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  1. Week 6 Day 2 Workout 5k in about 32mins, with lots of jumping over fallen branches, the sidewalk-crack sprint game, and running in place/burpees at stoplights, but we didn’t get caught at too many lights. I also had to walk a little at the halfway point because I got a side cramp that had been nagging at me for probably 1k. At the end we cooled down a bit with a walk, then I gave my friend a piggyback ride for half a block, hehe. We did one last sprint before getting back to my apartment. Stretched afterward Diet Post-run: Cup of iced black coffee Water bottle Breakfast: 1 small square of vegg
  2. Wah, life has been getting in the way of me posting lately :/ Rather than posted every detail from the last few days, I'll summarize according to my goals. Pull-ups: I haven't been to the gym since last Wednesday, but I've been doing a lot of tree climbing lately, and boxing is kicking my ass as well. I didn't go to the gym today because I felt like shit, but I decided to just see where I am with pull-ups tonight, and I cranked out 3 on my shower frame! It wasn't complete dead-hang because it was kinda low, but I did it, twice! Pistol squat: I came really close to getting it tonight after pull
  3. Week 5 Day 2 I didn't run because the weather was icky and rainy and I was tired as hell, but I did do a bit of tree climbing while waiting for the bus, as well as attempting pull-ups on branches. I'm so close! Diet I fasted until late afternoon, breaking it with a small bowl of leftover stir-fry Snack: 2 cookies that my friend’s mom made Late dinner: More leftover stir-fry w/ a little parmesan cheese Snack: Chunk of havarti cheese Handful shredded cheddar 2 tomato slices Life I think I got a little less than 6 hours of sleep Week 5 Day 3 Workout Did another speed run at the gym. Warmed up w/
  4. Week 5 Day 1 Well, didn't end up working out today. I feel like crap from consistently not enough sleep, plus my butt and calves killed today. I'm lame Diet I guess my eating patterns form yesterday carried over into today. I ended up with a lot of leftover cookies, so I just grazed on them throughout the day. I had a prepackaged buffalo chicken salad from school for lunch, which I didn't even need to get because I bought a bunch of veggies too. For dinner I stir-fried some spinach, lettuce, broccoli, water chestnuts, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, asparagus, chunks of chicken breast, garlic
  5. Week 4 Day 7 Workout Today I went to Letchworth Park with a few friends to watch the sun rise, then hiked for probably 6 hours. And those hills, my god. There were several areas where it was more climbing than hiking. My vibrams got some good use today but man, my calves and glutes are killing me! Diet Boy, diet... throughout the day I munched on bacon, sweet potato fries, cauliflower pizza, a mango, trail mix, and a disgusting amount of my semi-paleo cookies (everything is paleo except the brown rice flour, but that was cut with tapioca) I also had one water bottle of iced coffee, and one bi
  6. Week 4 Day 5 Didn't work out again today Diet Breakfast: Coffee w/ milk, cinnamon, & 1 scoop protein powder, just to quiet my stomach a bit. For whatever reason I just don’t like eating breakfast I ended up getting super hungry about an hour later so I made a sort of cereal thing with a few scoops of almond meal and a splash of milk, w/ a little cinnamon, cooked in the microwave Small bowl of broccoli w/ cheddar melted over it Lunch: ½ chicken breast Couple baby carrots Multivitamin Water Dinner: Small bowl of squash soup ½ chicken breast Handful of frozen spinach & asparagus 1 smal
  7. Week 4 Day 4 I didn't end up running today. At least it gave me time to get stuff done. It's kind of obnoxious how busy I am Diet Breakfast: Cup of black coffee Lunch: 2 microwaved eggs w/ mini pepper, broccoli, garlic, & cheddar Snack: Handful of grape tomatoes Dinner: Multivitamin 3 hard-boiled eggs Baby carrots ½ chicken breast brushed w/ olive oil, garlic, rosemary, & lemon pepper Snack: Couple spoonfuls of sour cream “ almond meal Life I got quite distracted on da interwebs, so I only ended up getting 5 hours of sleep :/
  8. Week 4 Day 3 Workout Today I worked for a speed workout! Warmed up with .5mi on the treadmill from 5.5-7mph, finishing at 5 mins on the dot 100 fast-paced jumping jacks 20 mountain climbers 10 burpees 3 circuits of: 5 assisted pull-ups at 34lbs 4 walk-up-the-wall half handstand push-ups, at about a 20-degree angle from the wall. I only went about halfway down, and my core felt pretty wobbly. At least I know what I have to improve on now 10 prisoner squats, extra slow on the last circuit 5 clapping push-ups, though the 'explosion' didn't really happen until I was up to the plank position. That'
  9. More playing catch up... Week 4 Day 1 Workout Warmed up with 100 jumping jacks, 20 mountain climbers, & 10 burpees (no push-up) 3 circuits of: 6 assisted pull-ups w/ 40lbs assistance (did 10 barbell body rows on circuit 3 instead because a group of women was hogging the machine) 10 pike presses w/ feet on 2ft box (8 last circuit) 10 (each leg) pistol squat negatives, with a couple little 'pumps' at the bottom 1 minute plank, on elbows I stretched when I got home cuz I had to catch the bus. Did regular upper & lower body stretches, pigeon & cobra, toe touches, arm-pulling tri/should
  10. Week 3 Day 7 Didn't work out today. All the stretching in the world could not have prevented this soreness. Even my hamstrings hurt, I don't think that's happened before! At least I was lifting a bunch of stuff during work I think I'm going to revise my workout schedule to compensate for boxing class, maybe replace one of my sprint days with a distance run and let Sundays be my rest days Diet Breakfast: Coffee w/ milk, cinnamon, and a tinch of nutmeg Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs w/ spinach, diced tomatoes, and broccoli, w/ garlic & basil, cooked in olive oil, and a slice of provolone melted int
  11. Week 3 Day 6 Workout Boxing! We warmed up with 3 rounds of jump roping for a few minutes then push-ups. I had to switch to my knees by the 2nd round :/ Also, I (re)discovered that I am quite uncoordinated with a rope after that we worked a little bit on stance, jabs, and punches, but the good stuff happened later. I forget what they were called but we started with 10 seconds each of jumping jacks, burpees (no push-up), push-ups, mountain climbers, and squats. Then 20 seconds of those minus push-ups, then 30s of J.J. burpees & squats, 40s of J.J. & squats, 50s of squats, then 60s of w
  12. Oh man, tornados? That's pretty hardcore!
  13. Week 3 Day 5 I didn’t work out today, but I’m ok with that because tomorrow I’m going to a boxing class that my school is sponsoring. I tried it last year but was too out of shape to finish the program, so I want to give it another go Diet Breakfast: Coffee w/ 1 scoop protein powder Lunch: 2 small slices cauliflower pizza Snack: 2 strips of leftover baked chicken A bunch of apple spread. Probably more than I should have, but at least there’s no added sugar Dinner: Last 2 slices of pizza. I need to make bigger batches! Multivitamin Snack: Handful of raw almonds Slice of provolone Life Going to
  14. Week 3 Day 4 Workout This morning I went for a short run with JasmineDragon, but as soon as we got outside we agreed we were too cold to do intervals. So we ran our usual route of about 1.83mi with some slight variance of pace instead. I'm really not liking this weather > Diet Pre-run: Cup of black coffee Breakfast: Glass of water Coffee w/ 1 scoop protein powder and milk Lunch (part 1): I was in a hurry to get out the door so I just wrapped a bunch of raw spinach in a slice of muenster Lunch (part 2): I was still hungry and had time after class so I got a burrito bowl w/ shredded beef, let
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