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  1. If you have a pull up bar and a band you can also use it like this: (would wrap it around the hips, so that you don't sag)
  2. It's an amazing feeling. So I thought about planning everything out for the rest of the year and start to create content for everything. Will be fitnesstrainer/nutritioncoach/artist (thought about selling prints etc)/game developer and maybe writer So excited! Have to make a business plan so that I can try to get a "founder's grant" for my business. Until then figuring out what exactly I'm going to do (trial and error), make the websites ready, learn a lot etc. I think I will join the next 5 week challenge for all that. So I will sign the contract next week and from
  3. Second try for a game (Module 7.3 from the course)
  4. And it went better and better the last days. There will be a high severance pay (I could probably live on it for 3-5 years). My employment contract will be increased again to full-time (so there will be more money the next months and also the severance pay will be higher + the unemployment benefits too), but I will be released from work from August on, i.e. I don't have to go to work until the termination (31.12.), but I will still receive a salary. The severance pay is paid either on 31.12. or on 31.1., whichever is more favourable for tax purposes. I will also receive the bonus f
  5. Meeting went well, my song of the day: DOBBY IS A FREE ELF!
  6. Wow, what hell of a day. No meeting today, was stuck in traffic for 3hrs (at 33°C/91°F) because of a truck accident. Had to postpone to tomorrow 1.30pm (CEST). As video call @Tobbe I will be hired as a trainer in the crossfit box I already train in. Have to pay for the surgery myself I "just" have stage 1 and the government only pays for it when it's stage 3. But I don't wantt to wait until then, want to do it as early as possible (less risks, less costs etc). It's this course: https://courses.gamedevunlocked.com/p/game-dev-unlocked/ David also has a youtub
  7. @ZachPSU Thank you They can't fire me with a normal notice because we have a protection until 2022. But they need to cut about 1500 people (I think about 500 are left that need to be... removed) so they can suggest a termination agreement with a compensation. I am working there for 5 years now, it won't be a lot (gross amount would be a middle five-figure, net would be around half of it) but it's better to (again) lose my health there or resign myself and get nothing) and with unemployment benefits it would last me some months, maybe more than a year. And then I have finally the fr
  8. Heyho After @Tobbe wished me a happy birthday, I thought about coming back again and maybe doing a challenge but I think that would not work, so I give you here a quick overview of the last months - I am now Nutrition COach and Fitnesstrainer. Will get my Crossfit certificate in July and work in my Crossfit box from September on. - I have a(?) lipedema and want to have a surgery for that (the earlier the better) and have my first appointment (to talk about costs and what they will do) on 7/7 and two more end of august and end of september. - I am at work ag
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