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  1. It's not just hem. I feel bloated all them time at the moment. And I am not sure why.
  2. Arkania

    Terah - Finding the beat

    Nice dance choreo and congratz to the product stuff! Thinking about a dance class
  3. I do this, everytime I have too much food I also buy stuff for the homeless shelters etc., but these just take stuff that is packaged. But that's a good idea, next time when I really want to bake, I can make a post before that online and ask if someone wants to have it then. Maybe for a birthday or something. I am not sure with my eating at the moment. I feel really bloated and not good since I started intuitive eating. And I know why. Because of a lot of carbs and a lot of(!) unhealthy stuff. And I think I may have some intolerances (e.g. kidney beans). I will keep a diary this week, how I feel after eating something and will check FODMAP stuff etc.
  4. Arkania

    Hulkine and the final touch

    Done: Fitness Box Jump: 1,2,3 Cardio Read over the FAQ etc Schedule your workout reminders Take the benchmark test (-> Level 3) Walk a mile in my shoes Defeat Level 3 Boss Complete your first week workout Keep a training log Keep a public training log Mindset Gimme the loot! Join the FB group Read over the mindset module Snap those before photos Find your big why Share your big why Take your measurements Start your epic quest Share your epic quest The Art of Goal Setting Keep a sleep journal Hack your sleep Build your dreamteam Nutrition NF level 2, 3, 4 Determine your starting NF Diet level Read over the NF diet mindset Create your food log #1 Create your food log #2 Next/wip Walk to Mordor (today last walk) NaNaNaNaNa Batcave Create a foodlog of accountability (until tomorrow) Jump rope #1 Double unders Find a fun activity Don't drink liquid calories
  5. Then I won't participate (It's not about that I don't want to throw it away because I want to eat it. I don't like throwing away good food when others don't have anything to eat).
  6. I would never ever play with food or "throw it away"
  7. Maybe I read an article before or someone told me about that, I am not sure. Could be When I am high I'm feeling nothing Don't dead open inside
  8. Oh, I just googled it after some years It's not thaaat often that it "happens" and after the first three times or so I just googled "hear colours" and "feel colours".
  9. Arkania

    Ensi: Identity 2.0

    Everytime I read about your happiness it makes me also so happy
  10. Arkania

    TimovieMan on the Road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. II

    Bouldering is really great for this
  11. Arkania

    Boundaries Gonna Ranger: The Ranger Border Guard Mini-Challenge Part 1

    I think I will procrastinate less and have some more time for my hobbies then. More: Sleep Sports "Hobbies" (Reading, writing, drawing, movies, gaming...) Less: Think about food Procrastinate Work
  12. Arkania

    TimovieMan on the Road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. II

    I have it on my living room door and do the same
  13. Arkania

    Tobbe eats like a...

    If you are in Germany you all can come visit me, too And I may go bouldering with you and show you Cologne and some other stuff
  14. That's a great advice I will try!
  15. @CheetahI don't think I can get to near barbell with enough weight in the near future