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  1. Ok, so it's time for the intermittent post (I don't like to use my work computer, and evenings tend to be monopolized by the little one.) So, here goes. . . 1. Regular movement has gone OK. Not perfect, but OK. Yoga, a couple of C25K days, a long-walks-with-neighbor's-dogs day, and today--a leg exercises day that I have a feeling my legs will try to murder me for in the morning. Jumping sucks. 2. Resistance training is still off the table until Monday. I am not excited about this, but oh well. Maybe by Monday, life will be sane enough that I can actually get to the gym again. I've got dumb bells here and have used them here, but I don't have a ton of space. Or much of any, really. (All the move-ins and move-outs. . . it has gotten significantly better, but trying to meld two households is no joke.) Husband has had to deal with a lot of drama from the housing association (Why is civility a lost art?); with all of that, I wouldn't feel right tripping out the door and leaving him with the little one. He needs downtime, too. 3. Morning prayer has continued. 4. I did get to church on Sunday but had to leave early because of overtired/starting-to-get-sick toddler. 5. Packing lunches (sigh). I'll get on this today. I've kind of half-assed this; cutting veggies for salads but not actually chopping the meat or assembling the salad. I don't know why I hate doing this so much. I suspect in part I am tired of the routine. I've been doing the same thing for awhile; I don't know what else I would really want, though. 6. Running in the morning this weekend didn't work. My son had to work early, and the little guy got up early, and I am the only one who gets up early, so yeah. BUT I did get out there and run later, so I did the best I could with what I had.
  2. The shoes look brutal for dancing! (I have memories of jazz shoes for my son when he did hip-hop years ago.) But wow, you move well together
  3. Hey, so I know we talked books awhille back. On this subject (well, in part--this topic was only one part of the book), I just read The Happiness Hypothesis by (Jonathan?) Haidt. Might be worth a gander; I enjoyed it, at any rate
  4. Yes! I concur completely. You know what would be awesome though? A magic wand that would clean the house. With the move-ins and move-outs over the past month, I feel like I am running a gypsy settlement.
  5. Thanks for asking Well, it is my first (and hopefully only) break. and fortunately, it's not too bad--just kind of splintered off to the inside of the knuckle closest to my fingernail. I got the x-ray last Tuesday and finally got to an orthopedic specialist yesterday. He gave me a new kind of splint (much less restrictive than what urgent aid had given me), and I have to go back in 2 weeks. Happily, because the break is minor and because of the type of splint, I can take it off to shower. Unfortunately, he told me no weights--not even resistance bands until he sees me again. So I guess it's C25K and yoga. As for progress this week, there has been none. I was cooking and recovering from the late service on Sunday, so that day was shot. Then yesterday I spent a lot of my after school time at the doctor. . .unless you count my being a jungle gym for the little one. I might try to do yoga yet today, but I am still dragging. The weather here is absolute garbage this week (defined as raining like the end of time, flash flood warnings), so outside stuff is not looking good until maybe the weekend. Honestly, more than anything, right now I just need sleep. So the week marches on, and it's ok.
  6. Are you me? This is a major problem of mine. It drives my husband slightly crazy. Awesome on the good parent time Also, the hope thing--love it! Sorry I am behind the curve here.
  7. When I used to teach AP Lit, I went on a rant about foo-foo books. . .like those written by Nicholas Sparks. One of my beloved smartasses not only bought me one of his books, but bought it in large print and inscribed it so I would have to keep it. (Brat!)
  8. Hi, All, It's been a while. The transition (my son and his family moving in) went generally well (a story in itself, but this post is not about that); I was graced with a sinus infection and broke my finger in the month since they moved in, but I am back in the saddle. . .more or less :) Ok, so goals for this challenge. . . Physical: 1. Work out (defined as at least half an hour of planned movement) at least 5 days of 7. The thought here is that if I shorten the workouts, they will be more accessible with more moving parts in my life right now. (With watching the grandson while my son works, trying to allot a hour or an hour and a half after work and sufficiently before bed to avoid trashing my sleep is unrealistic.) 1a. Of those 5 days, 3 will be resistance training of some kind. (Broken finger will at least temporarily necessitate machine or bands rather than barbells or dumbbells, but whatever.) 1b. The remaining 2 days (or 3 if I can amalgamate my excrement sufficiently) will be back to C25K. 1c. I am going to try to get yoga in once a week, but this is an aspiration more than a hard core goal. Spiritual: 1. Continue daily morning prayer. 2. Get my lazy behind to church weekly. (I have been blowing this off for several months. I hate the timing of our Liturgy; I wish it were earlier. But I need to suck it up and deal.) Food: 1. Get back to packing lunches ahead of time. I have been slacking here, and it complicates the morning. 2. On *weekend* C25K days, run early and fast until lunch. Since I am posting this late, I will also say that my workout schedule for this week has been off. They splinted my finger on Tuesday; the splinting caused me so much pain I went back yesterday. It is splinted another way now, and I am not in pain. I have gotten in C25K twice this week, and I should be able to do some kind of resistance tomorrow, BUT this is my Easter weekend, so I am giving myself some latitude here. (Liturgy tonight. Pascha starting at 11:30 tomorrow night, etc.) I got my lazy behind to Confession last weekend and to church on Sunday, so check there :) I did fast this morning and ran as well. (I took the day off.)
  9. @scalyfreak, I plan to use the @Harriet Apprentice of Awesome approach and keep throwing effort at cardio until it surrenders My suckage in the meantime is a PITA (sometimes literally), but it is also beside the point.
  10. I read another of her books last year and liked it. I strongly recommend Twyla Tharp's book for you (on creativity). I think you'll love it Hmm on the guild leap. . .I feel abandoned (seriously, best to you)
  11. Excellent. We need a change of pace after January
  12. Generally true, but we are on the opposite side of this equation. Hubby is on the board, and they recently voted to increase dues by $20/MO to have money set aside for upcoming big projects (to avoid special assessments which lower property value). It's the first increase in 8 years, and only now WITH the increase are our dues similar to other properties. But Holy Moly, the FB shit storm! (HOA has a FB page which is a horrbile idea. Turns out grown ass adults act like middle schoolers on social media.) But whatever. Elections are tomorrow, so a couple of people may lose their seats, but at least the nonsense should dial back. Also, @Harriet, re: 3 min of jogging, there is a *reason* I was picked last for teams in gym class! I suck something horrible at any and all cardio.
  13. Yes, sir! As much as I can identify overworrying about food, I am TOTALLY guilty of being a neurotic mess about what I am and am not supposed to be doing so that I don't undermine my own efforts.
  14. Right there with you. You're not alone. Isn't that exciting--lol?
  15. Agreed. Everything else is an experiment--which requires a certain level of rejection of trends--why shouldn't this be? Also, at the risk of stepping on toes (not my intention), I would argue that in the end, everything is an argument--from the anti-bread preachers to the vegan bandwagon. IMO, both contain a certain amount of nuanced truth, but they are both selling something and should be taken with a grain of salt. I honestly think that the neurosis that accompanies our eating choices is such a First World Problem. I mean yes, we do have to watch content/amount because we do have the privilege of not worrying about starving to death anytime soon, and certainly, there is responsibility/sustainability to consider (i.e., prodigality is never called for), but beyond that, omg. What would your great grandmother say? Mine would say that we worry about too much.
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