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  1. Updates for Wednesday & Thursday May 22 & 23 Get Healthy: Successful tracking and staying within calorie goals both days. Yay!!! Get Strong: I didn't get any lifting done Wednesday or Thursday, due to a combination of over scheduling after-work activities on Wednesday and getting the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor time with my family on the only day of the week without rain. Get Outdoors: I went on a walk around the neighborhood with my wife and daughter while wearing my ruck pack. Having to chase a 2 year old with no fear and limitless energy a
  2. Update for Tuesday May 21 Get Healthy: Calories were tracked and I stayed on target for the day. Get Strong: Today was a designated rest day - no lifting. Get Outside: I had planned to get out for a 2 mile ruck today, but Mother Nature said "No!". Hopefully, I will get some dry weather Thursday and I can get out then. Get Off the Phone: I locked up the apps on my phone before getting out of the car and left it on the charger until the little one went to bed. I am glad that I kept up with the diet and phone on Day 2, but I was disappo
  3. Recap for Monday May 20 Get Healthy: I ate a sensibly today and stayed in my calorie window for the day. Get Strong: I got in my Stronglifts for the day - squats, bench press, and rows. The weights felt easy and I got through without much struggle. Get Outside: I didn't ruck today. My plan is for a ruck tomorrow (Tuesday) and either Saturday/Sunday depending on what the family decides to do for Memorial Day. Get of the Phone: I engaged my App blocker before getting out of the car, plugged the phone in, and didn't mess with it til 8:15.
  4. I am going to be starting with a 10 lb weight in my rucks and slowly work my way up. I have 2 national park trail heads within a mile of my house, 1 is about 2 miles and the other is 4 miles - I would like to do each trail once per week. As I build up my strength and conditioning levels, I plan to extend those distances.
  5. After experiencing some success with my 1st challenge I have decided to get join up with the Rangers Guild and start a new one. Here are my goals for this coming challenge. Get Healthy: In order to get healthy, I need to lose some weight (about 140 lbs), and the best way (for me) to lose weight has been monitoring my calories. In this challenge, I will stay under my target calorie goal for the day - every day. Get Strong: I have been following the Stronglifts 5x5 program and I need to keep at it with greater consistency. I will do my Stronglifts workout 3 times each
  6. Update for May 8 Workout: Rest day Eat Right: I got back on track here and ate at my calorie goal. No Fast Food: None. Daily Cleanup: I picked up some toys and stuffed animals after bedtime.
  7. I don't think so. I was really happy with my progress in terms of weight loss and working out and I got into the mindset that I can take a "cheat day", which spiraled into several days. 100% agreed!
  8. Update for May 7 Workout: My one success of the day was working out. Everything felt good with that. Eat Right: I did not. However, after being angry with myself I prepped my lunch and dinner for tomorrow, which should lead me to a successful day Wednesday. No Fast Food: Daily Cleanup: I used my late night time to prep meals for tomorrow. I do need to get back to cleaning though.
  9. Update for May 5 & 6 Sunday and Monday were awful in terms of taking care of my fitness. I need to refocus and get back at it today. Workout: None Eat Right: I ate horribly the last 2 days. No Fast Food: I had some on Sunday. Daily Cleanup: I did at least work on keeping the house clean those days.
  10. Updates for May 3 & 4 Workout: I got my lifting in on Saturday - plus a ton of yard work. It was an exhausting day. Eat Right: I stuck to my calorie plan for both days. No Fast Food: I didn't eat any of this stuff too. Daily Cleanup: There was late night cleaning for Friday and Saturday and the house is in decent order.
  11. Update for May 2 Workout: I got my Stronglifts in for the day - Workout A - Squats, Bench Press, and Rows. Everything felt nice and easy. Eat Right: I kept to my eating goals for the day. No Fast Food: I drove right on by. Daily Cleanup: I picked up toys (and cookie sheets) from the kitchen and gathered up socks that have been scattered around the house by the little one.
  12. Update for May 1 Workout: Rest day. Eat Right: I got back on track with staying at my calorie goal. No Fast Food: I also got back on track with avoiding the drive through. Daily Cleanup: I picked up toys all around the house after bedtime.
  13. Update for Apr. 30 To be honest, I accomplished none of my challenge goals for Tuesday - no workout, no calorie tracking, fast food, and no cleaning. On the plus side, I did see the Avengers. Time to get back to the challenge on Wednesday.
  14. Update for Apr. 29 Workout: I got my lifting in for the day - squats, overhead press, and deadlifts. Eat Right: I stayed on track for the day. No Fast Food: None for me. Daily Cleanup: I got some books and toys picked up after bedtime.
  15. Update for Apr. 28 Workout: Scheduled rest day. Eat Right: I was on track with my eating for Sunday. No Fast Food: That's starting to be easy. Daily Cleanup: We have a contractor coming in on Monday to gut and rebuild our bathroom, so there was a lot of late night cleaning for my wife and I.
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