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  1. Hahaha nice. UPDATE: Goal 1: I've mostly finished the Metrics sheet and am tweeking it a little before printing/laminating and I'll post it on here. Goal 2: I've currently hiked 45 miles and have only summited 1 mountain so I'm close to 3rd tier goal achievement but I'm planning on headed up to Mt. Timp. with my backpack to at least hit Tier 2 Goal 3: Ok, this is a bittersweet one. I've been underbudget by 10-15% since the start but went on a vacation and ended up spending 50% over what I was planning on spending out there so I'm not sure how to grade this. I'm probably just going to call it a miss, though I'll figure out a 2ndary award to keep working toward. Goal 4: Things ahve been freakin awesome on this front. Hung out with an older gentleman named Ben who's really nice and is a spanish teacher. Also met up with my Aunt and uncle that I hadn't seen in 20 years while hiking through the Appalachians from Vermont to Massachusets. Bonus Goal: No progress so far on the bulgarian bag though we're gonna look into making one this next week.
  2. It get's better when you see the Metrics sheet. I'll have it posted here soon.
  3. Thanks you've got some good ones yourself. I forgot to make three of them fitness goals haha so I'm sitting on mostly "life goals" type of stuff. For sure, I love hearing all the crazy life stories that people have because I can definitely relate and in general just enjoy hearing them. Also, Thanks for saying hi and helping me expand my social circle haha.
  4. I've been away for a while and am excited to say that I'm back on NF! (Also, after having done X-fit pretty steady for the last year I'm now a Ranger) Here's the goals I've decided on: Goal #1: Develop a "Personal Metrics" document that I can print/laminate and fill out each week. Ex: Sleep: Water Intake: Food Intake: Daily Fitness: Etc. Summary: I've noticed at work that we keep very close track of how everything is doing. We monitor weekly values and use statistics to make sure we're always improving. I thought "Hey, if it works for a big company like this then it should work for me." Reward: +2 WIS Goal #2: Hike 50 - 80 miles and summit 1-3 mountains W/30-50lb. Backpack I've got a trip to the Appalachians coming up and that should help me get most of the miles but I don't want it to stop there, I'd like to spend most of my summer outdoors and reaching the summits of local mountains. Reward: 50 mi. & 1Mtn. = + 1 STA + 1 STR 65 mi. & 2Mtn. = + 2 STA + 1 STR 80 mi. & 3Mtn. = + 2 STA + 2 STR Goal #3: Use the Cash budget system to reduce excess spending to no more than 5-10% over monthly budgets. Bonus: Stay under monthly budget. "What gets measured gets managed." - Some Business Guru I haven't been measuring my money very well so it's been terribly managed and I keep spending way too much as I try to save for a house. I know a good way to stop spending is USE CASH. It hurts to spend it when you're not just swiping a card but pulling out a big bill and only getting change back. Reward: +1 WIS +1 CHA Bonus: +1 WIS Goal #4: Build community by visiting old folks or neighbors at least 1-2 times a week. Bonus points for finding out what they like and bringing it the next week. Instead of doing a "Reduce time spent playing video games or on the computer." I'm going to try and implement things that will just take that time up. What better way to do that then hangin' out with some awesome old folks or getting to know others in your community. Thought adding in this article would be cool: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/05/23/on-being-neighborly/ Reward: +1 CHA +1 CON Bonus: +1 CHA for each gift given. I'll keep you guys updated as things progress. BONUS GOAL: Make and use a Bulgarian Bag with SDVOLK Reward: +1 STR +1 STA
  5. Yeah, super jealous of your computer hacking skills . That sounds like some good stuff. I'm excited to see how this comes along. Also, thoughts on Dr. Horrible sing-a-long blog?
  6. Soo... Embarrassing moment here... I may not have completely read the rules before posting my 4 Goals in the 6 week challenge thread. All I need to do is change the name of the post. Anyone know how I can do that?
  7. Welcome fellow LoL'er! (Fiddlesticks here) Glad you could join us. I'm impressed by the goals and appreciate the honesty. I'm a fan Encouraging words from another who's had his own struggles with the stress/anxiety ogres: "You're only ever beat when you stay down." Keep up the good work
  8. Quick update: Goal #1: Thankfully I've been faithful to this one and have been going about 2x's per week. Goal #2: I barely made this goal last week and need to step it up this last week as I chug through the last few days. Goal #3: I've only recorded 2 of 10 workouts/times and finally got myself a workout journal to begin recording, so I'm probably going to get a miss on this goal Life Goal: I'm currently sitting on my $1,500 dollars! WOOT! though my next long term life goal is to get $7-8k in savings as an emergency fund. and I may have some bills that are unaccounted for in the next few weeks . All in all I've really enjoyed the challenge and appreciate the encouragement throughout.
  9. Much appreciated. It's not quite as hard as you think, and I sleep really... really... good afterward ;D.
  10. Thanks for the help and my apologies on the late reply. 1st week went well with a punishingly awesome crossfit session midway through, and a 5 rep max front squat of 165lbs (bodyweight's not too bad right?) Paleo was a little more rough. I'm noticing that my meals are paleo but my snacks, apart from cashews and almonds, are almost never paleo. So I tweaked my snacking and am looking online for tips to help. In the end though I finished out at 54% paleo overall. Lastly I saved 500$ so for that being the first week it was good. 2nd week was a little harder and had to do Crossfit after a 12 hour work shift because I was lazy and didn't just get on it when I had the spare time (changing that next week). Paleo has been good so far apart from a wheel of brie and a fair ammount of beer, but the meals have been good and I've been adding in avocado's and other fruits/veggies to the snacking, so that's been better as well. So far so good, and as for the money... none saved this week Finally: Mad props for asking me to report! It's very appreciated and makes me proud to be a scout. we've got an awesome community going on and I'm happy to be a part of it.
  11. Aww yeah! I'm totally putting in the "ask a girl out" goal next challenge haha. Also, good call on the debt feeding.
  12. Hehe I totally weight 165 and more if I eat an entire watermelon in a sitting. I'm excited to be in the scouts and appreciate the kudo's.
  13. Sage Cicada here, Lvl 3 Marshwiggle Scout 165lbs 6'2" STR 1 DEX 2 STA 2 CON 2 WIS 1 CHA 2 1st Goal: Go to Cross fit at least once a week if not twice for the next 6 weeks +2 STR, +1DEX 2nd Goal: Eat Paleo for: %50 of my meals for the first 3 weeks. %65 of my meals for the next 2 weeks. %80 of my meals for the last 1 week. +1CON, +1STA 3rd Goal: Record and post my workout PR's from Cross fit by the end of 6 weeks to create a starting ground for improvement. +1WIS LIFE GOAL: Save $1,500 by the end of 6 Weeks +1 WIS +1CHA Ok, Thats it for now. I just need to make sure I print this off and hold true.
  14. Ran 3.2 miles with 6 fartlek intervals after I got off work yesterday
  15. Oh, also, almost forgot: Hello Ktread and Drowningmedusa!
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