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    Exercise or exercises to do besides these?

    I do my leg raises on the ground. I raise one leg at a time. I didn't do push ups today, I did the pec deck chest fly (the correct name, I believe, of the "peck deck") a number of times; it is good for the chest; I don't think it works the pushing muscles of my arms. I feel embarassed for doing mostly calisthenic exercises at a gym. I feel embarassed for doing push ups at a gym. Instead of the chair dips I did the last time I worked out at the gym, I did some fucking triceps pull downs. Why "add some single leg work" to my workouts?
  2. I would like to know if you could recommend me an exercise or some exercises to do in my workouts besides these: Bodyweight Squat, Peck Deck, Triceps Pulldown, Leg Raise, Plank, Superman, Pull-up on a simulator. OBS: I have been working out at a local gym, but I want to get good at calisthenics.