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  1. Week one check-in! Mixed bag. 1: Movement Yep! Three times at the gym (this makes nine weeks in a row) plus a yoga class on my birthday. Also, I won entry to my gym's six-week MovNat seminar that starts next week, so it'll be easy to hit 3x a week - I might end up at 5x, even. 2: Nourishment I'm still making progress towards my weight goal (want to come down just a few more pounds), but I totally failed on the sugar/grain thing. I literally had something with either sugar or grain in it every day this week. Hello, wake-up call. 3: Meditation/Self-care Eeeeh. I've meditated 3/5 times this week. It's a start. I've done other things for self-care as well, at least. 4: Budget Yep! So far I haven't made any unplanned or impulse purchases. Off to see a few events at the CrossFit West Regionals, and seeing Wonder Woman tomorrow! Hope everyone has an excellent weekend!
  2. HI I'M STILL ALIVE I PROMISE. Fairly good start so far. Haven't missed any workouts (bonus birthday yoga class today!). Meditated twice so far this week (WHO AM I WHAT'S HAPPENING). Haven't made any nonessential purchases. Woo! The only one I'm struggling with is the nutrition one - decided I was going to try to limit sugar/grain to 3x per week. I'm already at 3. It's Wednesday. And today is my birthday. Oops! So far the culprits are sourdough bread for a sandwich on Sunday (sourdough is LIFE), a flour tortilla when I tried to make a lettuce wrap taco and it fell apart and I gave up on Monday, and a decaf latte yesterday (I think Starbucks puts in 3 pumps for a tall latte; I asked them to only put in one, but still, I feel like that counts against my goals). As my hero Jen Sinkler (Camp NF headmaster and all-around badass coach) says, "Oh well, girl." Things are going pretty great otherwise! Went to Paizo Con in Seattle and met the world's most benevolent GM, Troy Lavallee of the Glass Cannon Podcast - IT WAS AMAZING. Going to watch some of the NW CrossFit Regionals on Saturday and going to see Wonder Woman on Sunday!
  3. I know literally nothing about forums yet. WHERE AM I WHO IS THIS Thanks Spezzy for answering
  5. Poor T-Rex! They should get their own yoga. Good luck on your quests!
  6. Sounds like great goals, and good for you for getting them established with a new baby to care for! Also, if that's your dog in your profile picture, OH MY GOD <3
  7. Love the start - can't wait to hear your goals!
  8. I'm so sorry it's been a stressful week! I love all of your FLIPPING goals though You got this!
  9. Virago

    Fiddle Flutes

    Ooh, I love Simple & Sinister! Have fun! I want to hear more about this folk music festival - sounds awesome! And I totally hear you - I was always too anxious to practice any instrument if I knew someone could hear me. Glad flute is working well for you so far!
  10. Hi! LOVE your Ranger companion! And the "choose your own adventure" goal is excellent - I may have to borrow that in the future
  11. Welcome to the Rangers! I'm diving back in after a few-year hiatus on the forums, so I'm figuring everything out again too I love LaCroix and kombucha instead of soda - might be another option if you get sick of tea or really miss that carbonation! (I mean, kombucha is essentially fizzy fermented tea, so.) I didn't like mineral/sparkling waters at first, but the longer I went without soda, the more my taste buds adjusted, and now I love Lacroix and drink way too much of it, probably Good luck!
  12. Hello! I love the "caring for equipment" quest - I often find that when I'm eating well and exercising, I'm also more likely to stay on top of dishes/housework. And when I don't stay on top of the house stuff, I feel sluggish and apathetic in other areas too. You got this!
  13. Mandarin and D&D?? We have so much in common! Sorry to hear work is stressful, but I like your organized plan of attack!
  14. Good luck!! Interested to hear how it goes
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