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  1. <trumpet>

    Day 7

    1) complete 4 sets of wall push ups every other day (✔︎ Forgot to do these till after a glass of wine. Oops. Still managed them though)

    2) eat at least 5 different fruit/veg at least 5 days each week (✔︎ pears, orange, pea, carrot, onion, sprouts, tomatoes)

    3) drink a glass of water before every evening meal ✔︎ 

    4) meditate 5 minutes each day ✔︎



    Week 1 ✔︎

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  2. 3 hours ago, Calibre said:

    Very nice progress through the week!! The fruits and veg goal is a considerable one, I may have to pick up something like that for my next challenge. Did just discover that cauliflower isn't too back (unless it's just because it was smothered in cheese sauce LOL) time will tell. At least with the long days of sunlight makes me think that the growing season will start soon.

    Thanks. I actually love cauliflower (and sprouts) so it's not such a hardship. And I believe the cheese sauce on a cauliflower gratin is superb protein, right? 

    I've a few things planted already (only garlic outside though) but I'm at least a month away from any serious planting outside. Judging from the amount of my kale that the slugs are last year, I must have the fittest slugs in the country in my garden...


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  3. It's pretty blustery here now, but nothing too major. Just don't go too close to the edge of AS!


    You're definitely right about endurance. If you can walk, you can make it to the summit. Not sure how you prepare for this but maybe have a thought about the mental side too? I didn't get altitude sickness but I lost my appetite completely. It's hard to keep going and to force food down coz you know you need the energy but you can't face eating. Even just being prepared for this as a possibility might help. I knew about the altitude sickness risk but hadn't thought about loss of appetite. In saying that, lots of people were just fine too :-) I'm the sort of person who likes to think about *all* the possibilities in advance so I don't get surprised.


    Do you use hiking poles when you walk?


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  4. Day 5 update:

    I also had a portion of stewed fruit (strawberry, blackberry, blackcurrant) as I wanted a snack after tea.


    Day 6:

    1) complete 4 sets of wall push ups every other day (✔︎ - rest day)

    2) eat at least 5 different fruit/veg at least 5 days each week (✔︎ tomato, cauliflower, fresh spinach, lettuce, cooked spinach, roasted veg [pepper, aubergine, courgette, sprouts] and stewed fruit (strawberry, blackberry, blackcurrant).

    3) drink a glass of water before every evening meal 1/2✔︎ I forgot till half way through soup but had it before the main.

    4) meditate 5 minutes each day ✔︎


    <Ned Ryerson voice> Bing!


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  5. Hello Day 5:

    1) complete 4 sets of wall push ups every other day (✔︎ - despite being fairly tired - ground out the 80 wall push ups. Actually window sill push ups but you know what I mean)

    2) eat at least 5 different fruit/veg at least 5 days each week (✔︎ cauliflower, orange, roasted veg [pepper, aubergine, courgette, sprouts] and spinach.

    3) drink a glass of water before every evening meal ✔︎ Liking this one. Doesn't seem too hard!

    4) meditate 5 minutes each day ✔︎


    Day 6 holds no fear. Though it *is* a Saturday, hmmm......


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  6. Hi, I don't know your situation but can you build some running into your commute? I used to between my office & the train station. This removed the second part of my commute which would have been a short second train journey or a bus/tube journey (it was London - you get lots of options. All over-crowded!) It was only 2 miles (each way) but enough to get some exercise and make a real difference to my fitness if I did it a few times each week. I didn't take nearly as much effort when it was part of the commute. Much easier than going home then going out again :-)


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  7. What a great start. May I suggest... if you're doing a Pump class on Saturday (doesn't sound like a class you can coast?!), maybe save Arthur's Seat for Sunday? The forecast suggests the wind might be a wee bit stronger but I'm sure you've got a good bunnet? Might be nice to stretch your legs the next day after your pump? Arthur's Seat will be great training for you. I'm sure you know but Kili is just a long trek. It might depend on your route, but ours only had a tiny wee section of scrambling up some rocks. The rest was all about putting one foot in front of the other. Again and again and again. Up and down the Seat will build those muscles a treat :-)



  8. Day 4 reporting for duty...

    1) complete 4 sets of wall push ups every other day (rest day today. Not sure how willing the arms are going to be tomorrow after an hour of fairly brutal kettlebell class tonight. First one back in the New Year and I stupidly/bravely stuck with the same weight as I was using pre-Xmas. Made it through though).

    2) eat at least 5 different fruit/veg at least 5 days each week ✔︎ (apple, clementine, lettuce, tomato, peppers, swede, kale, broccoli)

    3) drink a glass of water before every evening meal ✔︎ (I had fizzy vitamin tablet in it coz it was directly after kettlebells. I don't think that's cheating?!)

    4) meditate 5 minutes each day ✔︎ (done already today. Woop!)


    Day 5. Bring it on. 

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  9. @Ellestar *Waves* Hoots mon. Nice to hear an accent I recognise ;-) I thought the background in your profile pic looked familiar...


    Thanks for giving me hope on the press ups. I'm not sure I'm ever going to get to 100. I'd be happy with 10 proper ones TBH. I'll see how I get on. There's a woman at my circuit training class who nonchalantly burns through what seems like dozens of elevated press ups (with her feet on a tub a foot off the ground). Jealousy can be very motivating!


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  10. Yes, a bit randomly several years ago, my OH & I got the chance to go at fairly short notice so I'd a month to train up. I spend a lot of lunch hours tramping up and down the stairs at work and that seemed to do the trick.


    Summiting was a brilliant experience. Sadly the weather wasn't kind to us to we only got a brief glimpse of the stunning views between clouds. But it was great.



  11. Early update for day 3...


    1) complete 4 sets of wall push ups every other day ✔︎ 

    2) eat at least 5 different fruit/veg at least 5 days each week ✔︎ (Chicken broth containing carrot, onion, swede & sprouts, roasted veg (aubergine/courgette/peppers), broccoli, kale crisps)

    3) drink a glass of water before every evening meal ✔︎

    4) meditate 5 minutes each day ✔︎ (ticking in advance - that's probably cheating. I'll do before bed tonight).




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  12. <looks like this didn't post last night. Bluddy internet was down most of the day>


    Day 2, still winning :-)


    1) rest day today (arms not stiff but definitely feel like I used some muscles yesterday!)

    2) ✔︎ banana, apple, clementine, lettuce, pepper, tomato

    3) ✔︎

    4) ✔︎ didn't manage to do it after waking up as planned but fitted it in before dinner



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  13. Snap. My mum taught me too knit and crochet and my gran (I don't know how she had the patience) taught me to turn the heel of a sock on three needles! I got distracted by other things for about 30 years and now have taken it up again with a passion. I was super slow to start with but as with most things, you get faster with practice. I fancy trying Tunisian crochet but am still working my way through a wish list of knitted sweaters. If you've not seen it already, Ravelry is a great free online resource of patterns and ideas.

  14. 17 hours ago, Rubik'sCat said:

    Maybe it's because he's gotten older and he's past his teething phase? Border collies are constant trouble makers too, they always want stimulation and attention from their owners. My border collie years ago got bigger and older too and she liked playing with her toys but one of her favorite past times was digging a hole under the fence and playing and jumping around in the neighbor's back yard. After she was in the neighbor's backyard she would turn around and stare at me and say "why won't you come over and play with me?" while we tried to get her back. I wonder if there is a distinct personality difference between female and male border collies. 

    Ha, ha! I wasn't being *entirely* serious :-) I've heard I should expect 12 months of him chewing everything and then it calms down. Fingers crossed.

    Yes, there's a lot of digging going on now in our garden too. In particular he likes to dig up the mouse holes. So that is fine with me.


    I've been told females can be slightly smaller when fully-grown and a wee bit less aggressive, but I would hope he'll be so well-trained this won't be a problem...


    In any case, there'll be lots of walking which will hardly seem like exercise, so that's a win for both of us.

  15. If you live on the third floor you must get a lot of stair action in a normal day :-) I trained by walking up and down stairs at work years ago during my lunch hour and it got me fit enough within a month to get up Mount Kilimanjaro so don't underrate it! I'm sure it'll work out for you. There's so much you can do without gyms and machines. Jump-rope, I've not really got on with since I was about 11. It's soooo much harder as an adult. That'll be a great workout for you in the better weather.  


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  16. Hi from a newbie. I don't have access to a gym and I've been advised by the physio not to run any more (slightly gammy knee) so my cardio workouts are on the indoor bike or the rowing machine (I bought an old refurbished one a few years ago - it's been a great investment and a relative gave us an old indoor bike they weren't using - result!) I also use Yoga Studio app from home yoga workouts thought it's not such a good deal now they've gone subscription-only. I've been mainly doing interval training on the rower and bike recently and have been enjoying those. Do you have any kit at home you can use for cardio?

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