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  1. Balthazar77

    Balthazar77 - Respawn log

    January 20 I haven't been keeping my battle log daily like I've wanted to. However, I do use Lose It to track my meals, calories, and macronutrients and Heavyset and fitbit to track my exercise and activity. I have been using each of those daily. The first week of my true respawn is completed and I've lost 10 pounds. I say true because, even though I said I was going to start January 1, I really hadn't respawned until I made my revised goals to achieve my Big Why. I've been under my calorie intake, because I've been too full, all week and I've tracked water and all meals every day. I find Journaling my food has helped me be accountable to myself. If I bite it, I write it. I shame myself when I have to write junk food or fast food on my journal. I've done it twice this week. Shame is probably too strong of a word to use. I do feel guilty eating a fast food meal or having milkshakes for desert, but when I write them down, I see trends and triggers that may explain why I wanted to eat that burger or have that milkshake. As NBC says to kids, the more you know. I also hit my workout goals this week by going to the gym for 90 minutes on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. I'm going to try a Muscle and Fitness magazine, or it could be Men's Fitness magazine, 28 day workout routine to lose fat and build muscle tone. After the first month, I'll see how I like the workout and then decide if I'm going to repat it for another month or try a different workout program. Today, I'm going to try to prep my meals for this coming week so it's easier to cook them and I'm eating on a better schedule. Also, I'm going to try a new vegetable in my salad at lunch today. I have a recipe that calls for roasted butternut squash and chicken salad. I've never eaten butternut squash before.
  2. Balthazar77

    Balthazar77 - Respawn log

    I'm creating this thread to track my journey to achieving my big why. I'll be updating this thread with my respawn through the academy.