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  1. TimovieMan

    Will you stop clowning around and do something!?

    I'm partial to the Key of Awesome parody of this one:
  2. TimovieMan

    TimovieMan's Daily Road to AwesomeDad™

    I've convinced the missus and I'm getting a doorway pull-up bar! I'm looking at the Iron Gym Plus bar, which is probably going to be my pick. I already know which door I'm going to use it on, and I've been reassured that the woodwork will be able to handle it. The only compromise I had to make was waiting until we get our paychecks at the end of the month. Fair deal, imo. Soon, I'll be doing pull-ups like a pro hanging there like a rag doll! In other news, my planned workout last night fell through, because the forum exploded with activity and I spent all night reading and posting instead. Note to self: work out first, THEN turn on the computer. No "just five minutes" excuse. It's NEVER "just five minutes".
  3. TimovieMan

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    Please do, it's one of the best action movies of our time. Heck, how many action movies do you know that won 6 Oscars and were nominated for both Best Director and Best Film???
  4. TimovieMan

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    Good to hear, thanks. I've wishlisted it for Christmas.
  5. When one of my favourite game series gets mentioned, I'm definitely in! So if you win the Civ V challenge, would that be a scientific victory or a cultural victory?
  6. TimovieMan

    TimovieMan on the road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. II

    Well, they started out by taking authentic traditional folk songs and turning them into medieval metal before they mainly used original material. That means they have songs in German, Latin, English, Spanish, Swedish, French, Galician, Old Icelandic, Old High German, Occitan, Old Norwegian, Gaelic and Hebrew. Among others. They appear in my top 300 with 7 songs, btw. Three times in German, once in Occitan, once in Old Norwegian, once in English and once in Swedish. Yes, I had to look this up.
  7. TimovieMan

    Ye Olde Ranger Guilde Halle: General Chatter

    With emphasis on the "ded", I'm sure.
  8. TimovieMan

    TimovieMan on the road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. II

    That's why we make it part of a challenge, to force ourselves to be consistent. Thanks! One of my favourite bands, In Extremo, are German, and they have a couple of songs in French. Unfortunately you need to see the lyrics to realize it, because the singer's pronounciation is atrocious. That, and most of the time you don't even need to understand the lyrics to enjoy the song.
  9. TimovieMan

    TimovieMan on the road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. II

    I wasn't aiming for obscurity in the least, but then again, I really have no idea how well-known the song is outside of Belgium and France... Thanks! The main thing is: I want to do something that's a little more akin to cardio, but I hate running. Rope jumping seems like a good alternative. And it intrigues the kids which is a plus as well.
  10. Not yet. But they're VERY high on my list of games to play. As in: I already own them and have them installed, just need to finish The Last Express first. If only I had more free time...
  11. TimovieMan

    Mint and Dill and Cumin: Tanktimus Fights his Legalism

    Actually, in the game (Monkey Island 2) it's a massive hint for a puzzle that comes later on, so the steps they left out are intentional. Actually, I did. But that's solely because of Monkey Island 2.
  12. TimovieMan

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    You're just using clips from a cool movie to entice us. I'm not falling for it. Oh, wait, I totally am!
  13. TimovieMan

    TimovieMan's Daily Road to AwesomeDad™

    Grip strength, mostly. I want to do pull-ups eventually... Actually, it's a wall-mounted pull-up bar that's out of the question right now. But it's probably my best option (I have a location for it, a bit out of sight, and in a wall that's more than strong enough), since I'm not too convinced about the quality of the doorway woodwork in the house. And at my current weight, that's going to be some pressure. On the other hand, I could probably convince the missus of getting a doorway pull-up bar. I'll see. Like I said: to be continued...
  14. TimovieMan

    Ye Olde Ranger Guilde Halle: General Chatter

    I think that would count as consecratory, because JESUS!!!
  15. Danganronpa? And Phoenix Wright gets mentioned? I'm hitting the "Follow" button like Monokuma!