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  1. Hello fellow nerds. I'm a software developer and am pretty much completely new to intentional fitness. I've hiked for years, and am pretty active in the warmer months, but this trying to be fit stuff is entirely new to me. Beyond that I've got an intro in the Intro's section and my character's backstory, linked in my signature. As detailed in my Intro, I'm here to change my life. I spent about a month and a half figuring stuff out on my own before I finally decided to join a community. Nerd Fitness was a perfect fit in every way, as there is a clear scientific approach, a complete lack of ads for supplements(this means a lot to me, actually), no-nonsense articles, quality training materials, and of course, plenty of nerd culture. Since I'm already kind of on my way in the weight loss and strength training, my Main Quest for this challenge will be down the Assassin's path. Main Quest Perform a well-formed, controlled, unaided, and complete, handstand push-up. Optional Objective: Do a set of three. SMART Goals 1. Work toward holding an unaided handstand for 30 seconds. 2. Strengthen core to help maintain balance. 3. Strengthen upper-body to allow for more push-ups. We'll see if this is too much of a challenge...I'm a newb so I really can't say what I'm capable of, but I went from not being able to stand on my hands at all three weeks ago, even with a wall, to kicking into an unaided handstand and holding it confidently and controlled for five seconds last night. I believe I'll nail SMART Goals 1 and 2 within the first two weeks. I believe four weeks should be enough time to make the push-up. I hope I didn't miss anything here. Let me know if so. May the force be with you all in your own Challenges.