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  1. Brilliant @Defining That's really helpful, and explains why I thought I was going to throw the 10kg barbell across the room!
  2. Hi! I've been doing dumbbell bench presses for a few months and have progressed well up to 10kgx3x8. I originally chose to use dumbbells for safety as I work out alone and don't have a spotter. Today I tried the barbell, I used the 10kg bar and found it too easy so then moved to the 12.5kg bar. This was still relatively easy and did 3x10 sets. I'm wary of moving up through the weights, again for to safety. However if I stick to dumbbells am I going to reach a point where I struggle? Will I be able to do more with barbells or are they much the same?
  3. Soooo... It's the start of week 2 and I have to say this is just a confession post. I spent a week with partner, kids and friends in center parcs last week. For those not in the know it's a weird holiday park with utopian aspirations. It also has a pool! The days were spent lounging by the pool and the evenings were spent playing stressful boardgames (pandemic legacy 2 anyone?) Cue failing at points 1,2 and 3. I didn't go to the gym at all, I snacked every night with games and I drank sugary fizzy drinks that were pleasant but definitely not necessary... I have however booked some shifts at work, so small tick. Obviously holidays are different, routine is what makes us able to do things we find difficult. I'm hitting back this week with a vengeance. I will go to the gym. I will cut out liquid calories. I will not eat my bodyweight in snacks, no matter how stressful the game! Solid D- must try harder
  4. Oh my days. You've really hit the nail on the head! You've got a brilliant way with words
  5. Know what? Let's ignore the challenge and just chat tea!
  6. I'm loving the replies. Thanks for engaging in the conversation. I think it threw me that my confidence just wasn't there. I'm a nurse, when I'm in my uniform I'm empowered, I'm confident. I defend my own and others honour/personal space/dignity etc. I deal with creeps on a daily basis. I suppose like I said before that I felt vulnerable doing something I'm not used to and was very much wanting to be invisible. This conversation could go so much deeper into the dynamics of men/women, masculinity, social expectations and feminism. But for now it's just given me that little boost to call out perving when I see it...
  7. You're very welcome. Sometimes we all need that extra push x
  8. Woooo! Well done That's a really big step. I hope you get some good, useful feedback.
  9. @"BOT" - BackOnTrack thanks for the support! If have to say my favourite is classic English breakfast, closely followed by Assam. I have become partial to a vanilla chai (not latte - eurgh!) if I'm fancying something sweeter.
  10. How did you get on? Have you clicked that submit button yet? =)
  11. @Cr.Ash it's good to hear the update even if it wasn't what you hoped. I've been using lifesum rather than something like myfitnesspal (I didn't get on with it). Lifesum was really good for me as it was easy to use and you can track water intake too. I've tracked my intake for the past 3 weeks solid. BTW, I'm not affiliated! Ha! Here's to your next challenge!
  12. So, coming off the success of my first ever challenge I'm going straight into challenge #2. My main aim is to get control of my life and health. Easy, it's just 2 things! :-D I started really nicely with challenge one, found a good rhythm at the gym and learned a lot about my eating habits. Therefore... Go to gym twice per week Don't eat if not meal time. Ie not in front of telly, not with board games et Attain Level 3 of nerd fitness diet (No liquid calories <I will allow myself milk with tea, I mean I am British!> Reduce carbohydrates at dinner to none) Book at least one bank shift per month They are relatively simple yet challenging enough that I will feel stretched. I think I'll have a "soft opening" this week and warm up into the challenge!
  13. Hi all. I thought I'd do a final rundown of how this first challenge has been for me... So, this goal has evolved over the month. I've been to the gym around twice a week and have consistently done 10-15 minutes if cardio followed by some time in the weight room. This one has surprised me. I've enjoyed it and I've been consistent. I've made a habit! Woo! I'm doing pretty well with snacking. This has been the most difficult as I am most definitely a "boredom snacker". I've now got a good tracking app (lifesum) that has made me accountable to myself. I'm probably having more than one snack of I'm honest but they're much much smaller! I've had 2 takeaways the whole month! The budget is looking very healthy, we're able to pay off more of the credit card per month than I previously thought. All in all I'm a much better position. This month has really made me look at myself and my habits. I'm amazed I've changed as quickly and easily as I have. I've lost a total of 13 lbs this month! Amazing!
  14. Having just had a look we can find each other through user names or email address. As my username is just Jess I think we'll need email addresses! I think we can privately message...
  15. Nice to see how you're getting on! Seems like most things are coming along really well Coming from someone who has an artist sister, I know you will never *truly* be happy with what you have produced. I challenge you to submit your writing next time you open it to edit. Once you've finished the edit session just press send!
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