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  1. As I understand the science, feeling hunger is primarily a hormonal response. Ghrelin is produced, and gives you that empty stomach feeling. I think theres a few other hormones that compel us to eat as well, but that's the one that gives hunger pains. So feeling hungry isn't necessarily important. Consider how many people feel hungry, but dont actually need the food. Ghrelin production isn't an indicator you need food, it's more a reminder to eat, whether you need to or not. Also, fasting is shown to reduce Ghrelin production. I very rarely FEEL hungry. I LOVE the feeling of
  2. I am, and will be looking at a more serious routine for flexibility very soon. Currently I'm doing long, deep static stretches after workouts, and am specifically training toward a full straddle. I'm abut 60% down. Long, long way to go, but progress is pretty swift so I'm hopeful to be there in 6 months or so. Thanks Mad Hatter! Im terrible at engaging with others on their own threads and stuff but I'll make it a point to check out what you've got going on, as well as the other commentors. I just don't have much of value to add, so I often stay silent.
  3. That's the best part of handstands to me, they're just fun to master, it doesn't even feel like training. And I REALLY want to do some of the cool banana handstands I've seen too, in time. Straight seems easiest to me. But to your point about not translating well. I do get that they're not really related, but would you say they're opposing goals at all? Like power lifting and marathon running are kind of opposed to each other? I'm asking from ignorance. I haven't even looked into flagpole beyond seeing it's cool and putting it on my list next to plaunche, levers
  4. A-ha! See, helpful tip. Now I need to go learn about circus stuff. I still want a core that will eventually allow for human flags and such, but didn't realize there were handstands beyond banana and "proper". Good tip!
  5. Thanks for the replies all. I ask about form because I'd like to pass this challenge as legitimately as possible. No sv_cheats. A full, freestanding, good form, handstand pushup. Anything less needs to be a fail. I'm looking toward advanced hand-balancing, and overall gymnastic ability. I'll be starting rings, sometime, but definitely starting next spring at the latest. I haven't a good place for them ATM, as I'll need to be outside go hang them. I'm considering training in the cold but we'll see. As for tips, I don't know, I guess just any little weird th
  6. Awesome! Have any advice I should keep in mind? I managed to touch my nose to the ground, and get back up. Does that count as a full rep? I've seen other's say you need to have hands elevated to allow the head to dip below them, and then another site says a proper rep requires your body to tilt a bit, essentially for the same reason. I'm not certain I actually got a full rep only getting my nose to the ground.
  7. Progress report: Did you know doing handstands on carpet is 10x harder than doing them on nice hard ground? I went to a calisthenics park yesterday. After a warmup of pushups and pullups, planks and hollow body holds, I practiced handstands for 30 minutes. I did them on concrete, and suddenly was able to just pop up and hold a freestanding for 20 seconds. The direct contact with hard ground made balancing a breeze. It was a really cool feeling, holding it as effortlessly as I was. Still some effort yeah, but it seemed like effortless effort, if that makes sense. Balancing be
  8. Anyone know of local calisthenics gyms? Particularly outdoor. I see Adventure Park has one, but I'm looking for more options if there are any. Thanks!
  9. When you have shark repellent bat spray, you don't need muscles. Get yourself a body suit then! You'll be dressed as and have the same build as your favorite superhero in that double pane glass. Maybe even a 9-pack. Progress report: I've upped my handstand practice to 30 minutes a day and then random handstands throughout the day. Just kicked into a freestanding at work, held for 7 seconds. Lol, I feel like when I start doing well I get excited and lose concentration. Plus my necktie was dangling in my face. Excuses, excuses. They're like the di
  10. Okay, this may seem silly, or not. You decide, just my opinion anyway. So, I'm getting all fit and stuff and i noticed during workouts, especially HIIT and handstand training, that I hate loose fitting clothes. They throw off my concentration or balance or something. Working out mostly nude, makes me think of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs (horrifying), and Kevin Spacey's character in American Beauty(just, just sad.) Just how I feel now, maybe when I'm shredded I'll feel differently, lol. Not knocking anyone for training nude. Go you! So I go
  11. Eating paleo won't keep you lean if you're eating a ton more calories than you're burning; you're still going to put on fat. You'll be healthier than choking down fast food, but as far as fat goes, a calorie is a calorie. The mention of MBR is good, and the right place to start. Next, you need to determine your TDEE. Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This is MBR + Calories needed to fuel your exercise. Calculator's exist for this as well. It's not perfect since it is range based (no exercise, low, moderate, etc.) but it's a decent place to start. To simplify it,
  12. Lol, I've done some presses on there but I think having my kids pile on my back for incline pushups was the real key. That's what I told them at least.
  13. This week begins a new food regimen, and my first time prepping lunch and dinner for a full work week. I'm a simple guy, so all my meals are identical. Lunch and Dinner: 1.25 oz. Spinach 2 oz. Mozzarella 2 oz. Cherry tomatoes 1/2 Haas Avocado Balsamic and olive oil dressing 10 oz. Top Round steak On workout days I have a sweet potato too. The microwave ones taste fine to me and cook quick so I don't prep those. I can definitely be happy eating this every day. I think. It's only a week so we'll see. It took a
  14. Thanks friends, I appreciate the kind comments and encouragement. At this point, my unaided handstands are getting better, balance is coming along. I did another pushup yesterday for my kids to see. Still limited to the one, which is fine if I can do it freestanding. I'm sorry to hear about your spinal injury...I wonder if there's any kind of combination of VR, resistance movement, and having your body suspended upside down, that could maybe trick your mind a bit into thinking you're actually performing one. Just now Googled it...Example, not quite what I
  15. On a whim, I attempted a handstand pushup (with a wall behind me) and, I did one! Cool. A couple weeks ago I couldn't even get halfway down before my arms failed, much less go back up.
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