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  1. Week 5 stats -> Challenge summary: 1. Move! - 4 walks this week -> 74% success rate 2. Get strong! - 2/3 workouts -> 73% success rate 3. Cut out sugar! - 100% -> 91% success rate
  2. Week 4 stats: 1. Move! - only 3 walks this week 2. Get strong! - only 1/3 workouts this week 3. Cut out sugar! - 90% success No excuses, but I had other priorities this week.
  3. Week 3 stats: 1. Move! - walked every day 2. Get strong! - worked out 2/3 3. Cut out sugar! - succeeded 5/7
  4. Week 2 stats: 1. Move! - 5/7 2. Get strong! - 3/3 3. Cut out sugar! - 7/7
  5. I'm curious: doesn't doing burpees before bed energize you, making it difficult to sleep?
  6. Phew! Glad my meltdown is over This week's stats: 1. Move! - went out for a walk 6/7 days and one of those days I did it twice 2. Lose body fat & get strong! - did bodyweight workout 3x/week 3. Cut out the sugar! - only added milk to my coffee/tea, so... lactose. I see that as a win, but I plan to switch back to unsweetened almond milk soon
  7. Thank you all for your support. I really need it right now - I'm in total self-sabotage mode. I'm working on it, and realize it's more about my diet than about how much I move (although that needs to improve, too). I've been faithful to my strength training, but my cardio devolved to the bare minimum and then diet quickly followed. So, I'm adding the diet quest to gradually cut my sugar intake. It's insidious! The SMART goal is to stop putting sugar in my coffee/tea.
  8. Hi, I’m woodandbronze - a retired university staffer and now retired professional cook. After yo-yo-ing between the same 4 kg for years, I joined the Nerd Fitness Academy last year and lost over 7 kg. I’m now on the second phase of my weight loss plan, but at some point this year I lost my momentum and have been unsuccessful getting it back. I’ve acknowledged that I am not going to make my goal this year. Now to work on acceptance of that fact and move forward. Oy! I’m going to continue keeping it simple this challenge: 1. Move! SMART goals: Go out for a minimum 5 min. wa
  9. This week’s stats: 1. Don’t buy bread/pasta/cookies etc.; eliminate snacking - 57% 2. Work out 3x/week and do 20 min. cardio/day - 60% My overall stats for this challenge: 1. 54% 2. 83% I’m not going to make my weight loss goal this year. I’ve been questioning my “big why” for wanting to lose the extra weight and it hasn’t changed - I want to like what I see when I look in the mirror, esp. as I grow older. But it’s not going to happen this year. I’ve done a quick run-down as to possible reasons why that may be and here’s what I’ve come up with and my
  10. I never use canned beans - always dry. Just takes a little thinking ahead, but you can reconstitute and cook them in larger batches. They freeze really well.
  11. Would you believe I've never made them in my life?! And I've been thinking it's time that I learn
  12. This week's stats: 1. Don’t buy bread/pasta/cookies, etc. & eliminate snacking - 50%. I received a gift of smoked salmon for minding my friend's house and dog last week. Cannot eat that without bagels, cream cheese & onion *shrug* 2. Workout 3x/week & do 20 min. cardio - 40%. No excuses, I was L.A.Z.Y.
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