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  1. Accountability post for last week: 1) It's a good thing I document my daily water goal (if successful), because I would never remember from day to day otherwise. Got 6 out of 7 days of 3L water this week! Missed yesterday (Saturday). 2) Found a cache this week, bringing my total finds to 195. Got it so early on in the week (Monday) that I found myself not needing to worry about it all week. Except I kept thinking about it all week, like I still needed to get one. Had to leave the house on Monday but not the rest of the week and was glad to not have to go out. I don't
  2. Oooooooo Pandaren Monks are EXPERTS at rolls, punches, and kicks! lol Let me know if you create a workout or even just creatively name one
  3. Cool thanks for these great ideas! The rolls alone would probably make for a good workout, might have to take some Gravol before starting, lol Handstands (and heaven forbid, handstand pushups!) sound a bit freaky to me right now, maybe eventually I can get to that point? Although variations 5 and 6 in the article look like they might be fun to attempt!
  4. Haha I love it, thanks. So many things to consider...
  5. Accountability post for last week: 1) 3L water on 4 of 7 days. A bit better than the previous week I guess. We press forth! 2) Found a cache this week, bringing my total finds to 195. I did not think I was going to do it. Had plenty of opportunity all week and didn't go until Saturday. I was a bit desperate for groceries and decided to go to a different store than my usual. There was a cache along the way that screamed easy (I look online ahead of time and plan accordingly) so I forced myself, ha. It was cold all week and I wanted to use that as an excuse but it's a v
  6. For real life, I just want to be more like my Warcraft character... In game I am a rogue (in case anyone hadn't guessed). Rogues can move around easily and swiftly and quietly as they are light on their feet. They have good co-ordination, no clumsiness there. They are agile and strong with good stamina. Maybe I should take up parkour or something!
  7. Hi @WolfDreamer! Glad to hear there are more geocachers out there! I like the out of town caches, especially when it's in a state, province, or country that I haven't found one in yet! I like getting the souvenirs, they are like game achievements to me! I do have some resistance bands (the red skinny loop ones among a few others) and they are great for travel. I'm supposed to start traveling again next month for work. As long as there aren't further restrictions by then. A bit unnerving with covid raging but nice to go somewhere I guess! Taking a resistance band or two with me is a
  8. Accountability post for last week: 1) 3L water on 3 of 7 days, did not do well this time around. Did 3 days in a row Sun-Mon-Tues then nothing. Well not nothing, but not even close to my 3L on the other days. I'm scrambling to reach it for today. 2) Found a cache this week, bringing my total finds to 194. Had to fight for it too, it was underneath a piece of concrete barrier where there was a small hole, but ice buildup on the ground prevented me from getting it out. Luckily I just happened to have a small pickaxe in my truck, that's normal amiright?! I was able to ch
  9. Stopping at the gym before you were able to get home was probably a good plan, don't give yourself the chance to get lazy first, haha. I find I'm most productive in the morning and if I can do a workout before I start work, then I've won the day and don't have to stress about it. I find that the later it gets in the day, I'm less likely to do something. I get so lazy, even after WFH at a computer all day, I feel exhausted. Anyway! I agree with you too with just moving more each day, I think it really does help when sitting at a desk regularly. 8 hours working then another 6-8 hours gamin
  10. Awesome hopefully the kiddos get into it. While geocaching is a great solo activity, I will admit is is BETTER with friends and family! And a bit easier too when you have more than one set of eyes and perspective! How many pull ups were you able to do when you did them before? I'm still 'looking into it', ha
  11. Hell-o! Thank you for asking the question, the answer could be a 5-week challenge in itself. It now has me looking at Steve's article (again) on getting your first pullup: Get Your First Pull-up Or Chin-up! 30-Day Pull up Progression Plan This is much more than a 30 day progression plan for me but it's something I have found previously to strive toward. I have worked on this plan off and on for a long time and like idea of the workouts within, haven't looked at it recently though (until now) and to answer the question briefly, I NEED A PLAN. I've never gone past Level 1 on Steve'
  12. Accountability post for last week: 1) 3L water on 5 of 7 days, missed last Sunday and Wednesday but got 3 out of 4 cups (72oz) down on those days 2) Found a cache on Friday, bringing my total finds to 193 3) Did the Big Back workout (see above) 3x (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Felt a bit stiff/sore on Tuesday so that's good I presume, means I did a thing. 😃 Pressing onward to this week!
  13. I totally forgot about the forums until you mentioned it, lol! I've never posted there either. I'm following some geocaching facebook groups but that's about it. I'm a reader but don't post much!
  14. Cool! I have found that geocaching helps you decide where to hike sometimes, be it pathways in your city or town, or out in the wilderness. It's a great incentive!
  15. I have two workouts from Darebee that I like, the Big Back workout and the Assassin's workout. Did Big Back this morning, woo hoo! For that one I substitute the first exercise for incline pushups instead. I've been thinking about (procrastinating) taking another look at the Nerd Fitness workouts as well. When I did them previously, I was at Bodyweight Level 3 but it's been awhile so I will do the benchmark again, at some point!
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