. Thank you <3 I was not good at this my whole life but I am getting better I am really good in interpreting stuff other people may think, that's another thing I have to learn and I am getting better at For me it's mostly a mental thing. The bar is so thick and I have to jump right next to a 2m parcour box and I am a bit scared of sliding backwards because my hands can't hold this thick bar or sth like this. We'll see if there are maybe thinner bars at the casting.
  5. Arkania

    [Mad Hatter] Gotta go fast

    Of course not. I don't think about other poeples figures/weight, sometimes I don't evene recognize it (and I am very bad at estimating weight).
  6. Thoughts from today: I am excited and a bit stressed because of the casting. Why? Because: I recently read in a forum (comments from a guy who was at the casting last year who wrote a female commentator a reply): She: "Oh I've always wanted to take part, but I'm not trained enough". He: "Well, when I see what kind of women have been involved, then you can easily keep up. What women got there was ridiculous that they applied at all". And then my head - of course - again "yes. exactly. you untrained, fat thing. What are you doing there at all?! There are much more better women. And if you look at your performance in the PT it wasn't really good!" Thank you, brain, very nice! Well and then my motivation was like "puff" just gone. Because: Why should I still train when I don't have a chance anyway? No matter if I don't want to participate or not. Then I can also save the effort. Or simply cancel directly. They are just talking behind my back about me then when I participate and fail. BUT: Who the fuck cares what other people think? I just want to have fun! What if I'm the worst? I don't want to be on TV anyway As if someone is standing there laughing at me or taking me down (I'm already looking too aggro (already having a Resting Bitch Face ) for anyone to dare) And what the people behind my back think/talk I can't influence/change anyway. I don't know why I have such a blockade. So: no catastrophisation! Just go there and give my best! Second: I thought it jwas just the stress about the casting. But it isn't. I kind of was ok with my job lately, but there are some meetings on tuesday and wednesday that I don't want to do. I had migraine because of it today. And after I thought about a sick note for htese days it went better. So I'm still not really good with my job but it's better then the last months. So: Start stuff with the side business! Fast
  7. Arkania

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    I also planted my seeds With great compost soil from my uncle's garden. On the left 3x cucumber and 3x cherry tomatoe Next to it 2x Arugula On the right 3x chilis: Purple Tiger, Chilli-Gorria, Mexican Hot Mix And I found some "miracle fruit" seeds I bought last year: Synsepalum Dulcificum -> Also I put a sapling from my money plant in another flowerpot. Time to grow!
  8. I don't think I will be invited to the show (That's ok, I just want to do the casting) What will happen on saturday: - Swinging on the pole and jumping 3m further into a target, I was 50cm too short. - Stand high jump (i.e. jump over a pole) up to 1.10m. I had to pass at 90cm (I would have found it easier to jump on it instead of over). - Hanggling. Balls, rings, a towel. need to improve - gymnastic ball. 90 sec time for: Hold in a flowing movement (no single exercises) with each figure for 2 seconds, everything without touching the ground: lying on your stomach, squatting without hands, standing up) not so difficult at all, except for the last point - 3min time for push-ups (chest touches floor) alternating with box jumps. I did two laps (in the first lap he missed to write it down). Second round: 22 push-ups, 25 box jumps So I don't think this is worth a show invitation
  9. Hello again I was abscence in this forum for a while but longer abscence in this thread. I think I was not sure if IE was something for me, I had some times where I wanted to lose weight via tracking and weighing again because the weight went up and up and up the last months. Some bingeing because of stress and maybe because of tracking again. I wanted to be lighter because of the casting (the heavier you are the harder it is to hangle or jump etc ) On the other hand I learned a lot about me and my body and gained some confidence with how I look.So I just had a small binge last week (hormones) and it's ok. Since I can't lose a low of weight until satirday (casting) I will now start again with intuitive/mindful eating.
  10. Arkania

    [Mad Hatter] Gotta go fast

    *jumps in* *falls down* Oh maaaan, these DOMS! Funny note: When I look at you in your videos it's like I am looking at myself figure-like. (Just figure-like, I can't do handstands unfortunately)
  11. Arkania

    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

  12. Arkania

    Saving What We Love: Tanktimus' Mindset

  13. Arkania

    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

  14. Arkania

    My name is Terah

    I don't do breaks between sets, I just alternate between lower and upper body exercises. I hate breaks I want to be done with it as fast as possible. And hello again