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  1. Oh yes I watched the documentary "Free Solo" about his project to climb the dawn wall of El Capitan without ropes. What an astonishing guy! (This thread went on a weird tangent, and this is so completely cool.) Also, having seen some hardcore knitters in my time, I'm sure "knitting to failure" looks like running out of yarn. Quickly hopping on here to add that I'm not super great at lifting to failure as I have a perfectionist streak a mile wide and don't like failing! 😆 Like, if the plan says to do 10 reps then I'm gonna DO 'EM damnit! So I probably lift a little under what I coul
  2. I am very over critical of myself. My perceptions are extremely varied and warped and can swing from one extreme to another in the space of a day. The trouble is I can sort of pose in front a mirror and feel good about myself but I hate candid pictures, so as soon as someone snaps one of those my brain just goes "that's what you actually look like when you're going about in the world!" and I hate it. Yes I do follow a few fitness Instagram people of varying shapes and sizes - stephanie_buttermore; thedailykelsey; aiden_m365; feefiefofeather; - and I can see the beauty in everyone. I guess it's
  3. Hi folks, I had a bit of a panic yesterday and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I've been working out pretty consistently (save for a few periods of "meh") in one form or another for around 8 years. I started with running, and then added weight training into the mix after I plateaued with the running. When I first started out, I lost around 25lbs pretty effortlessly. Since then I have gotten "stuck" at the 150lb-155lb mark. My weight seems to have been pretty steady for the past few years, and yet I seem to have 'bulked up' quite a bit, especially on the upper body, so I thi
  4. Hi all - thanks once again for the replies! Going to try and hit a few different things in once post so bear with.... Good points all round. I can go to my GP and see if I can get a referral, although I gather it is quite tricky as they are inundated right now so I might be on a waiting list. I can probably cite "past issues with disordered eating, possibly escalating" and see if that helps. Thank you for sharing your experiences. My own don't overlap entirely but there were certainly similarities. I'm just starting to uncover the damage done during my childhood via
  5. Thank you all for taking time to reply! I had a busy day yesterday and I saw the replies coming in - I wanted to sit down in the morning to respond and then when I woke up there were even more, so thank you! 🥰 Ooh, can I ask which book that is? I found a few but would be interested in reading that one chapter to see if I can utilise any tips. I have gone through phases of logging food, but it is tricky as counting calories makes me want to restrict so my tracking apps and I have a delicate relationship! Generally I seem to be clocking in between 1400 and 1800 kcal when I
  6. I was wondering if anyone could offer some perspective on some things. CW: disordered eating I have real difficulty around food, possibly to the point of disordered or pathological. After years of struggling, I have come to realise I have complete mental blocks around meals, in terms of appetite and planning. There is a possibility I have autism, as I have sensory issues with food (I find some tastes and textures really quite repulsive, and I'm very inflexible with meals) and a lack of awareness of hunger, but while I've been advised to pursue a diagnosis, it's hard to
  7. You mentioned these in your original post, but I'm a big fan of one legged deadlifts. I do these with a single dumbell on the side of the rising leg to add a little extra weight. I too am working out at home with nothing but some lightweight dumbells and a few other bits, so I've found that for large muscle groups like legs, it's helpful to do one leg at a time to really work the muscles. It's been good for balance, too. Here's Staci of NF demonstrating the bodyweight version:
  8. I used to hate deadlifts! When I first started, my hands were too weak to hold onto the bar for the duration of my sets. I'd lift so little I could hardly feel it in my legs, but I'd be straining to hold onto the bar and just hoping my hands didn't give out. I don't mind them so much now I've trained my grip, but it's still not a motion that comes naturally to me. I spent a week doing deadlifts with practically straight legs and nearly did my back in before I googled the correct form - I felt like such a wally! If you want to master them but worry about form, it might be helpful to
  9. Thank you, this is super reassuring. I might try this for a while and see how it sits with me. It's actually reassuring to know that perhaps some of my goals are a little on the steep side. Helps me to not take it too personally if things don't go the way I imagine. Clothes are definitely fitting differently now: shirts tighter across the shoulders, but then my waist has gotten smaller so I'm wearing a size down in skirts and loose trousers. (The upshot is I wear 3 different sizes depending on clothing item, cut, and material.) This has all felt pretty positive. But I do always com
  10. Absolutely. I used to have far worse body image issues, and over time I have learned not to obsess or agonise over features I don't like. I've also realised that even if I 'fix' one problem, I will easily find another to take its place. (I lost weight, I decided I lacked muscle. I've gotten more muscular, I worry I look too bulky because I still have a layer of fat over it.) Body comfort only comes when I step back and stop finding fault. For a change in perspective, I've started trying to see any further aesthetic change as 'the cherry on top of the sundae'. I exercise because the endorphins
  11. This makes perfect sense. I thought it had to be something like that because the change seemed far too rapid to have anything to do with actual weight gain or loss. I'm a little worried that perhaps all I've been doing the whole time is gaining and losing water, but I guess all I can do is try my damnedest to stick to it and see what happens. Oh yes, I've done the 'day before a race' carb fest! I used to do a lot more distance running than I do now. Never a marathon, but I did several half marathons and I would do 3-4 mid distance runs a week. I approached nutrition very
  12. I'm with you on the quarantine baking! I live with an amateur baker and 90% of my problem has been the constant stream of cakes and freshly baked bread. On the plus side, though, they ARE all home made so we know exactly what goes into them. And we don't really go in for frosting, so it could be worse...
  13. Thank you for the reply! I've absolutely noticed the difference to workouts. I can't do fasted workouts at all (I just feel like I want to fall down) but I will normally have a protein shake and coffee to start the day. On the odd occasion when I've had a carb-heavy, grain-based breakfast (usually porridge or Weetabix), I've noticed I can lift a lot heavier. That was a revelation to me, and made me realise just how many variables can go into my progress. I stopped beating myself up for going "backwards" on my max lifts after that. Generally I favour the low carb diet as
  14. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I have typically been eating a low-to-moderate carb diet for the past 18 months or so. Not full keto, but borrowing aspects of keto/paleo to suit my tastes. Generally this has worked out well, but I'm not great at the whole consistency thing though, so sometimes I end up lapsing for short periods of time. I've noticed that when my eating habits slide, I look noticeably bigger/less defined. I don't have a set of scales at home, but the change in my appearance is pretty drastic. On one hand, I know that eating bread/cake
  15. Thank you for the reply! That's reassuring. My best option so far in terms of value and clear instruction is this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PRO-Suspension-trainer-straps-Home-Gym-Fitness-Resistance-bands-for-TRX-training/362961309758?hash=item54822e103e:m:mtKjjFnQ997rpZvlEjtNozg I think my main concern was because many of these variants are so cheap in comparison to the branded ones, they might be unsafe in some way. I can never tell if the huge price difference is due to the big brands being hugely overpriced or an unbranded variant being poorly made and not quality
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