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  1. Hey everyone, So, I have started to go to a gym near my house, after months of no exercise. I don't have a job right now (sadly), so I have lots of free time. Therefore, my initial plan is to go to Muay Thai classes 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday), and do some strenght training in the gym machines on the rest of the weekdays (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), while resting on Sunday and Saturday. The Muay Thai classes on the other days of the week are way too late on the night, so I'm not really planning to do more than 2 times a week. And, of course, I intend to change my exercises on the strenght training, to let my body parts rest (for instance, the instructor started with some arms exercises, and I think I'll work on my legs tomorrow). Any ideas? Is this too much? Could it work?
  2. I'm feeling extremely lazy this week. I'm eating ok, but I only went to the gym once (so, skipped two days). I'm tired and in need of a vacation, lol. I feel a weight in my shoulders everytime i think about going there...
  3. I'm not sure if you do it, but have you considered bringing an apple or another fruit with you to the campus? It worked for me for some time
  4. Hey Karlie! It seems you have a great plan! Rooting for you!
  5. Hey everyone! I'm Exylem. This is going to be my second challenge. Hey Rebels! My previous challenge may be found here: First, i would like to draw some results: I consider i had success in my challenge, even if it wasn't flawless In the last week, i slipped and ordered something on Wednesday. And i didn't manage to ready everyday. However, i think it was a great improvement. I managed to go boxing, study a new language and improve my eating habits, even if just a bit. I'd like to thank everyone that commented in the thread to assist me, specially @Nol, @Harriet and @Lady Amezan! And now, I present not a new challenge, but an upgrade/next step of the previous challenge: 1- Maintain the previous challenges: Reduce the amount of junk food, keep going to the gym, read more and study german everyday. The explanations of my mindset is in the previous thread. However, i would like to modify the first one, about junk food to: 2-FURTHER Reduce the amount of Junk Food How: I can only order pizza/hamburguers/etc. on weekends saturday! Explanation: Well, I only failed on the last week, and, even if it wasn't ideal (eating both on sunday and saturday), i think it was a success: I reduced the amount of junk food I eat! However, I still eat a lot of junk food. Yesterday, i ordered a pizza "because it was saturday!". Today, i ordered two burguers. Yeah, two. Thank genetics and boxing for keeping me at an acceptable weight. But i fear for the condition of my blood. Considering what i ate previously, believe it or not, this was an improvement. But I can do better. So, i divide this into sub-challenges/details: 2.1 So, on this second challenge, i won't eat pizza. Period. Pizza is my biggest weakness: I love it, more than burguers, and i end up eating one (not a slice, a pizza!) every weekend. I think it is still ok to eat occasionally, but not once a week. So, for this month, as an experiment, no pizza for me. I can still eat burguers or a different treat, but no pizza. 2.2 Ok, i can eat burguers. But within reason! No more giant burguers or two burguers in one night. I don't need to eat the smallest one, but i also don't need to eat like a mammoth. 2.3 If i fail one day, i will compensate on another day Life happens. This past month i went with my friends to a pizza place in the middle of the week, for a birthday "party". And, like i said, i failed last week and decided to eat something on wednesday. Ok, it happens. I will try my best to stick to only eating junk food on weekends but, if i end up eating it on weekdays, it is ok, as long as I eat healthy during the corresponding weekend. So, let's do it!
  6. Thanks everyone for the support! Overall, it wasn't perfect, but i think i did good. Let's see how the next challenge goes!
  7. Loved the gif, haha. Thanks! Ya, things aren't looking good in the entire planet, it seems. I'm feeling good! I'm a bit more relaxed than in the beginning, i admit. I ate some chips on monday, and had a pastel on the middle of past week. But i'm eating ok, and i lost some weight (now i'm on "normal" with 79kg, not "overweight" anymore, with 81kg! It's just 2kg, but i've been maintaining it, so it's great! :D). About studying German, i bought Studio D A1, a book. It seems to be hard, but i've heard it is a good book, so let's try it! ^^ Thanks everyone ^^
  8. Unfortunately, big changes require time. Our bodies are slow machines, but it is definetely possible. And we are both doing great
  9. I think your mindset is going the right way. Just try to not focus too much on numbers (i'm gaining X, losing Y). Eat healthy and keep exercising! From what you told me on my thread, for instance, it appears you are already doing great in your diet!
  10. Thanks! Yeah, it's not easy, but i think i'm making good progress! I'm not familiar with the meaning of "minced" x3 haha. What we call an hamburguer here is either the complete meal (like when you order a BigMac: That's a hamburguer) or just the meat, which is the case. You can buy the frozen meat and then fry it. It's not really a healthy meal, because it is processed, but, considering what i was eating before this challenge, it is ok during this "transition period", i imagine. I'm not eating it everyday. About pizza... aside from the birthday i mentioned, i'm eating like one pizza per weekend. Yah, not ideal, it's a huge amount of food... but i have been losing weight nevertheless. If you can eat just 2 slices, then i think that's amazing! :) Week 3 has been difficult. I'm kinda sad and worried because of elections here in Brazil, and that is draining a lot of my energy. However, i'm still exercising and on diet, so that's fine. Reading has been sloopy: I need to read more. And studying german is not ideal, but i'm doing it everyday still, and have been not using just Duolingo - i found great lessons on the internet, and orderer a book from Amazon (Studio D A1 from Cornelsen), so let's see what happens! Thanks Harriet :)
  11. So, week 2 is done! Last week was almost a failure: I went to a pizza place with my friends on thursday. However, we were celebrating the birthday of one of us, and this was planned for months, so i'm not counting it as a failure day. Apart from that, everything is working fine. I'm feeling a bit lazy since past week, so there were days where I didn't go boxing during the morning, but then i went during afternoon. I'm still cooking my dinner - I'm eating chicken hamburger as the meat these past days because the line to buy "real meat" on the grocery store was really long when i went there to buy supplies, but i'm still eating vegetables and not ordering anything during the week. I finished The Witcher, and i'm about to start the next book, of Edgar Allan Poe. I admit i'm not reading everyday, so that's something i need to work on. I'm studying German everyday - some days i'm really lazy so i just do some exercises instead of opening new lessons, but that's not bad because things are becoming complicated, so i believe i'm learning in an ok pace.
  12. It seems you are doing great! I think it is expected that we won't feel huuuuge changes in our body just in one of these challenges (or on half-challenge, where we are at right now), so don't feel disappointed. Your diet is going great. I believe moderation is the key, so, as you have been moderate while eating some not-so-healthy meals, i think you can count is as a success. \o
  13. Dat gif, hahaha Oh yeah, if the problem is that you are outside of your comfort zone, then, by all means, it sounds like a good idea to slowly work on this. What i meant is, if you are someone like me who just doesn't like parties, then it isn't worth it. But if it is something you want to go, but feel overwhelmed, then yes, trying to manage your anxiety (slowly) is a good idea. Btw, your plan about the party you mentioned in your last post is AMAZING! Do exactly that: Enjoy it and, when you are bored, you can always go home since it is reeeeeeally close. And Dragon Age is amazing too! Sounds like you are about to have a great night!
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