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  1. Well, the sponsorship fell through No team. No march (phew!). BUT today, I hereby commit to the goal of participating in the actual 26.2 mile march next year. Unless we get enough people for the 14.2 one, then I'll join in with them On a positive note: the Lord is leading my career in a new direction and I have accepted a new project management position within my company - and I owe some credit to NF and everyone who has shared their support thus far along my journey!! The role I am taking on is totally outside my usual comfort zone. I will be going from back office project ad
  2. Not a lot of progress this past week. BUT today is 3/1 so starting the month off right. Completed a 1.5 mi run in 18:36. That's about a 12:30 min/mi. Ok. I was also recruited today for the (Honorary) Bataan Memorial Death March...in 2 weeks. 14.2 miles. I'm gonna die. It's not a run. Well, it can be. Not for me! Every year I've thought about doing it. And every year I've respectfully declined because it's a long walk...in the desert...starting at the buttcrack of dawn...on a Sunday. Even when I was active duty I was not inclined to p
  3. Happy Monday NF Team! Back to basics today. I was NOT athletic when I was young. I literally worked my behind off (35lbs worth) preparing to contract with the Army. The Army is where I first learned to run. In through the nose, out through the mouth We sing cadences to help regulate breathing, always starting the verse and, therefore, exhaling, when the left foot hits the ground. Breathe out on your left foot, it regulates the breathing rhythm and prevents cramping because your heart is on the left side too. T
  4. Been home with sick kiddos this week. They're over the worst though; just need to ride out the lingering cough Decided to cut out caffeine. It's helped, surprisingly! Replacing with decaf coffee and herbal teas (@Elastigirl!) https://www.ruled.me/complete-guide-exercise-ketogenic-diet/ Feel like I just can't get a handle on things. I hope to get in a good run today though. And I miss the strength training.
  5. I have problems getting up early too. My workout time from 10 years ago has been replaced with getting the kids ready and out the door for the day. Any morning workout would hence need to be pushed earlier by at least one hour and no, I'll take my sleep thank you! It also used to be that working out would wake me up and energize me, but now it just wears me out. So knocking it out in the afternoon/evening actually works, because I can just flop into bed a few hours later.
  6. You're out of SA, right? Big internet, small world!
  7. Woot woot!!!! Making progress slowly but surely!!! I did not like the run while I was running (if you could even call it "running" ha!) but afterward I got that runner's high with almost no post-run respiratory issues (it's an El Paso thing, with the air being so dry, the elevation at around 4,700 feet, and the dust that's been getting kicked up by the wind lately, it's not uncommon for otherwise healthy people to have coughing fits after a run). And this morning not only was there movement on the scale, but I can see some shrinkage in my flabby. Hahahaha! Remember when I said tha
  8. Or hormones Breakfast actually kept me pretty satisfied all the first half of the day. Finally had "lunch" around 2, because I didn't want to wait until too close to the workout. Feeling ok. Wondering what I was thinking, signing up for a 4.2 mile run. It was impulsive. Why not join with the rest of my company (we're a sponsor for the event) and simultaneously honor the legacy of a fallen hero? Because running is for the birds, that's why not! UGH. Don't mind me. My body just can't keep up with where my mind wants it to be. 12:46 minute mile aft
  9. I just ate 3 of my 4 workday meals/snacks for breakfast and it's not even 9am yet. It's going to be a long day.
  10. Woohoo!! Did goooooood yesterday! Since I signed up for Pat's Run, I'm going to shift focus to cardio training for a bit. Yes I know I've been all over the place with trying something and not really sticking to it long enough for results to manifest. Since I want to lower my BFP anyways I figured why not aim to maximize both my running performance and weight/inches loss. Since I've had prior success with keto (I PROMISE I will share that story one of these days) and keto is still doable with a cardio program (vs weightlifting), I'll be focusing on those two up until April 27th, th
  11. It's gym day!!!!! That is all. More to follow.
  12. Yeah, I'm constantly outnumbered. Anakin was on our side that day (blue lightsaber!) and we have other Rebels who just weren't able to make it. Our team is balanced pretty well to be honest. Can't really have one without the other!
  13. Happy Tuesday all! If the rest of 2019 is anything like the Free Trial Month, it's going to be quite the rugged journey. Challenge accepted. Sharing some photos from this past weekend. R2 joined us which was AWESOME! It was a beautiful troop; the kids we met at the Children's Hospital were just amazing and it was so incredibly fulfilling to be able to bring just a few minutes of joy to them as they fight their unique battles. Not sure how much gym time I'll get this week due to business travel again; if anything I'll def
  14. My body was not happy the last 2 days (Wed/Thu). I can't remember if I tracked accurately earlier this week. But here are my food diaries! Feeling a LOT better this morning. The caloric goal already factors in my activity (so no fitbit stats), which hasn't really happened this week. I did make myself go to the gym yesterday though. I think that's why I'm feeling so much better today. Between the gym and crushing my sugar cravings things are starting to look up! I can't believe it literally took almost to the end of January. The whole "January is a free trial month" was supposed to be a joke, b
  15. Just for fun! Corroborates my theory that cold turkey is best when cutting sugar!! "Sugar, sweets and junk food may hold you back more than they do for a mesomorph or ectomorph..." https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/becker3.htm
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