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  1. Thank you. I'm feeling way better now, had my day or two of feeling sorry for myself and now got much better perspective. The whole thing was a significant step out of my comfort zone but I can acknowledge that even talking to him was an achievement as I'm usually a total wallflower, so go me I guess! I'm not sure. I've spoken to a couple of friends and one theory is that he was just having a bad day, and another was that I'm letting my general shyness warp my perception (ie that he was just finishing up in a bit of a hurry and meant it in more of an offhand, "I'm just
  2. Hi guys, Thank you all so much for your support. I felt I owed you all an update. 2 weeks ago I had an amazing day - we spoke at length on 2 occasions in the same visit, once when I just arrived (I found out his name, and we talked about our respective pets and some of our interests - he said he'd seen me photographing the surrounding wildlife near the gym, omg he noticed me!) and again when I was waiting to use a machine he was on. He actually stopped what he was doing to take me aside and show me some flexibility exercises for my bad shoulder, and then apologised for
  3. Sure thing! The nearest thing I do to a convention these days is the Xena-themed retreat in California. This has been disrupted by covid already, and 2 of the recent fires have also come very close to the camp where the retreat is held, so who knows what the future holds? Hopefully there will be a chance to go back. Somewhere there is video footage of me dressed as Gabrielle and doing a board break, complete with battle cry! If I ever get around to any further projects, I'll be sure to post photos!
  4. That's very cool!!! My convention days are long behind me but I occasionally still cosplay and do a photo shoot for the lols. I had contemplated attempting a selection of "femme-Cap" costumes - ww2 Cap with the brown leather jacket, a feminised variant of his USO costume (sort of a blend of Cap's "tights" look and the dancing girls') and maybe his gym gear in Avengers and recreate the boxing scene, if I could find an appropriate location. And, yknow, get buff enough! You probably can't see too well, but my shirt in my profile picture reads "Steve Rogers Running Team" and has half t
  5. Thanks guys! I'm really enjoying it - it's a totally different experience. I got up to pressing twice my body weight on the leg press machine for 1 rep (I did a pyramid workout last year to see what I could do) but it's a whole different exercise when you're not sat in a chair isolating the leg muscles. I've found it's really hit my core in a way that resistance machines + ab workouts never did - my planks have gotten easier, and my waist seems more defined (I am in calorie deficit atm, but I've never really felt 'lean' before). I'm finding all those little variations that can make a differenc
  6. It all proved rather academic because I didn't see him all weekend! 🙁 So I have another week of practicing in front of the mirror and tackling my insecurities. But thank you! I'll let you know if anything vaguely positive comes out of all this. I am sure he will be very kind either way, and it will probably be a good exercise in confidence for me! PS: I love your shirt @N0rdicNinja - I'm a Marvel nerd and that made me smile!
  7. This is reassuring. I'll try and channel my courage next time I see him, if anything just to stop the exhausting cycle of anticipation, nerves, and self doubt! I do love that Tim Minchin song, as much as it doesn't really apply to me. It would seem my attraction to people is vanishingly rare, so rather than focus on the idea of someone else, I prefer to reassure myself that I have wonderful close friendships and have managed to build a life where I feel truly happy in my circumstances. Any additional romance is sheer bonus, not something I have to stake my happiness on. But, hey,
  8. Haha! I'll try not to! (I literally had someone do this to me once. The marriage thing, not the curtains!)
  9. I think my fear is more that I'm being inappropriate or presumptuous. Not insignificant fear over rejection aside, I'd hate to make him feel uncomfortable or preyed upon. I think in the midst of all my second guessing, I worry that I've missed some overt "back off, lady!" signals or something! You're right in that I think I need to do something rather than just make small talk and feel anxious, but boy is this terrifying! 😅
  10. So I have no idea if this is a suitable topic for here, but this is kind of the only online presence I have and I was hoping for some input from fellow gym people. There's a guy at the gym who I've had a crush on for like a year and a half. I have been very happy single and haven't been attracted to anyone in about 7 years, so I'm very rusty in this regard. At first I tried to ignore it (because hey, I figured I knew nothing about him, and just thought I was being shallow and stupid) but then he spoke to me, and it turns out he's actually... REALLY nice and sweet. I'm now really th
  11. I've had an exciting month! So during lockdown, I kinda had to switch from leg press machines to squats. I had some dumbells that I'd been using at home for this, and now our covid situation has largely improved (current local blip notwithstanding) and our gyms have reopened. I switched to using the bags, but having found the 15kg now to be too light, I had to go up. Only I couldn't shift the 20kg one onto my shoulders. I had no choice - I had to learn how to use the barbell. So, under instruction, I set foot in a squat cage for the first time and did my squats with a 2
  12. Thank you, this is super reassuring. I might try this for a while and see how it sits with me. It's actually reassuring to know that perhaps some of my goals are a little on the steep side. Helps me to not take it too personally if things don't go the way I imagine. Clothes are definitely fitting differently now: shirts tighter across the shoulders, but then my waist has gotten smaller so I'm wearing a size down in skirts and loose trousers. (The upshot is I wear 3 different sizes depending on clothing item, cut, and material.) This has all felt pretty positive. But I do always com
  13. Absolutely. I used to have far worse body image issues, and over time I have learned not to obsess or agonise over features I don't like. I've also realised that even if I 'fix' one problem, I will easily find another to take its place. (I lost weight, I decided I lacked muscle. I've gotten more muscular, I worry I look too bulky because I still have a layer of fat over it.) Body comfort only comes when I step back and stop finding fault. For a change in perspective, I've started trying to see any further aesthetic change as 'the cherry on top of the sundae'. I exercise because the endorphins
  14. This makes perfect sense. I thought it had to be something like that because the change seemed far too rapid to have anything to do with actual weight gain or loss. I'm a little worried that perhaps all I've been doing the whole time is gaining and losing water, but I guess all I can do is try my damnedest to stick to it and see what happens. Oh yes, I've done the 'day before a race' carb fest! I used to do a lot more distance running than I do now. Never a marathon, but I did several half marathons and I would do 3-4 mid distance runs a week. I approached nutrition very
  15. I'm with you on the quarantine baking! I live with an amateur baker and 90% of my problem has been the constant stream of cakes and freshly baked bread. On the plus side, though, they ARE all home made so we know exactly what goes into them. And we don't really go in for frosting, so it could be worse...
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