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  1. We're now at 41.5% for at least one vaccine, and 13% fully vaccinated. But as of this week, we're vaccinating almost half a million people per week (on a population of 11 million), so it's finally going at a good speed. That's just wrong on a lot of levels. You should always get the same vaccine the second time, and there's a set timeframe where they're most effective (3-6 weeks for Pfizer, 4-7 weeks for Moderna and 8-12 weeks for AstraZeneca, IIRC). The reason the startup was slow here was mainly the vaccine deliveries (especially AstraZeneca) being delayed and the go
  2. Vaccinations in Belgium are at cruising speed at the moment, and they're certainly not messing about. I got notified that I've been selected for vaccination on Monday, and on Wednesday I already got my invitation. I'm going to get the Pfizer vaccine - first shot's on Wednesday the 26th of May and the second on Wednesday the 30th of June! 😎 They sure do! 😊 Wednesday, May 12th Work: - Parental leave - no work Eat: - 16.5 hours of fasting - +/- 2100 calories intake - 3475 calories spent Train: - Steps
  3. 40 bridge hold knee lifts ✔️🐝 2 minutes of archers ✔️🐝 40 plank knee to elbows ✔️🐝 For the archers I used my resistance band. Since I actually practice archery, using the resistance band made this exercise exactly like my actual archery warm-up routine. I didn't do the exercise again with my left arm, because that makes no sense whatsoever for a right-handed archer. 🤣
  4. I went to the office for the first time since October 9th of last year (!!!). Covid measures are loosening up a little in Belgium (even though the hospital numbers really don't support that yet), and now it's allowed to be outside in groups of up to 10 (provided you wear masks or keep 1.5m of social distance). So the subteam I'm a part of (6 team members and the team leader) decided to meet up for the first time in months by having our lunch break outside as a group. Since I'd lose too much time *just* to go to the office for the lunch break, I went to the office for the entire day.
  5. Monday, May 10th Work: - completed 3 tasks - pretty big tasks, though, so maybe I should reexamine how I'm quantifying the work? - went from 25.04% to 25.42% on the list Eat: - 21.5 hours of fasting - +/- 1600 calories intake - 3583 calories spent Train: - Steps: 12900 - long walk in the evening with my weighted vest on - 2x 2 minutes of tree pose hold (DailyDare) - 60 seconds of sitting punches - 124 total (DailyDare) - Burpee workout: 11-10-7-6-6 burpees (40 total), 1'23" plank hold - that's 3 burpees and 13 sec
  6. Like I said, I went to the doctor's for a bloodletting on Friday. I also needed a blood test done to see if my iron values were within the normal range, so I could get my approval to donate to the Red Cross again for a year (which is actually therapy for me with the iron overload). Since my doctor follows up my weight (which she's done for the past three years), she updated my file after my Corona weight gain. This meant that, when the medical system did an automated check, it saw my current BMI of just over 30 and my history of high blood pressure (which is actually pretty re
  7. Actually, the TDEE estimation by my Fitbit is good enough for my goals. I'm doing what worked three years ago, and what is clearly working now. I'm thinking the reason why my Sunday weight was only down 200g was because of the warmer weather here and water retention. I had difficulty removing my ring because my fingers were swollen a little on Sunday afternoon. I'm not putting much thought in it. Already lost 3.7kg in 3 weeks. As long as I'm consistent, everything will follow. 🙂 We do have a cheap food scale in the house. From back when the missus was dieting and measuring *ev
  8. Start weight: 106.8 kg Start waist: 114 cm 25/04 weight: 105.1 kg (-1.7 kg) 02/05 weight: 103.3 kg (-1.8 kg) 02/05 waist: 111 cm (-3 cm) 09/05 weight: 103.1 kg (-0.2 kg) Not all that amused since I'm really doing my best and have been really consistent with the calorie deficit... 😒
  9. I'm hoping it does for me too. 😇 Thanks! 😊 I explained that a little in an earlier post, so let me just quote myself: Let's be more consistent with music too, and give an extra song to close off the previous week. Since it's already been over 5 years since we lost this magnificent artist, and since this here is the Rebellion, why not play the David Bowie song that mysteriously missed the cut in my last list? Here's "Rebel Rebel": Also just because *everybody* loves David Bowie... 🤩
  10. Sunday, May 9th Work: - weekend, not applicable Eat: - 14 hours of fasting - had breakfast exceptionally - presumably 4000+ calories intake (no idea, not even going to try to count) - 3878 calories spent Train: - Steps: 14724 - a long walk with the kids in the afternoon - 2x 2 minutes of tree pose (DailyDare) - 60 seconds of sitting punches (DailyDare) - 8 burpees Sleep: - 5h 55m - had to get up almost like on a workday (for that breakfast package). Got in bed earlier than usual for a Saturday because
  11. 2x 2 minutes of tree pose hold ✔️🐝 I'm more wobbly on my right foot than on my left, which surprises me since I'm right-handed and right-footed. I'd expect my left foot to be less stable, but it's not, and I notice the same when doing one-leg Romanian deadlifts... 🤔 60 seconds of sitting punches ✔️🐝 - 124 total
  12. Saturday, May 8th Work: - weekend, not applicable Eat: - 15 hours of fasting - +/- 1300 calories intake - 3807 calories spent Train: - Steps: 15891 - an hour of walking during my daughter's judo class - a walk leisurely stroll at a provincial domain with the kids Sleep: - 6h 18m - only the second time this week I've hit my mark. Sunday, May 9th - Weigh-in Weight: 103.1 kg (-0.2) 😒 Body fat: 29.1% (-1.3) Visceral fat: 13% (-) Blood pressure: 145/95 (+1/-
  13. Also a good name for a metal band, just like "Iron Overload"... Friday, May 7th Work: - completed 5 tasks - but got rid of a big one that could make the rest easier - went from 24.67% to 25.04% on the list Eat: - 24 hours of fasting - +/- 2500 calories intake - 3480 calories spent Train: - Steps: 8838 - 2 minutes of bicep extensions (DailyDare) - 1 strength training circuit (8 exercises in a 7-exercise circuit) - long walk to the doctor's and back Sleep:
  14. Horse's hair is not messy enough, though. 🤣
  15. Only those scouts that would question our dislike for cardio or would try to make us run. The rest have nothing to fear... 😇
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