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  1. Wait, only 2 activities per week will award points? I haven't got that. Perhaps you should add some kind of habit activity that keeps people motivated to do it. For example, if I don't hit the snooze once is good, but doing it only once is useless. However, "Lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten". Such a good quote, often we think that just because we know or understand something, it is easy to do. The truth often is way more harsh that we think, and bad experiences are fundamental for learning. Is like a child told thwt the fire burn. He won't believe you, he need to feel the pain to remember it. Give my points :P
  2. Hmm, hasfit have a lot of workouts for injured and old people where they go quite slow with the exercises. Have you difficulty in following video workouts? Where the exercises are shown to you? Perhaps you can choose a workout in yt and do it, over and over and over until it becomes a pattern in your mind
  3. Thank you! If I were born 6 years later I would be probably became popular at school, nerds these days have it way easier than before
  4. Can't we make a todo list like 5 numbers per week? 3 that we can choose and 2 random. These 3 will be things that we care particularly and we do quite often( rising up early, attend to a martial art class etc). Or can we do everything from the list, while there will be one task per week that gives more points? Just asking Also, the Discord server would serve as motivation in real time, you know to ask if someone is doing ok, how things are going etc to add some comradery. Maybe I played wow too much Also, we might use an excel spreadsheet, as previously mentioned to track the points. Seems like a good solution to me This is why I have only 3 posts so far xD
  5. Can "waking up at the desired hour without hitting the snooze" be a thing? I used to be a very early riser and I want it back also, the time will vary, not everyone can wake up at 4 am. Another thing might be "substitute a bad habit you have with a good one" like reading a book instead of watching TV. If they are already on the list I apologize, is quite a long list and is easy to miss things It would be interesting to create a Discord server for this challenge, is quite odd but I find writing here in forum in some way uncomfortable
  6. I'm in! I would like to add something like "Buy something you have never eaten and take a picture of it, once a week". Of course this doesn't need to be something expensive, just something you have never tried. And "practice jiu jitsu, or any other martial art for atleast 6 hours per week" or three times per week. And "pick one exercise which doesn't require weights and practice it for at least 200 repetitions per week." Let me know what do you think about it Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1A utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. Hello guys, it's nice to be here I have bought Steve's book some weeks ago and I have finished it last week. What can I say, it's definitely inspiring, and in many ways is a story similar to mine. The difference is that I still have those problems. I won't hide, I have always been alone through my whole life, very little friends, not that many girlfriends and a very unforgiving metabolism. Personally I have to say that my lack of friends was justified in my childhood and in my teens by the fact that I was very fat and I was a very unpleasant person to be around. The one who doesn't accept jokes, who blame everyone for everything, the one that doesn't fit well in society. This was in my teens. Since I was 18 I started a big journey, physical and psychological, that changed who I was, how I thought and how people perceived me. Also, I have changed my body. From being a big fat kid I become a powerful and tall individual, somehow even intimidating at times. I learned how to look at people in the eyes, I learned a lot of things on body language and so on. I become a very avid reader and I got into self development. But I still have problems with people. Don't get me wrong, I'm a positive and a nice to have person to hang out with but there is always a catch, I do not understand why people like me but never truly gets close with me. I have read several books on how to make friends and things like that, but still nothing. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Maybe i need to redifine my social habits. I don't really know. However, I like being a hardworking person and I always try to pursue some kind of goal, because without it I feels like I might die without having lived to my potential, alone. And I always try to envolve my few friends to help me with my goals, but they are kinda disengaged with this kind of mentality. Or maybe they just don't like me xD It's irrelevant, I have seen that here there are tons of people with my same mentality and I really want to connect with them, and perhaps even find some friend. The challenge system is awesome, I will be definitely doing it. I recently started bjj (brasilian jiu jitsu) and it was a life changer for me. I'm have a new "feats of strength" goal: became a black belt in less than 15 years. If you don't know what bjj is, check this out. Is a very physically challenging martial art I have Discord as well, if someone want to chat
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