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  1. Hello fellow nerds, My name is Zack Barnes, and I am trying to level up my life. I tried the paleo diet last year and it worked great, LOVED IT. However as income got tight and I slipped and had some fast food one night I slipped out of it. I am currently starting my 2nd heart on Link's screen. A new life persay. I have to start my quest to level up once more. I just moved to Murfreesboro, TN and I am looking for new friends around the area. I lived in Huntsville, AL with a few nerd fitness junkies down there and it was great, I had a lot of support out of them. So thats what I am lo
  2. So i went Paleo 12 days ago and I am loving every thing about it. I do have one question though, If I am not able to have any grains whatsoever than what do I do about communion at church on sundays? Do I not consume the bread square that they pass around? I mean I want to stay 110% strict on this diet but I want to know if Communion is against paleo ways... Thanks for any following answers to this question, Inu
  3. on that topic is white rice allowed on the Paleo Diet?
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