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  1. Gotcha. Thanks for reaching out and poking me. Having friends that check on ya, is a good thing. thanks dood.
  2. Thanks dood! Its nice to have people thinking about me. I don't plan one for this time around, life is beyond crazy. I am still working my checklist plan, but boiled it down even further. Just hitting my steps, calories, and wizercises. At least that will keep me from slipping to far, and when I get the hang of being a manager, dad, husband, homeowner, etc. lol I will get back on the weights.
  3. Check in. Still going strong, having my wife on board is making it much easier to check all the box's all the time.
  4. I made it out alive There is a setting where you randomly get chased and need to sprint. That is pretty much the only time I actually feel like the running is fun. I used to do sprints once a week with my wife, I do like that kind of running. Again running in 90 degree heat, yuck. My check are going strong. Having the wife back me up is great, we sit down at the end of the night and ensure we got our items ticked off.
  5. Don't know about that.... But I did get it done. now time to change my avatar back, before I forget again.
  6. Going strong! Getting them all in. I plan to get my punishment run today, Zombie run app here I come. Hope everyone is doing well.
  7. Yes, she is doing it. Slightly modified, but similar in nature. Maybe the Barbie jeep grew on me..... Or I forgot to change it Eg hit me with a good one! Made the wife happy too, which is a bonus. Run!!! yuck, but ok. Good news is its in the low 80's today and should be all week. Much better weather for running. Thanks everyone
  8. Well the weekend went okish. Some one hit me with another punishment. I skipped a workout, so tiiired! Baby was fussy all night over the weekend. Still working on your punishment EG I will see it through!
  9. Check marks still going well. Wife is on board now with me also, which helps. Makes it more fun having a partner. Baby is doing great, second check up at the doc yesterday. Clean bill of Health. She is 2 weeks old, crazy. I still have one pending punishment outstanding, if anyone want to pick something. BTW like my pink jeep avatar?
  10. Thanks for pitching in with punishments! I know its a bit odd, but it does help the cause. And yeah by 15! I would be a beast. I do however have sore shoulders from holding her, muscles I don't usually use i guess. Since then my checks have been spot on, and I am back at work today. So life is really starting to become more "normal"
  11. Ok, I'm ready I missed two checks, means I need 2 punishments. I failed to eat under 2k calories, and the junk food made me feel like crap so I skipped a work out.
  12. Still going strong! getting my check-marks, enjoying my time off with my family. Tomorrow my wife is going to start doing some lite exercise so that will be great to have my partner back. I don't want to be that guy that shoves my kids pics in everyone's face, but this picture rocks pretty hard.
  13. Thanks! I am loving my time with her! I am glad your willing to stick my feet to the fire when needed. Nothing to report yet, checks are flowing in full force. Thanks man. Its been a exhausting 2 weeks so far. Anticipation of whats to come. Nervousness at the hospital, that something would go wrong. Excitement when she came into the world. Love when I first saw/held her stress from lack of sleep/and inability to help stop her crying. (breast feeding stuffs) Happiness from her little noises, or when she grabs my finger. It has been tiring, not necessarily bad, but still exhausting. It was good to be home, in our bed, doing our things. Were eating our food, no more hospital food. doing our things, i'm getting chores done while off from work. Slowly getting back to normal.... except with a baby lol
  14. The last few days have been hectic.... But the good news is I hit my steps everyday. I ate right, (hospital food yuck) Pretty sure I could count many of the things I did as a chore. Brought my vitamins with me and took them. so all in all I did pretty well. Plan to get the strict check list plan rolling again in the morning. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone
  15. Dood I love it! Thanks man. it was super stressful at times and my band was counting my pacing... it really added up. But great result in the end.
  16. Time to check in, were home from the hospital and things are starting to settle in. Did em, in the hospital. We had plenty of downtime to stare at each other. In fact I did 100 Also did thoose, and got them in the sheet for the mini. 100 of those also. Not sure how the mini turned out, I got busy lol. We are! thanks for asking. Pretty baby girl 6lb 3 oz. clean bill of health, and mom is doing great! all healthy! were trying to get out footing. sleep is hard at the moment etc. But it is coming along well. First doctor visit after leaving the hospital and all good! Pics incoming shortly. Because proud dad!
  17. First punishment due! I ate over 2k calories yesterday. Bring it. Also we go to the hospital tomorrow to light the fuse on this baby bomb. So I may be out of touch for a few days, but I still plan to be throwing check marks all over the place.
  18. Dood, that is one hell of a baby station! That rocks! I have a remote control jeep, that Is my dogs favorite toy. She is a lazy bulldog, but She loves chasing this thing all over. Its funny as hell, and is a great way to get her exercise. BB-8 might not hold up well to being caught thou.
  19. Thanks dood! Yeah I am taking 2 week off. So that is pretty awesome. I don't think the challenge will interrupt my time with them at all, but if it does and I choose them I am sure all but Nuala would give me a pass. I'm super excited!
  20. We had a doctors appointment yesterday, second one in a row where my wife had slightly elevated blood pressure. So they sent us to the hospital, for them to run some tests and possible induce labor. She is 38+ weeks. From how everyone was talking It seemed almost like it was a sure thing. We spent all night there with tests being done, blood, urine, ultra sounds, blood pressure, heart rate etc. All good, and told us to go home and made an appointment for her to be induced on Tuesday. So looks like I will be a dad on weds! My wife feels good, so i am back at work till Monday. I got all my check marks in yesterday, lots of time standing around at the hospital to do some exercises and stretching.
  21. Thanks man. I feels great! OMG yes! Repairs are coming along, I estimate it will take an extra 20 hours of down time to finish up. Not horrible.
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