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  1. Hey everyone! I'm Exylem. This is going to be my second challenge. Hey Rebels! My previous challenge may be found here: First, i would like to draw some results: I consider i had success in my challenge, even if it wasn't flawless In the last week, i slipped and ordered something on Wednesday. And i didn't manage to ready everyday. However, i think it was a great improvement. I managed to go boxing, study a new language and improve my eating habits, even if just a bit. I'd like to thank everyone that commented in the thread to assist me, specially @Nol, @Harriet and @Lady Amezan! And now, I present not a new challenge, but an upgrade/next step of the previous challenge: 1- Maintain the previous challenges: Reduce the amount of junk food, keep going to the gym, read more and study german everyday. The explanations of my mindset is in the previous thread. However, i would like to modify the first one, about junk food to: 2-FURTHER Reduce the amount of Junk Food How: I can only order pizza/hamburguers/etc. on weekends saturday! Explanation: Well, I only failed on the last week, and, even if it wasn't ideal (eating both on sunday and saturday), i think it was a success: I reduced the amount of junk food I eat! However, I still eat a lot of junk food. Yesterday, i ordered a pizza "because it was saturday!". Today, i ordered two burguers. Yeah, two. Thank genetics and boxing for keeping me at an acceptable weight. But i fear for the condition of my blood. Considering what i ate previously, believe it or not, this was an improvement. But I can do better. So, i divide this into sub-challenges/details: 2.1 So, on this second challenge, i won't eat pizza. Period. Pizza is my biggest weakness: I love it, more than burguers, and i end up eating one (not a slice, a pizza!) every weekend. I think it is still ok to eat occasionally, but not once a week. So, for this month, as an experiment, no pizza for me. I can still eat burguers or a different treat, but no pizza. 2.2 Ok, i can eat burguers. But within reason! No more giant burguers or two burguers in one night. I don't need to eat the smallest one, but i also don't need to eat like a mammoth. 2.3 If i fail one day, i will compensate on another day Life happens. This past month i went with my friends to a pizza place in the middle of the week, for a birthday "party". And, like i said, i failed last week and decided to eat something on wednesday. Ok, it happens. I will try my best to stick to only eating junk food on weekends but, if i end up eating it on weekdays, it is ok, as long as I eat healthy during the corresponding weekend. So, let's do it!