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  1. Thanks!! (I'm late with my weekly update because I didn't feel like it 😕 I may post two weeks at once next week)
  2. I've broken my previous records (from spring 2019, the last time I worked out regularly) and I'm heckin' excited. The difference from a few weeks of this is subtle, but if I keep up with it I might look substantially different by the time I go back to the office.
  3. When I need to thicken a sauce, sometimes I cook red lentils until they start falling apart - since it's higher protein than flour. The red ones are very thin and don't have skins. Do you know what kind your mother in law used? (A lot of my recipes would benefit from more creaminess without actual cream.)
  4. If you're looking for picnic ideas, maybe veggies with hummus or but butter, or sandwich wraps with lettuce or cabbage instead of bread?
  5. On the weekend I like to make protein pancakes (store brand version of Kodiak cakes). I'm not big on breakfast food, so during the week I usually have apples with peanut butter and/or protein bars. One of my lifestyle changes lately is delaying breakfast until mid-morning or later, because I'm equally hungry whether I eat or not until 11 or so.
  6. Finding what foods make me feel good, and healthy foods that I look forward to having, has helped me with avoiding the foods I'm trying not to eat (simple carbohydrates). I suspect that healthy comfort food is a highly individual thing, but for me it's been protein bars (which don't fully follow the rules but the protein seems to offset the sugar) and beans + rice with good sauces, often Indian or ones with teriyaki.
  7. Hi, welcome! Those sound like good lifestyle goals. What sorts of foods do you like to eat for breakfast?
  8. Congratulations on your good exit exam score! Building up savings can also be a way to make sure you're able to lower your living expenses some. (If you're looking for something to help show your wife that you can make it work.) If you're putting away a chunk of income each month, you're proving you can get by spending that much less *and* you'll have it later if you end up needing it. Keeping the job until the brewery can pay you a "salary" for your expenses also sounds like a good strategy.
  9. Happy birthday! Looks like you're doing great, especially with your dance and meal planning goals, keep up the good work!
  10. Week 2 update Loose Fat: ✖️ I was invited to a family cookout on Saturday and knew that tracking food would be difficult. I decided to consider it a cheat day and focus on having fun with family. I tried to add up what I ate after the fact, and I was definitely over my calorie limit for that day. (On the other hand, I had some simple-carbs cravings the next day but was generally less hungry than usual, which I hope is a sign that my metabolism is healthy.) I am okay with this. I also want to bring more healthy food along to share next time (both a sna
  11. I can eat eggs, but prefer not to most of the time. Similar to meat, cooking with them is stressful (food poisoning paranoia + weird goopy texture) and they don't seem much more ethical than meat. I can see how nutritionally it's a good suggestion, though. Nuts might work, when I have room in the calorie budget for that. I've been eating peanut butter and sometimes almonds.
  12. Week 1 update Loose Fat: ✔️ I met my calorie goals every day. I also made this chart of my macros. I've been feeling hungrier this week than last week. I'm ready to start having beans more than once/day, though, and I'm hoping that will help. (I think the problem may have been that low fiber + vegetarian doesn't leave many filling food options.) Work Out: ✔️ I've settled on doing goblet squat, overhead press, and bent-over rows. This is loosely Strong Lifts inspired, but I'm sticking to just what I can do with my adjusta
  13. Thanks for thinking of me Yeti, everything's good.
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