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  1. Fiber granola bars Special k granola bars Special k cereal Breakgast essentials Applesauce Cream cheese
  2. Have u tried eating special k cereal or bars in place of a meal? Good tasting and healthy.
  3. My nutriton ideas are: Breakfast essentials packets Fish oil for heart health and depression Vitamins Slim quick Special k cereal and bars eaten in place of a meal
  4. Try the breakfast essentials packets that you mix in with drinks
  5. If u get sick of that idea, they have special k bars that are good at walmart
  6. I'm not sure if they are all about protein but have you tried the breakfast essentials packets? They come in a box at Walmart, you stir them in a drink.
  7. Fish oil is great for heart health and also depeession. It may have other hidden benefits we don't know of.
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