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  1. I've been doing intermittent fasting for quite a while now. After the first couple of weeks, it became standard to fast for 16+ hours (and occasionally 23+ hours). That also means that I almost never get hungry anymore. Which is a massive plus if you're doing groceries in a fasted state - less impulse to grab junk food. The workout was before the social event. Like, an hour before it. In an attempt to get the excess calories pre-assigned to recovery.
  2. Hey, thanks for checking in. Haven't been updating much, because I haven't been on the forums much (as part of the challenge). Weigh-in on Saturday was: Weight: 95.5 kg (-0.6) Body fat: 21.6% (-1.6) Visceral fat: 10% (-1) So even without accountability, I'm actually doing pretty well. The eating has become an actual habit that I no longer have to think about. Good example: this Sunday we were invited at some friends' house, which means snacks, appetisers, large meals, desserts, the works. We were there from noon till 6 pm.
  3. The speed with which he got on a horse and dashed for the north gate means there's no way we'll catch him. That bird has flown. The docks are where we have to go if we want to get to the bottom of this. Agility Feat: 2 sessions of yoga this week My current 4-week challenge is focused around time management, so I'm not rolling last week's feats over to this week. I'm calling both "half done" and moving on.
  4. "Torn between two conversations" meant I was torn between a conversation on my left (with the 11 colleagues I know well) and on my right (with the 3 colleagues I didn't know as well). So they basically only got half my attention, possibly even less because the colleagues on my left were trying to actively involve me in their conversations more... I'm not counting it as completed.
  5. The song's still the same, nothing's changed. The lyrics that are shown, however, are not the correct Latin ones.
  6. My last weigh-in was the Saturday between Christmas and New Year's Eve, and the Christmas festivities had put the weight back at 99.1 kgs (+2.0), the body fat at 24.7% (-0.4) and the visceral fat at 11% (=). That was two weeks ago, and there was a New Year's Eve with lots of food and a New Year's Day with moderate food after that, so my curiosity got the better of me this morning. I wanted to see if my efforts since New Year's Day had undone the holiday damage. Weigh-in this morning: Weight: 96.1 kg (-3.0) Body fat: 23.2% (-1.9) Visceral fat:
  7. Distance Feat: I went to my doctor's appointment on foot (even had to run part of the way there to get there on time). Despite that, I'm still a bit short on my 10K/day average, and I'm not entirely sure I'll have enough time today and tomorrow for long walks... Half completed? Social Feat: Sitting at another table was not an option. Some colleagues had reserved a large table for those of our team. I did get to sit on a further end of that table, with some of the colleagues I didn't know as well, but even there I was torn between two conversations...
  8. That's more than ok, it"s effing great!!! You're gravely understating the importance of this!!!
  9. Finally caught up with the thread (it's moving like a freight train )! Despite everything that's going on, you keep doing the things you need to do! You're eating healthy, you're exercising, reading a book that helps you. You may not see it yourself, but you're doing better than you think!!!
  10. I had surgery, a uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or UPPP for short. They basically took out my tonsils, my uvula and some of the soft palate. For those contemplating that type of surgery: I do NOT recommend it. It may have helped with the sleep apnea, but it didn't really help with the snoring. My taste took almost half a year to return to normal. My "R" is no longer pronounced like it used to be (I had a French "R") and I can't do any of those guttural sounds any more, etc. The worst is probably that the lack of tissue to block my esophagus means I have uncontrolled buildups o
  11. I was going to say that I had a backlog of a metric ton of food pics, but I missed far more important news! Congrats with the baby to you and the missus!!!
  12. That is the main reason why I go to bed more than an hour later than my wife. She has trouble falling asleep, and can't fall asleep at all when I'm snoring next to her. On the other hand, I fall asleep within seconds. So I only go to bed when I'm pretty sure she's already asleep. The snoring is not so loud anymore now that I lost some weight, so maybe there's hope for us going to bed at the same time again? Although I usually still have sports highlights to watch when she goes to bed. I know the feeling. My daughter only gets in bed with us when she's ha
  13. Heh, looks like I tapped into something here. I'm at a point where I realise that following the amount of threads I'm following will lead to forum burnout, so I'm looking for a balance between time spent and threads followed. It will probably take some experimentation. Forums have always been my preferred media (I don't do Facebook, for instance), so I'm definitely not stopping. It's just a matter of coming to terms with the amount of posts that are made and the amount I can realistically follow without sacrificing too many other things. If only there were more ho
  14. Relax Feat: done! We went for a last-minute wellness session (sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, etc.). Also tied in perfectly with my current challenge of getting more quality time with the missus. Distance Feat: Instead of aiming for 8K+ steps on average each day, I'll aim for 10K+ steps. I've also scheduled a doctor's appointment on Friday. Even though it's on the way to work, I'll make an extra effort to go on foot instead. That'll be 2 km there and 2 km back. Social Feat: Our yearly department lunch (with 150+ people present) is on Friday. I'l
  15. Thank you!!! ^ This. It just gets overlooked / postponed easily when you have kids, since they become the priority. We're both very well aware of this hence why we try to have one evening each month where the kids sleep at their grandparents so we have the evening just to ourselves (and with no other social obligations), and why we try to have one evening each week where we actually spend time together without distractions. It just needed to be reinforced again now, because we have a tendency to neglect this after a while.
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