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  1. Hello, My name is Sam and I was initially here about a year ago under the name Seraph. I had a game plan and everything, but life decided to take some interesting twist and turns that resulted in said game plan being thrown out the window while I put out fires. Now I'm back. Once again life has given me some unexpected situations to handle, but this time, they're for the better and they all seem to be lining up with what I had initially wanted to start undertaking a year ago with Nerd Fitness; I now have a doctor that understands my medical conditions and works with them for the be
  2. I actually use audiobooks to help me fall asleep when I have bouts of insomnia, so that probably won't work for me. Whoops. I do really like the idea of picking out special water bottle to incentivize me to drink more. Thank you for the feedback and the welcome. Good luck with your own goals! Thank you! I actually have a friend that has offered to help me learn to drive. She lives 40 minutes away, so that makes it hard to get together for lessons, but it's also part of why she wants to teach me so she won't have to do all of the driving to hang out. As for other things I'
  3. As formal as the title for this topic is, I can assure you I am anything but. My name is Samyah, but most people call me Sam. Yes, we make great sidekicks, I know, but that's not what I'm here for, though I am more than willing to help a fellow member of The Rebellion out if I am able. At the time of writing this, I am a few months shy of 30. For all of you that have already hit 30 and beyond, and all of those around my age now, you might be acquainted with the feeling I've been having, a feeling of not enough. Not being enough. Not doing enough. Not having enough. Well, I have act
  4. [Main Quest] ★ Ardently Stick to a Predetermined Workout Plan by: Going on a Brisk 20 Minute Walk 3 Times a Week Completing 2 Tai Chi Sessions Each Week Completing a Yoga Session Every Single Morning, or Evening if Time is Short in the Morning on Days I Work or Have Other Obligations [Support Quests] ★ Improve My Time Management and Productivity by: Removing Unnecessary Social Media Apps from My Phone Follow a Set Sleep Schedule, Up by 6am, in Bed No Later than 10pm Only Indulge in Pastimes like Video Games and TV After Important and Nec
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