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  1. There hasn't been much action in the way of actually meeting, unfortunately, but I am willing! I live in Surrey, so pretty close to you. I doubt all of the "Vancouver" people actually live in the City of Vancouver I've been very very bad about going hiking the last.. year? ... but I'm planning to go every weekend going forward. Always looking for hiking buddies!
  2. I'm free June 25/26 July 1/2/3 July 9/10 July 30/31 Might be free this Sunday if the weather is bad. I have a trip planned to Splashdown because apparently this is its last year ever!! But my Splashdown trip will require nice weather. Right now the forecast says 22 and partly cloudy. Much better weather for a hike.
  3. I haven't done Lynn Peak yet. I'd like to do that one.
  4. YYEESSS I'm also bad at planning. Also, I leave for Mexico in 2 weeks! I'm busy this Sunday, but I may be free on the 24th. Just trying to figure out when I am going to the OWL Open House... But I'm sure I could fit in a hike and OWL on the same day Then I'll be leaving for Mexico. And I should be free on May 15th.
  5. Yay! Vancouver people finally!!! I'm down for hiking, swimming, board games/ other nerdy things, tennis/badminton/basketball in the park, beach games.. whatever! I have a set of classic lawn darts (the "dangerous" ones) And like 100 board games I live in Surrey and can travel!
  6. Just FYI, I am probably not going to have a thread next challenge. I didn't really do much with it this last time, so I'm taking a break from being online. Gotta get out more and enjoy the sunshine!!! Have a great challenge, everyone! <3
  7. Well.. no change in weight again. Not really surprised, as I have been misbehaving. But I have seen a definitely improvement in the shape of my bum, and I'm closer to touching my toes. I've developed a bit more flexibility and making good progress with legs/butt, so should be able to handle the hikes I have planned for Spring/Summer. Going hiking tomorrow!
  8. Gym day! I didn't record anything, but I went! Dinner tonight is steak, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, spaghetti squash, and asparagus.... I think I made too many vegetables lol Also, totally just discovered the BEST. DRINK. EVER. Peach vodka and Aloe Juice. Heck yeah!
  9. Hosted my Annual Spring Tea today. Tried to make more sandwiches this time and less sweets. Forgot to actually get pictures of the food all laid out. OR the people. Was WAY too busy! Including kids, the tea party was 28 people!!! Insane.
  10. Heading off to the Bird Sanctuary today! Should have some good birdie pics to post later. Happy Saturday, Rangers!
  11. I CAN'T STOP EATING KIWIS! kiwikiwikiwikiwikiwi I ate two with my scrambled eggs this morning. I forgot to say Happy St. Paddy's Day! Probably because I was busy drinking Irish Coffee! So, Happy belated Irish-Stuff-Day And happy last week of Challenge. My butt muscles have never been this consistently sore before haha!
  12. Made a HUGE salad yesterday full of veggies, strawberries, pea shoots, cilantro... so yummy! And I asked Devin to bring home a chicken or ham from Safeway. He brought Maple Cured Ham. Soooooooo yum. This morning is a bit of a fail because I went back to sleep after my alarm went off, so don't have a lot of time. I could either stop off at Tim Horton's or I could have something fast at home, which happens to be whole wheat perogies and peas. Also a kiwi. Good thing there was leftover ham for lunch! Having that with a big ol' pile of fruit. Dinner tonight will be chicken and some kind of veggies. Haven't decided yet.
  13. Unfortunately, you cannot take them home. They're protected. They like chicken, apparently! I think crabs are carnivores???.... but they might eat Golden Grahams. You could try it out.
  14. Stick lettuce end in small amount of water. Wait. It grows SO FAST! It's crazy. I get excited every time I see it. haha.
  15. Jug Island Beach, Ioco, British Columbia. About a 45 minute drive from my house I <3 where I live.
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