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  1. Hi! Newbie here too! I love AD&D as well as Shadowrun and Rifts. Played a little Traveller and GURPS back in the day too. Terry Pratchett rocks - glad to find other fans! I love the Tiffany Aching stories. We listened to them on audible when my kids were much younger and my son's imaginary friend was a Wee Free Man! Good luck with your morning routine, that's something I've yet to accomplish myself. I'm thinking that may be part of my next challenge - thanks for the inspiration!
  2. Jess - oh man I wish I had my metabolism from my student days! At that point I could eat anything I wanted and barely tip the scales at 120. That caught up to me fast after I settled down and spawned a mini-me and a mini-him!
  3. Hello Little Miss! I crochet a bit of everything. My grandmother taught me when I was 7 or 8, so I've been at it for more than 40 years now! Right now I have two blankets and a shawl in the works. I've tried to teach myself how to knit over the years, but my hands refuse to hold yarn and tool in any way other than for crochet! I can do it somewhat, but I'm slow and it feels really awkward. I have dabbled inTunisian crochet over the last year or so and that produces some lovely knit-like textures, so I'll probably stick with that. I totally know what you mean about limiting hobbies! Weaving is a new one for me and thus far I've only made a scarf.
  4. Like so many others, I've always been a bit gun shy of sharing too much online, but if there's ever a place to do so, this is certainly it. So - here we go! I'm Denise and I teach anthropology at a University in Kentucky. Don't know what anthropology is? No biggie, most people don't. It's the study of everything human from where we come from as a species to ancient civilizations to modern societies and our primate cousins. My concentration is in archaeology, but I teach a fair amount about living societies too. My students think I'm a bit crazy b/c I'm a forty-something prof with purple hair and I like to play Fallout! For the first time since I had kids (my "baby" is now 16!), I lost 25 pounds last year and increased my endurance and cardio capability to climb Machu Picchu (and the even steeper Huyanu Picchu!) in May for my 25th wedding anniversary. After that, however, I had to go to Belize to work for a month and my food choices were really no longer mine to make. After the summer, I just sort of lost control and ended up gaining most of that 25 pounds back. So, I have to start over. But man, am I tired of counting points or counting calories or counting macro-nutrients. I want to be healthy, but I NEED to do it in a way that is sustainable and fun. FUN - never thought I'd say that about a workout/diet regime, but that's what I'm looking for because I'm in probably the exact middle of my life and I want the next 50 years to be just as great and even more exciting than the first 50 (a milestone I will hit this June). TL:DR - I'm an almost 50, weirdly geeky, college prof who wants to lose weight and become healthier through exercise and good habits. And I have to do it in a fun and positive way - that's why I'm HERE and not back at Scale Watchers, like before or doing some stupid fad diet. My goals for my first challenge are as follows: Complete water level nerd yoga routine at least 3 days a week. This will alternate with 3 days a week of the beginning body weight workout. Cook a healthy dinner at least 4 times a week and pack a lunch every day I'm on campus (no sneaking off to the student union for burgers and fries!) Clean, declutter, and organize one room of my house each week. For every week I stay on track I'm going to reward myself with some loot! I've given myself lots of choices like going to the movies with my hubby, or getting a manicure, or a new book! Or maybe the materials for a new crochet or weaving project (this might be the big payout at the end!)
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