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  1. Ayrihn

    Be Strong and Courageous

    OK. Missed the gym yesterday but did get to go outside for a change for a nice jog with a buddy. Wasn't aiming for time or anything, was just happy to have a workout partner. Times include warm-up/cool-down (walking) Not sure how to share my food diary yet. Been pretty busy this week so haven't had time to figure it out. I think the added running has messed with my appetite anyways so macros and calories are all out of whack. I woke up at 3:00 this morning with a rumbly in my tumbly and that was after at least a 1322+ calorie day - I may have snacked on some Cheetos and cream cheese frosting while dinner was cooking and no I didn't track them so figure tack on at least 300 more calories. I might also recalculate my macros. I've used calculators for "cutting" and "powerlifting macros" and IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) and I haven't been able to stay within range. Don't want to go back to strict Keto with the emphasis on strength training just because with everything I've read the carb deficiency will hinder muscle growth. It seems I tend to not hit the protein goal and then go over either on fat or carbs, sometimes both. Does anyone know - when strength training and trying to lose *fat* (not necessarily *weight*) is it better to cut carbs or to cut fat? I know technically protein should be about 1g per lb of bodyweight (yeah I don't usually achieve that even with protein shake supplements), but then where should the fat/carbs fall? Especially if I'm not hitting the protein goal? I'm kinda lost in all the info out there, so I'm letting the exercise do most of the work and then just doing my best to use food as a fuel source without negating the progress made with the exercise. It's working-ish, scale moved down this week (after moving up last week so not much of a net loss...) but I really prefer having left and right limits as opposed to just winging it. Hm. I don't know. I'm all over the place today. Sorry about that. Have a trooping event tonight so I'm counting that as my workout. May the Force be with You! P.S. Figured it out. Better to take a screenshot from the actual site; doesn’t look like the app has a sharing option without making everything public or making people sign up. Here’s yesterday. FYI I weighed in at 154.7 yesterday. I'll throw in the weight tracker maybe once a week.
  2. Ayrihn

    Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018)

    Congrats @maegs!! I am totally in for 2019!! With life as it is now, I probably won't make it there and back again as it will probably take the whole year just to get to Mordor, but what an AWESOME idea!! Thank you for building the spreadsheet, spearheading the coordination, spurring the imagination, and encouraging people to go out their door and step onto the road I'm really looking forward to this!
  3. Ayrihn

    Be Strong and Courageous

    I'm perfectly fine with (deserved) um...constructive criticism; it's more the "all you ate today were 6 boiled eggs and two protein shakes? That's not good for you!" *eyebrows up, look of superior disapproval, head shaking* type stuff. Because I have been known to go to very limited extremes at times - especially after a day weekend of poor eating decisions. I learned to fight it off when I was following keto, but it still bothers me. As for things not always having to be perfect - you're talking to a recovering perfectionist and I'll admit I do have my episodes of relapse That's what I love about being here. We're all here to become better, cheer each other on, give advice, and pick each other up on those not-so-perfect days. Yeah Team!!
  4. Ayrihn

    Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018)

    Is this still a thing??? Will it be a thing for 2019??? I hope I hope I hope I hope??
  5. Ayrihn

    Be Strong and Courageous

    No running Friday. The knee was crack-a-lackin. Hoping the rest I gave it over the weekend will be good enough to allow a short run after today's strength session. I skimmed an article, that was actually a snippet of a podcast, which I did not listen to, because it was answering the question "which comes first - cardio or weights" for maximum effect? The bottom line was strength first - then cardio. Didn't stick around long enough for all the research behind the conclusion, but I just wanted to share in case anyone here was curious. Have to really focus on keeping the macros tight this week. Got hit by 3 significant punches over the weekend: General holiday yumminess EVERYWHERE Holiday "hustle and bustle" interrupting routine meal planning Increased appetite - like clockwork I've been pretty good about posting details on the workout side of things...now to take another "courageous" step and commit to sharing my calorie tracker. I'd rather keep that to myself because: When I cheat, I go into denial and intentionally don't track it, and to be transparent with this I will have to track everything I'm afraid of being judged - not to be confused with being held accountable With everything else in life, trying to keep to a diet as well as making time to accurately track both exercise and diet can actually become stressors for me and when I get to a certain point that crosses the threshold between "stressed" and "utterly overwhelmed," diet is the first to go - I know that there will be weeks when the challenge will seem impossible - but I will do my best Happy Monday all!
  6. Ayrihn

    Be Strong and Courageous

    Maybe someday I'll get those numbers! Haha! The way it tracks is weight by reps...so 40lbs for 8 reps. For the dumbbell ones the weight is per hand, so for example 10lbs each/20lbs total for the shoulder press So excited to see you're taking on the Beginner Bodyweight Workout!!! It's definitely transformational - be sure to take a "before" photo on Day 1 to compare with upon completion. You may not see much or even any movement on the scale, so the photo will be encouraging. As a good friend once told me, "You diet to lose weight, you work out to change your shape." So while you may not lose "weight," you will change your shape for the better! I'm looking forward to following your journey!
  7. "...People's brains are conditioned to take the easy way out..." Today's culture of convenience and instant gratification has fostered and cultivated the "easy way" to the point that our health and quality of life become casualties in the breakneck pursuit of what we perceive to be success and happiness. A healthy lifestyle begins with the realization within the mind that "I can do better." It is a choice; a decision; a commitment followed by action. It takes strength of mind to build strength of body. Today is the day after Day 1. Yesterday I began my journey to not just lose weight, but holistically improve my lifestyle through nutrition and exercise and by utilizing the knowledge and resources shared here at Nerd Fitness. I am starting with the Beginner Bodyweight Workout, and I must say it ended up being more challenging than I expected. Lunges were wobbly, push-ups were sub-standard (my mind says I can still do them the Army way, but my body says not anymore), and I now have to use the handrail to get up and down stairs until the burning and weakness go away. The good news? It feels good. I don't know if I'll be able to complete 3 whole sets tomorrow, but I'm darn sure excited to go back and do what I can, because it's better than not doing anything at all. Strength of mind, strength of body, and courage to press on! Let's do this. The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. -Ecclesiastes 7:8 Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/09/21/you-really-really-want-to-go-to-the-gym-but-still-avoid-it-new-research-may-explain-why/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.ef118769c572