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  1. The kids didn't have school today, so I took the day off for them. Of course, I also had a scheduled appointment at the Red Cross for a blood donation (which doubles as therapy for me since I have iron overload). Made lunch for the kids, but skipped it myself. The idea was that I would eat leftover Chinese from Sunday with the missus in the evening. Did some minor chores around the house: did the dishes, cleaned up whatever toys the kids had left in the garden the day before, put the extra chairs we'd used for the visitors on Sunday back in the attic, and got our two transport boxes for the cats out because our youngest two cats had their yearly check-up at the vet in the afternoon. Something TimovieDaughter was eager to join - and which had her laughing for the rest of the day at the anguished and incredibly loud wailing from one of them in the car. πŸ˜… Had an extra drive to the vets afterwards to get our oldest cat weighed. He had his check-up in July and was at his lowest weight in years then, so the vet wanted to see if it was just normal variance or if he was losing weight (in which case further testing would be necessary). Fortunately his weight was the same now as in July, so he's cleared. The vet wants an extra check-in per year to weigh him from now on, though. But I don't think it's going to be an issue. The cat's "only" 12, and is behaving perfectly normal. And with the weather getting colder, there won't be many opportunities to go outside anymore these coming months which means he'll likely put on some weight again due to less movement. The missus wanted me to clean the driveway with the pressure washer (which uses rain water) and then refilling the rainwater well by draining the semi-permanent pool into it, cleaning out said pool and disassembling it for next summer. I don't know where she thinks I would have the time for any of that today, so I got neither done. Between the Red Cross, a fruitless attempt at acquiring manhole lifting keys for our rainwater well, lunch for the kids, and the double visit to the vet, there was simply no time for anything of that scope. Sometimes, a "day off" is not a day off. This was already worse than any day at the office. πŸ™ƒ But I somehow still got over 8K steps in for the day, so it's not a total loss. And while the leftover Chinese meal was sizeable, I only had a leftover cupcake and a handful of candy as well for the entire day. That probably puts me in "yellow" calorie intake territory. Not going to bother trying to count accurately. That's not the point. The missus watched another episode of the Netflix "Maid" in the evening. Made me sit up when the following song came on. I associate this song with the movies "Ice Age" and "Matilda", and it's one of those songs that always instantly perks up my mood by being unabashedly optimistic, catchy and upbeat. In fact, I might consider using it as a "waking up" ringtone (which is currently handled by Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill" for similar reasons). Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way
  2. Thursday: - went for a walk during my lunch break - we had a pack of pancakes that needed to be eaten, so even though I had skipped breakfast and lunch, and dinner was really only rice, vegetables and chicken, the pancakes still put me just over 2K calories. - spent some time listening to Avatar songs (and watching their excellent music videos on YouTube), but disappeared down a YouTube rabbit hole of "first reaction" videos, so got into bed far too late again. Friday: - got a notification that the kids' library books were overdue. No longer having parental leave on Wednesday afternoons means that we've got to find a new routine for the library as well... - had my lunch break late so I could use that time to go to the library (it only opens at 1.30 pm). The missus had the car so she could go grocery shopping after work, so I went on foot. - library was closed exceptionally because of a "team day". Typical... πŸ˜… - had a bit of a snack binge in the afternoon. Wouldn't have been that bad, but when my brother-in-law got here in the evening, the missus broke out the appetizers and a bag of crisps, so despite a modest dinner, I still exceeded 3K calories. - fell asleep during the football highlights in the evening, which lead to more sleep than planned. That was actually welcome. Saturday: - had to get up early because TimovieDaughter had a football match to play. Did my weigh-in because I knew we'd be having TimovieDaughter's birthday party at an indoor playground with a bunch of her classmates in the afternoon (which would include some leftover fries), and she'd get to pick dinner so that would be fastfood as well. - TimovieDaughter's team lost 5-12. The club has enough U13 ladies for two teams and this was the younger team of the two (mostly 9 and 10 year olds), and the opponents were visibly older (11 or 12). The visiting team quickly got a 0-5 lead and then noticeably slowed down to not ridicule our team. Somehow I doubt that would've happened in a boys' game. - went for a short walk after TimovieDaughter's match, while she was in the changing room. - TimovieSon had to play later, and the missus joined him. His team won 5-1. Apparently TimovieSon made his share of saves, so the match was probably closer than the scoreline suggests. - indoor playground in the afternoon. It was very crowded, with 7 or 8 birthday parties being held at the same venue. That meant the premises were NOISY AND LOUD! The kids had fun, though. - the kids all had fries at the party, and the missus and me finished all the leftovers. πŸ˜‡ Fortunately, there weren't all that many. 😁 - TimovieDaughter wanted pizza in the evening. The missus and me didn't feel like pizza, so while the kids got their pizzas, I got us some dΓΆner kebab instead. I went for dΓΌrΓΌm with sambal sauce. And I ate TimovieDaughter's two leftover pieces of pizza prosciutto. No snacking, and only one can of soda, so I got the calories under 3K. - watched "Elemental" with the kids in the evening. 'Weaker' Pixar, but with their track record, 'weaker' is still good. Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD! DON'T READ THE SPOILERED PARTS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM!!! As someone who has shed a tear during every movie Pixar has ever made - yes, even Cars 2 - I was surprised at one point during "Elemental" that I wasn't crying. Namely... ... - which are both very much triggers for me - I didn't shed a tear. This felt so odd that I actually thought "why am I not crying here?". The very next scene... And I'm sitting there sobbing. Damn it, Pixar! EVERY TIME! 😭 Sunday: - got a good night's sleep because I could sleep in a little, and I had fallen asleep during the football highlights again on Saturday night, so was asleep earlier than I though I'd be. Made up for the short nights I had on Tuesday and Thursday. - we held TimovieDaughter's birthday party for friends and family in the afternoon, at our place, with cake and all other kinds of chocolaty goodness. TimovieDaughter's godmother (and the mother of Mrs. Movieman's godchild) always stays for dinner when she comes over since she lives an hour away and doesn't visit all that often. So as if an entire afternoon of loading up with nothing but carbs wasn't enough, we ordered Chinese for dinner. While I had a modest plate - with plenty of leftovers for tomorrow - I still easily exceeded 4K calories. Probably exceeded 5K with all the sugar and chocolate... - at least I finished the day by doing 6 of the DailyDare exercises that were on my backlog. And didn't fall asleep during the football highlights for once. πŸ™ƒ Wait, this post is at 3 am? Why am I not in bed yet? πŸ˜… Well, the kids don't have school tomorrow, and I took the day off for them, so I get to sleep in a little. So there... But I didn't plan for this post to take me this long to write, so I'm marking this a red curfew anyway... Week 3 summary Week 3 M T W T F S S Intermittent fasting Calorie intake Curfew Sleep Avg. sleep 6h20 Steps Avg. steps 11.2K Workouts 1.2 Distance 29.03 km Okay week. Did well with the intermittent fasting. Did *very* well with the calorie intake during the week but messed it up a little in the weekend, although today's red was pretty much planned. Messed up twice with the curfew and sleep, but recovered. Step count was solid apart from today. And while I should've gotten at least one more workout in, I got through some of my DailyDare backlog. Not a bad week. Not perfect either, but good enough... Weekly weigh-in Weight: 91.90 kg (-1.2) Body fat: 21.6% (-0.6) Done on Saturday morning, after an overeaty Friday evening but before an nonsensically overeaty Sunday. Walk to Mordor Distance walked/swam this week: 29.03 km (18.03 miles) Road to Mordor: total 601.3 miles - Rivendell to LothlΓ³rien - Jan. 2 / Jan. 3 - Night 10 since Rivendell - crossed a small stream that flows west into a swampy area. Continues cold, gray and windy. Here's a Neil Diamond song. I bet few of you were expecting me to ever post a Neil Diamond song, right? πŸ˜… Well, actually I'm posting a cover. πŸ˜‡ The song was featured in what I consider to be the greatest movie of all time, Pulp Fiction. And it's probably the only song I know by Urge Overkill. 😢 I only found out later that this was originally Neil Diamond's, but I know the original now, and I much prefer the darker tone of this cover. Plus it has the advantage of having a prominent place in my favourite film, so there's that as well... Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
  3. Starting weight: 92.4 kg / 203.6 lbs 10/09: 92.95 kg / 204.9 lbs 18/09: 93.95 kg / 207.1 lbs 25/09: 93.10 kg / 205.3 lbs 30/09: 91.90 kg / 202.6 lbs (-1.2 / -2.7) Finally back under the starting weight. Had the foresight to do the weigh-in on Saturday morning, before a weekend of heavy eating. Could've been even better, but the missus broke out the crisps on Friday evening and I couldn't resist on what had already been a pretty carby day... πŸ˜…
  4. Finally got around to doing some more of these: - 50 reverse angels - 🐝 - 30 butterfly sit-ups - 🐝 (especially the final three were painful) - 60 seconds balance hold - 🐝 (2x 30 seconds) - 2 minutes wall sit - 🐝 (in 3 parts: 20s, slipped, 60s, took a break, 40s) - 50 single leg bridges - 🐝 (2x 25) - 40 staggered deadlifts - 🐝 (2x 20) The rest reserved for tomorrow. πŸ˜‡
  5. I like how you're keeping this simple for this short starting challenge. Get the habits going; start building on them in a few weeks... πŸ‘
  6. Welcome! Are you talking about 7 hours of actual sleep, or primarily 7+ hours per night in bed for sleeping with the CPAP device on?
  7. Intermittent fasting: I make lunch for the kids on Wednesday, so I eat together with them, which means I only get a 16-hour window on Wednesdays. But I preceded that with a 20-hour window on Tuesday, and I'm following it up with a 28-hour window today. Mainly because there are no treats at work, and I managed to stay out of everything snack-related yesterday afternoon. Because I had a string of meetings and really lacked the time, and once I had started I did have the motivation to go "nah, fasting has begun". πŸ˜‡ Calorie intake: I had some biscuits and chocolate when I got home from work on Tuesday, but dinner was a one-pot chicken and couscous and vegetables dish. I ate my fill, but comfortably remained under 2K calories for the day. Have them guesstimated at 1700. On Wednesday I made spaghetti. Well, penne actually (my daughter's pick). I made a *very* large pot of sauce. Mainly because we had a lot of minced meat in the house, and I wanted to use it up. Made a pot of - in total - 4500 calories worth of sauce! Of course, half of it (and possibly more) has gone in the freezer. And what we used was for four people, so my guesstimate is: - half of 4500, rounded up just in case = 2400 calories of sauce used, of which let's say a third for me = 800 calories - 500g of pasta for 4. I eat more than the others at home so let's say 200g for me = 700 calories - about half of a pack of 150g of grated cheese. Let's round up and say 100g = 450 calories I did no snacking whatsoever on Wednesday. This was my one meal. Under 2K again, which is a *very* big deal on Wednesdays, as that never happens. Then again, it's the end of the month, and I had gotten instructions to use more food from the freezer since the funds are running low, so there was no grocery shopping in the morning - which would have undoubtedly resulted in *some* snacking. And TimovieSon had a classmate's birthday party to go to in the afternoon, and I had a string of meetings, and TimovieDaughter didn't ask for one, so I didn't prepare the kids their weekly small bowl of candy in the afternoon. Which meant that I didn't have any candy either, of course. Curfew and sleep: I want to say that I did really well this week, but Tuesday was kinda stressy at work, and I responded by drinking a tad more coffee than usual, which then resulted in me not being tired *at all* in the evening, and then staying up WAY past the curfew. And I didn't even play Divinity: Original Sin! 😱 This had the upside of me being tired all Wednesday long, and then getting into bed before midnight even. So the damage is actually kinda ok. Now the question is: do I need an extra challenge to limit my coffee intake at work, or will this reminder be enough for the moment? πŸ˜… Movement: Had to go to a school meeting with the local student support services - mainly to follow-up on TimovieDaughter's potential autism spectrum disorder. This meant an extra trip from and to work during the day. I wanted to be on time and got there fifteen minutes early, so took that time to go for a walk. Then in the evening I went for a walk during TimovieDaughter's swim class. Over one hour, so got plenty of steps in. Didn't get a lot of steps in during the day on Wednesday, but took the opportunity to go for a walk during TimovieDaughter's football training. So I'm well on track to end the week in the green on average steps and on the Road to Mordor. 🀘 I've had trouble finding the time for proper workouts lately, and even the DailyDare exercises had been skipped for a week. I tried to remedy that on Tuesday by doing a bunch of DailyDare exercises. Didn't do the entire backlog, but I got 6 exercises in. Was too tired on Wednesday for a repeat, but the idea is to get through the backlog this week. This week so far: Week 3 M T W T F S S Intermittent fasting Calorie intake Curfew Sleep Avg. sleep 6h03 Steps Avg. steps 14.8K Workouts 0.6 Distance 19.38 km Here's a Swedish band I only recently discovered. Part of their catalogue is on the harder side for me, but they frequently switch up their genres, and they have an image that just fits them. The circus ringmaster / joker persona the singer keeps really works, and they have a sense of theatricality about them that is evident in the effort they put in their videos. I quite like what I hear and see, and will look into these guys more in the future. Avatar - Bloody Angel
  8. They kinda exploded onto the metal scene about 4 years ago. And since then they got to do a song for the video game Star Wars - Jedi: Fallen Order, which only expanded their visibility...
  9. How has your week been? Where are you?? Did you lose your way??? Get it? Because of "Wayfinder"??
  10. Did you cook a healthy meal on Thursday? And if so, what was it?
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