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  1. Arkania

    Hulkine and the final touch

    I think german and englisch are ok (most of the time, with easy texts) but I like DeepL more. Two guys from Cologne developed this algorythm and even in more complicated texts it's a lot better than google. The big pieces in there is the mangold. The photo was taken in front of the window, here is another pic of it:
  2. Arkania

    Hulkine and the final touch

    No, in this case it's Alpro Soy Joghurt. The mango one is "with more fruit and without added sugar -> 5,8g/100g The coconut one is also from Alpro -> 2,1g/100g Has a great natural flavour (I don't like most of the flavoured normal joghurts because of their chemical flavour) Sometimes I just use natural joghurt(alternatives) and put fruit in there and some flavdrops (vanilla), that's it. Sure, it's this recipe: It's a "normal" red lentil dal, I did in the slowcooker. But it also works in a normal pot. Translated with I used vegetarian onion flavoured clarified butter, more spices, no ginger, more garlic and no fresh coriander. Instead I put in 1/2 can chickpeas and 1 bundle of mangold. When you do it in a pot you just have to stir and wait until the lentils are cooked. Maybe about 30-60 mins? Not sure about that. The pizza was great (as always, we are there often) but the bowl was amazing! The parmesan cashew sauce and the hummus were a dream! Was better than it sounds
  3. Arkania

    Hulkine and the final touch

    Again some food photos of the last days Cocosjoghurt with spme Granola and Mango and Cherries. Lentil-mangold-dal. Homemeade pizza. Mango-joghurt with granola and mangos and cherries. Yesterday we went in an italian restaurant. This was the starter: Then I had a superfood bowl (with tomato-risotto, wild herbs, cherry tomatoes, raw cauliflower, goji berries, spinach-hummus, yellow zucchini with cashew parmesan sauce and sesam teriyaki salmon)
  4. Arkania

    Enjoying the Journey

    I like to trade places with you I haven't slept more than 7 hours a night for a couple of years now. And that is the absolute max. Normal is 5hrs. This is making me sick.
  5. Today: Transfer: 145 EP Gained: 30 EP Lost: 15 EP (cigarettes) Total: 160 EP 15 mins a day working on the future (2/7) Morning walk (2/7) sports 3x/week (>30mins) (1/3) ML challenge daily (1/7) Rosetta Stone per week, 5 EP per 30min (60/210) Meditate daily for 5 min (2/7) Ok, won't finish the goals today, I am to tired now. We were bouldering and it went ok with my calf. Now it hurts a bit, but I think with some stretching tomorrow everything will be fine again. Did chin ups (strict) today and managed to do 4 instead of 3 I do normally, yay! Also I ordered some grocerys again for tomorrow. I read a whole book, started a new one, watched two movies, did some cleaning and laundry, went to the boulder gym, went to an italian restaurant, had a 2-hour-nap and did all of my dailies. I think this was a good day
  6. Depends. Reading some things about passive income/digital nomads, working with workbooks, planning things for my test clients (nutrition coach), attending (free) online courses. Maybe I should add that it's about my future career/business
  7. Nope, not yet The Casting will take place approx. at the beginning of 2019 so there is pleeeeeeenty time to train And at the end of this week the training parcour in the boulder gym should be finished. Will check the status today. Yesterday: Transfer: 145 EP Gained: 20 EP Lost: 20 EP (cigarettes) Total: 145 EP 15 mins a day working on the future (1/7) Morning walk (1/7) sports 3x/week (>30mins) (0/3) ML challenge daily (0/9) Rosetta Stone per week, 5 EP per 30min (30/210) Meditate daily for 5 min (1/7) I think I will finish the Level 50 goals today and then start with the thesis.
  8. Arkania

    Jett's Trail

    How extreme did you restrict the calories? I had times where my max. calories a day were 500 but after eating "normal" (so, the ~2000kcal I have as maintenance) it was no problem. But yeah, my basic consumption dropped a bit (because of the lost weight), but it were only ~100kcal because I didn't need to lose that much. Here are some pictures:
  9. Arkania

    Every day is a battle (lots of photos)

    I'm afraid that means cutting it out completely. That works for the most people with that problem. Do you know this site: Also maybe this and that may help, just overflew it.
  10. Arkania

    Students Gonna Ranger: The Back to School Ranger Mini Challenge

    Yaaaay, thank you! Great one! I am not sure, if I can give you advice in push-ups. As you said, your butt is dropping after a time, that would be one point. I normally don't see people touching the ground when doing push-ups (but they teach that at NF, right?). Maybe the elbows could be closer to the body and pointing back and not to the side (can't see that really good from the camera ankle) but hey, it doesn't hurt and these are things that might (!) be a better detailed. But w000h000, great job, you can give yourself an extra star for that bonus quest!
  11. Transfer: 95 EP Gained: 65 EP Lost: 15 EP (cigarettes) Total: 145 EP Week 1: 15 mins a day working on the future (7/7) Morning walk (4/7) sports 3x/week (>30mins) (2/3) ML challenge daily (6/9) Rosetta Stone per week, 5 EP per 30min (210/210) Meditate daily for 5 min (7/7) Bonus EP: Work on Level 50 goals and with Steve's book to get my life an adventure - 50 EP Create something with your hands - 30 EP NF challenges (the green ones I did before the challenge) - 10 EP each (6/15) Final thesis nutrition coach - 100 EP Try 5 new recipes (saw some great ones from Madeleine Olivia) - each 10 EP (1/5) Think about procrastinating - 10 EP Make an emergency plan for "those" days - 10 EP Smoke less (Bonus bonus: stop smoking - 100 EP) - -5 EP per cigarette Stop collecting underpants! DO SOMETHING! - 50 EP Run up that damn warped wall - 20 EP Do a proper (boyfriend-approved because he was a gymnast) handstand roll-over on the mat - 20 EP Get up three holds on the campusboard (bonus bonus: Get up and down three holds - 50 EP) - 20 EP Reward: Dip station for 800 EP I think it went ok. Have to smoke a lot less to get that dip station Sport didn't go well because of my injuries. Will hopefully be better next week.
  12. Arkania

    Students Gonna Ranger: The Back to School Ranger Mini Challenge

    Oh man, I like these videos a lot, so funny Ok, there are two goals. 1. Clean up the house - I did sort of a spring cleaning some weeks ago (yeah, spring... i know...) but I have a weekly cleaning routine so that it takes just 1-2hrs per week to clean the house. This week I did not everything from the plan, so I have to do it tomorrow. Normally, friday is my cleaning day. To Do tomorrow: Vacuum and wipe the floor To Do next friday: Clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, dusting, vacuum 2. Minimalize (again) - I decluttered a lot over the past years, but there is still enough stuff to declutter another round. -> Declutter 20 items.# Results last (this) week: I am not strong enough for dips on the dip station, so will do other triceps exercises.
  13. Arkania

    Every day is a battle (lots of photos)

    This is a really good achievement! It will take a lot of baby steps to get to a "normal" level with sweets (if you don't want to cut them out completely) and it will take time. But realising what you do (first step) and then changing it (second step) will lead to success. It's all about the mind set. There will be throwbacks but you will achieve succes, I am sure about that! See, what only thinking (and writing here) about the problem (and reading articels) already did!
  14. Arkania

    Jett's Trail

    Somewhere in the deep web there are pictures of body fat % you can compare yourself to. To have a rough idea. There are studies that things like slow metabolism or hunger metabolism (starvation mode) are effecting the normal human who has done some diets in the past. see e.g. or There are some studies regarding this (also in the texts) but I am on the phone and googling is no fun
  15. With this I hopefully don't forget it. As you can see, 20 secs courage can change a lot. I did I like it. I put some selfmade aioli (from yesterday) in there instead of the vegan mayo. I halfed the recipe and I think it fits for 3-4 sandwiches (but I have small slices as you can see). I will do it again and will experiment with spices next time. Cumin etc.