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  1. Alright, good to know! And yes I think clam shells may have been it. I've been able to run a bit longer each session, and I think i'll be able to "recover" from runners knee eventually.
  2. I had a physical examination by a doctor for a job. They didn't look deeply into my knee's but rather my over all physical performance, so I don't think i'm in some sort of critical condition (such as cancer). I do have running shoes by the way.
  3. Hey guys newbie here. I've always had a on/off rythem on running/jogging excercise for as long as I know. A year and a half ago I took part in a program with regular morning excercise, with a goal of reaching a 1.5 Mile run within 12 minutes after six months. Before that program I never ran on the field and only did light tread mill jogging to try to reach that 1.5 mile standard. Eventually after six months I was able to complete the program along with the 1.5 mile run under 12 minutes. After that I only jogged whenever I felt like it thinking I could reach my past performance if I really tried just like I did in the program. Problem is for the past 6 months i've had knee pain (mostly on my left knee), I gave it a couple months off jogging to see if it was temporary but it still was the same after 10 minutes. I've tried jogging through the pain but it just gets worse to the point where i'd have to rest for 3 days for the pain to go away. I'm young, I eat healthy, i'm not overweight, and I've done a physical examination a year ago and had no negtative results. I want to ask you guys... When taking such a pro-longed break like I did from routine excercise do some of you have knee pain (Maybe the treadmill jogging before I did the program helped?)? Does it go away if you keep excercising throughout the week (starting lightly)? If so do you recommend knee shocks to mitigate the knees damage? I'm asking because i'm worried since I hear knee's are one of the most used parts of the body since it supports your upper body weight so it shouldn't be tampered with too much. Thanks a bunch fellas.
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