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  1. Starting weight: 99.0 kg Weight 20/06: 99.3 kg (+0.3 kg) Weight 27/06: 98.9 kg (-0.4 kg) Anticipating a "whoosh" next week...
  2. They're not. But I'm using my arms/shoulders to get the twists a little further, so I'm guessing the upper arm pain is actually related to the shoulder tendon...
  3. Actually, if you're interested, I posted my entire 2016 Top 300 in my Respawn thread. It's in spoiler tags in this post:
  4. The #1 spot in 2004, 2005 and 2006 was this: It dropped to #2 in 2016, because a song got released in 2005 that took over. And frankly, the only reason why it didn't drop to #2 in my 2006 list was because I didn't want a new entry to immediately reach the #1 spot without giving it time to earn it more. I shouldn't have bothered, because my biggest regret on my 2006 list is pretty much that the following song wasn't the top pick (and stranded on #17) because of that:
  5. Haven't reported in yet. I blame an addiction to the game Tennis Elbow 4. I also tore a muscle in my upper left arm on Monday due to an overexcited fistpump when Romelu Lukaku scored. But I've been keeping up with these regardless. Especially since they haven't been heavy on the arms. - 30 cross reach sit-ups - 30 sit-outs - 30 torso twists - 40 knee hugs Ironically, the sit-outs didn't bother me at all, but the torso twists did ache in my arm...
  6. That's actually how R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" got back on my list. That was pretty much the best thing ever when it was new (I was 9 back then), but I heard the song so many times those first years that I grew to dislike it. And then I didn't listen to it for over a decade, and in 2006 it made its reappearance and got the #63 spot on my list (and was still #165 in 2016). Hearing the song too often is also the reason why Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" only got a #52 spot in 2004, didn't make the top 100 in 2005 and 2006, and was #91 in 2016. Which doesn't mean that I don't love the song to bits. There was a YouTube challenge a couple of years ago that went "Try not to sing along". I scoffed and called it the easiest challenge ever. I pressed play and Bohemian Rhapsody began, and I was screaming internally. I immediately dropped a massive F-bomb. Haven't been updating much this week. Busy at work, busy watching football, and a newfound addiction to the Tennis Elbow video game series (the game's 4th iteration saw an early release a couple of weeks ago). But I also have been limiting my workouts a little, because I had to. It's the silliest thing: I was watching the Belgian football team on Monday evening, and with the form Lukaku's been in this past year, I've been rooting for him to get the tournament's top scorer spot. When he made his first goal, I'd noticed the offside situation immediately so I wasn't cheering very much - and yep, it was disallowed. Then Vermaelen scored via header and despite putting us in front, I just let out a lacklustre "yes!". But when Lukaku scored the second goal, I launched into a big "YES!!!" fistpump... and promptly tore a muscle in my upper left arm... It doesn't hurt much, but some movements are more uncomfortable than others, so I've been limiting myself to just ankle mobility exercises and DailyDare exercises all week. I'm avoiding the wrist mobility and the burpees to not put extra strain on my left arm. So Monday was 3 ankle mobility exercises and 30 cross reach sit-ups, Tuesday was 2 ankle mobility exercises and 30 sit-outs, Wednesday was 2 ankle mobility exercises and 30 torso twists, and yesterday was 2 ankle mobility exercises and 40 knee hugs. The torso twists were the only ones to bother my arm, which somewhat puzzled me as those aren't even heavy on the arms... Anyway, I'm overdue a song. Here's another female singer-songwriter. This is a song I heard on MTV a couple of times back in 2001 and really liked it. I had a hard time finding anything about that artist here back then (not even a good version off the internet in those Napster days). Luckily, through the power of YouTube I found this song again after many years. It's Nerina Pallot with "Patience".
  7. I make it a habit to put the scale on the exact same tile in the exact same orientation each time to minimize differences...
  8. Weekly weigh-in Weight: 99.1 kg (+0.1 kg) Body fat: 27.9% (+0.5%) Visceral fat: 12% Blood pressure: 142/101 (+5/+4) I'm blaming the slight increase to the heavy eating last Saturday and Sunday morning, to the overeating on fries this Friday evening (because the kids had leftovers that I ate), and to the general lack of activity during the week, courtesy of Euro 2020. No heavy eating days this week, though, so I should be back down again next week. The missus also bought a new fancy Tanita scale this week, which measures a whole lot more things than our other scale did. It's still only measuring by me just standing on the scale, so the accuracy isn't going to be all that spectacular either, but it's more data to look for trends so that's good, right? It's also measuring me 0.2 kg heavier, but with lower fat mass, so from now on I'll have to compare to this data instead. *New* benchmark Weight: 99.30 kg (+0.2 kg) Body fat: 24.8% (-3.1%) Muscle mass: 71.05 kg Muscle quality: 61 MQ Bone mass: 3.7 kg Visceral fat: 10% (-2%) Body water: 50.3% BMR: 2211 kcal Metabolic age: 48 years Since I didn't post over the weekend, I'll post another song today. I'll remain within the Tori Amos category as this is a Belgian artist that somewhat reminds me of her. And not just me, because she was described in the press as "The Belgian Tori Amos" when she was just starting out. I guess that's bound to happen when you have a female singer-songwriter that focuses on piano and vocals? She's called An Pierlé, and the following song ("Mud Stories") is what introduced me to her. Fun fact: she uses an ergonomic sitting ball to sit on when she plays the piano. Even on stage. I was going to post the official video clip, but the sound quality in the video above is far better.
  9. Oh God, no. I don't bother with genre specific playlists. There's far too many genre-bending stuff on my playlist, and my OCD would constantly make me go back-and-forth between including songs on just ONE list per song - and then arguing with myself which list - and including them on all lists that fit. And in the latter case it would make me go plain overboard and make far too many overly detailed genre lists. Just a top-list for everything is good enough... Cornflake Girl was #62 on my 2004 Top 100, #74 on my 2005 Top 100, #47 on my 2006 Top 100 and #209 on my 2016 Top 300. The drop in the last list is probably related to me listening to these lists far too often. Hearing certain songs too regularly can sometimes start hurting my appreciation. A situation I will hopefully remedy with a Top 2000 as that will take a good long while before it repeats again... In other news, I didn't do the mini-workouts on Friday and Saturday because the weekends are always going to be harder on that front. I do these workouts right before going to bed, and during the weekend that either means I'd do them far too late or I'd be far too tired to do anything anymore. Or both. But today is a work day, so I did the workout last night. And it was a bit longer since I had accumulated two additional DailyDare exercises. - 3 wrist mobility exercises - 3 ankle mobility exercises - 2 minutes of scissor chops (DailyDare) - 2 minutes of half jacks (DailyDare) - 40 split lunges (DailyDare) - 11 burpees - 1'10" plank hold Doing 5 (knee) finger push ups during the wrist mobility exercises is hurting my burpees - the push up part there gets a LOT harder... The half jacks and split lunges didn't help either. Jumping up wasn't all that energetic any more... For my next list, Tori Amos' "Cornflake Girl" is looking to be in the top 150 again. There are other songs on my list that have been in freefall because of overexposure. The main example is Deep Purple's "Child in Time" which went from #7 to #9 to #12 to #114. But there's one that dropped even more spectacularly. System of a Down's "Chop Suey" went from #10 to #19 to #52 to not making the Top 300! It's looking to end up somewhere between #150 and #750 on the next list.
  10. Starting weight: 99.0 kg Weight 20/06: 99.3 kg (+0.3 kg)* It's actually +0.1 kg but the missus got us a new fancy scale, and that measures me 0.2 kg heavier. The old scale had me at 99.1 which should be my comparison point, but meh - I'm going forward with the new scale regardless so might as well pick the higher weight now. I'm blaming this on the heavy eating day last Saturday (just after my weigh-in) and the lack of activity due to Euro 2020.
  11. - 305 scissor chops - 154 half jacks - 40 split lunges
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