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  1. Hi. I'm not an expert by any means, but I would say that while cycling is certainly a fun and useful way to burn extra calories, it should not be your only form of excercise. I have had tremendous results with strength training, with cycling on my off days. Diet is also a large part of weight loss. As long as you are eating healthy, real foods, you should be able to lose weight without ANY excercise. So the takeaway from this is keep cycling, eat a healthy diet, you'll lose plenty of weight. To maximize weight loss, add in strenght training. Good luck on your journey.
  2. @SnowOwl. I don't feel like reading through eleven pages to see if this race is happening but I'd love to join. especially if its become a yearly thing.
  3. Any nerds near Mentor? I go there time to time, and would live to do a meetup.
  4. I'm in Ohio, near the Toledo Area. If anyone else in from that area, PM me.
  5. Hey guys, So two days ago I tried doing the NF semi advanced bodyweight routine. I got through it, but as I had a party to attend imediatly afterwards, I don't think my stretches were all that they could be. My question is, should I be working out today? I feel the pain is mostly muscle soreness, and not an injury. I'm pretty sure I can workout if it's not due to injury, but I thought I'd ask experts. (Y'all say you're not experts, but you're a lot smarter about these things then me.
  6. Have fun! I must admit that when I got the notification that this thread had been updated I saw only the I am in part and immediatly assumed you were in the qualifiers. Hopefully this is still the case, but I have to say that I have never clicked a notifications so fast.
  7. Recently, I've been trying to eat in a calorie deficiet, and I'm finding that its really not all that hard. However, as I eat very little throught the day, I know I'm not getting anywhere near to my protien requirements. I'm pretty sure that this is hindering my workout results, and I was hoping that y'all could suggest some recipes that are high in protien, but will allow me to stay in a calorie deficiet. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi guys. I'm just wondering If I should be doing the NF Kettlebell Routine on day A, and the Bodyweight Routine on day B. Repeat. Is that giving my muscles time to rest since they are body full body workouts?
  9. Hi guys! I just signed up for my first 5K on April 6th. I was wondering how the heck I'm going to train for it. I'm not a big runner at all. Any advice for a first-timer?
  10. Where does one get cheap protein powder, and what are the nutritional values?
  11. Where does one get cheap protien powder, and what are the nutritional values?
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