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  1. j1221

    Need an Accountabilibuddy!

    It is always a slump. I take rest days. I try to work out 4 days a week so I can recover. It is very hard for me to get to the gym before work. I just love to sleep. Even when I go to bed two hours early, I just sleep two extra hours. Money problems also make me binge sweets! I like to keep tasty fiber bars on hand because they are sort of a treat but they are very filling! I just jumped into weights, I watched some youtube videos and talked to a guy at my gym but thats mostly it. I have to use the smallest weights and empty bars and the lowest setting on the machines but I really enjoy it and am seeing a change in my muscles! Another problem I have is getting off work at 5, getting home, changing, talking to my fur babies, and getting back to the gym for a 530 class that I love. I came into work 10 minutes early today so I could leave 10 minutes early. Hopefully that helps. I have never tried Paleo because I try to be vegan but I have heard good things about it! Have the best day!
  2. j1221

    Need an Accountabilibuddy!

    I just started this week! I am years in but also brand new. I go to the gym for a couple months then take a month off then rinse repeat. Right now I am trying to build muscle and increase my stamina. Just having someone to talk to that understands the struggle would be amazing!
  3. j1221

    Need an Accountabilibuddy!

    Hey! Accountabilibuddy. I love that term. If you're still looking I need some accountability too.
  4. j1221

    Finally giving this a go

    Hello! I am Josie, 26. I would also love to go down a cup size or two! My back kills me. I am really identifying with your gi issues. I have been trying elimination diets and learning about what my body hates. My seasonal depression is also rearing it's ugly head. I also try to be vegetarian. (One box of oreo's isn't a healthy dinner?!) If you would like to chat about any of these things, I would love to be the girl you talk to (complain about them to)
  5. j1221

    Life Changes

    I am 26, just moved back to my (small) hometown and I have anxiety so getting to the gym has been a bit of a struggle. I have driven all of my family and friends (and coworkers) crazy by talking about my workouts and muscle pain and I just want someone to talk to that has the same struggles and complaints. I have been looking into eating better and fitness on and off for almost 10 years and have made quite a few changes but there is still room for improvement. Goals I want to get up early enough to walk my dog every day before work. We walk Saturday and Sunday and every Monday and Tuesday she brings me her leash and is heart broken when I rush out the door. There is a class at my gym M W F and I LOVE it but I only go once or twice a month. I would like to go twice a week. I try to eat between vegetarian and vegan. I am off fish (except sushi once a year) and pork. I live in a farm community so things like tofu and sietan aren't always available but there are some amazing delivery services now. But I want to work on meal prep and less snacking. I'm working on my mental health and trying to get into better routines. I am trying to be more flexible. I want to squat 100lbs. (I'm only using the bar now) I want to do 5 pull ups. I'm working my way up on the assisted pull up. I want to do 15 pushups. I want to jog a whold 5K without walking. Got some solid goals that will be easy to reach and replace as I continue. But I'm mostly here to have someone to talk to. "People throwing weights around gives me such anxiety that sometimes (like last night) I have to leave the gym."