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  1. Ambera Wave

    Embracing the small changes

    After managing a win last week I'm struggling with getting better at knee pushups - could only manage 4 on Monday and today I failed on my 7th. On the diet front, I've plateaued for the last 2 weeks, gaining a little bit, and I won't be able to attempt levelling up to 5 in the Nerd Fitness Diet (no pasta, no sweets) until mid- to late-October as I'll be celebrating my birthday, then Canadian Thanksgiving, and then I'll be on the road for a couple of weeks. Give me strength!
  2. Ambera Wave

    Beat General DOMS I

    After 2 failed attempts, I finally beat him! 30 squats 6 knee pushups 50 sec. front plank 30 sec. each 1-leg balance The pushups are the killer for me, so going to keep training until I can do 10
  3. Ambera Wave

    Embracing the small changes

    Back in May, I decided to incorporate one small change per week. To date, they are: no alcohol at home (if I want a drink, I go to the pub) no taking a candy from the reception desk when I leave the gym, i.e. no food rewards measure my food portions do a chore as soon as I notice it's starting to get out of control drink less liquid calories -> this morphed into the more specific no sweetener in my coffee/tea add 1 rep to bodyweight exercises every 1-2 weeks eat greens 7/7 participate in the NFA -> and now here in the forums 20 minutes of cardio 7/7 don't compare myself to others walk a minimum of 10 minutes/day mindful eating, i.e. must be sitting at a dining/kitchen table bodyweight exercises 3/7 practice ukulele 7/7 work on organizing my recipes - just 1 recipe/day no grains at breakfast -> I've been trying this one out for 2 weeks and have decided it's a keeper do portuguese lessons 7/7 I attribute these changes to the success I've been experiencing so far with losing weight (just 2 kg away from my initial goal!) and generally levelling up my life.