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    I'm a beginner Aikidoka (cross-training in Judo and other random arts, depending on who's at the dojo that day). My primary goal for this challenge is to level up to 5th Kyu, which will require consistent practice attendance and practicing at home. I'm also reiterating and tweaking two goals from my first challenge: -- Fill and drink my 16 oz. canteen 4x/day -- Record everything I eat. I had some trouble with this last time because I didn't realize how much I snacked in between meals and how inconvenient it was to write everything down. This time I'll keep a piece of paper in my pocket for this purpose. And a life goal: to carve out at least 2 one-hour sessions per week to make art. Not martial, but musical and visual. Could I ask people to please post their favorite quotes on this thread? Here is one I was reminded of today: "For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business." -- T.S. Eliot
  2. Hi there. I'm a little late to the current challenge, but I'll be posting my new goals tonight and I wanted to make my presence known. I'm a beginner Aikidoka but I'm also cross-training in Judo and practicing with guys who do everything from Karate to Kendo, so I'm picking up what I can. I hope I'm in the right spot?... If not please direct me aright. Cheers
  3. If anyone is still following this... in answer to @NicTheRugger's question, this first challenge didn't go as well as I had hoped, partly due to some unexpected life challenges I'm hoping to reset and tweak some variables for the next one. Through this experience I did learn a lot about some of my no-so-great habits... one of them being how much I snack between meals, and how little water I really drink. Also, I was amazed at how inconsistent my sleep times were. However, I was not quite as good with tracking anything as I had wanted to be, and I didn't find a reliable system to keep me drinking water regularly. @scalyfreak , in a very late response to your question, I sing opera and jazz. What did you used to sing?
  4. Karinajean, to answer your question, I have Aikido classes twice a week and I work out at home three other days. I try to go running once, do a cardio/abs day, and a yoga day. My home workouts are mostly going off of online resources and videos.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, people. I'll check out that book, @Whimsy, thanks for the recommendation! The app might not work so well because my smartphone isn't as smart as it likes to think it is.
  6. So. I'm new here and a little gun-shy of sharing things about myself in online spaces, but I'm taking 30 seconds of courage to give this NF thing a shot. I'm an overworked millennial just out of college. My wall has an early 90s Avengers poster next to a world map and Gafurius' diagrams of the Music of the Spheres, and that probably tells you a fair amount about me - enough for an introduction, at least. I realized last year that I was not on pace to ever be any healthier than I am now, and I didn't want to have any adventures pass me by for physical reasons I could have done otherwise to change; so I started trying to make healthy changes to my life, and here I am. I recently picked up Aikido, so if I stick with NF I guess I'll be joining the Monks' guild next. Diet Goals: --> Drink 2-2.5 liters of water every day. I sing, so this goal is for my voice as much as the rest of my body. --> Keep a food journal - no details, no calorie counting, just keep track of what I eat. Fitness Goal: --> Stick to my workout schedule (I developed it last Fall and it's been working well for me... when I show up) Life Goal: --> Start tracking the times I sleep and wake up. I sleep deeply, but I'm not getting enough, and I need the information to make a better plan.
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