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  1. My name is Douwe Geluk and I started with Tai Chi about 20 years ago. I started with the Yang style, Cheng Man Ching and later i expanded my knowledge by doing Chen and Wudang style as well. I opened my own Tai Chi Apeldoorn school which is called the Scource of Happiness Fu Yuan. I teach Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Mindfulness to my students at my school Bron van Geluk. In the near future i will start Tai Chi kids defense classes as well. Tai Ji Quan is great!
  2. Well you must apply the moves from the forms with a partner and work until they work. Forms are just the concepts, you need to adapt and change them to a working technique with resisting partners. Sincerely Douwe Geluk
  3. Wu Wei Cup 2018 This year me and my Tai Chi team from the Netherlands participated at the Wu Wei Cup in Germany. The Wu Wei Cup 2018 is a bigg internal martial arts tournament organised by Jan Leminsky. My Dutch Apeldoorn team was made up of: Ferry van der Toorn, Argentina Cotcheza, Douwe ter Horst, Laura Bonthuis, and me Douwe Geluk. In this video you can see my team at the Wu Wei Cup 2018: Wu Wei Cup 2018 team Holland
  4. Sasquatch Kungfu Since 1985 until.1993 i trained a How Chuen Monkey Kungfu system in the Netherlands under a teacher which name is Fred Decramer. It was a standing tall Monkey system of the Sasquatch or Bigfoot. I did it until a brown belt level and i recently taped things i still knew and remember from that time. Here is the link to the video trailer.of the Sasquatch system: How Chuen Sasquatch Kungfu Video by Douwe Geluk What do you think? I do not know if it is a legit martial art, but Chinese martial arts are many times based on m
  5. Hello i am Douwe Geluk from the Netherlands, i am on a life changing path and also practise Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. I have strict food habbits and changed a lot in my lifestyle. I opened my own school for Tai Chi Chuan in Apeldoorn called de Bron van Geluk Fu Yuan meaning: scource of happiness. Life changing things is what i am.going through, but also want to share that with my students
  6. Practising Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung in Apeldoorn the Netherlands

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