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  1. Winter Soldier was awesome. Sadness on the weight. I've actually gained a pound. I'm thinking it's my body getting acclimated to what it's doing and possibly trying to store stuff for the apocalypse. Hoping that when it realizes that no, I mean it, we're doing this on purpose, it'll decide to dump the ballast. I'd forgotten that there would be dance auditions. Holy Hannah, did that do a number on my legs! But it felt really really good to use those muscles in a way they hadn't been used in almost 20 years. Today, back to low-level Angry Birds.
  2. Ok, the hip seems to be ok with the bodyweight thus far. I'm sore in fantastic ways, getting ready to mow my bigass back yard. I've also got auditions today! WOO! And if I get the floors done, we're gonna FINALLY go see Cap 2 tonight.
  3. I've also got auditions for Into the Woods and the Rocky Horror Show today. WOO!
  4. Ok, bodyweight workout last night went ok. And I'm sore in awesome ways from it! YES!!! Today the plan is to mow the lawn for cardio. Sounds too easy, no? We've got a HUGE double lot that is entirely lawn except for a few trees, the house, and the garage. And I use a push mower. I guarantee I'll be jelly by the time I'm done. Add in cleaning the floors in the house today and measuring for doors. Get all of this done, and my reward tonight is to take the family to see Winter Soldier. INCENTIVE!!!
  5. Soooo......bodyweight workouts might prove too painful. Stupid murderous stairs. I'm considering changing out that goal with taking the stairs at work every day. It's already half a mile one way from my car to my desk, with part of that walk up an incline. I'd have to climb 1.5 flights of stairs to get to my unit at least once a day, probably two or three times. And then there are the garage stairs, in which I would have to climb at least two flights, if I parked on the ground level and no higher. What do you all think?
  6. Right? There's something in the undergarment industry that has it against fat girls trying to get in shape. It went ok. I ended up walking instead of doing the bodyweight. I fell down my stairs a couple of months ago, and every now and again the hip that I fractured says "NO!" to anything involving deep dips like squats or lunges. I'm planning on trying again tonight after the kiddos pass out. Should bodyweight stuff prove to be too painful, I'll be switching that goal out to taking the stairs at work every day instead. I already literally walk a mile every day just getting from my ca
  7. DAY ONE!!! Thus far I have said "NAY!" to the vending machine that sits a 30 second walk from my desk at work. SMALL VICTORIES!!! Breakfast was yogurt (need to go Greek, I think, and go for less sugar in it) and coffee. I went for baked fish, seasoned rice (only a little), raw carrots, and a pear for lunch instead of hitting the cafeteria. Getting ready to start the first body weight workout I've done in a year or so. Gonna hurt so awesomely tomorrow! Now, if only they made bras in my size that are workout compatible....
  8. You got this, Xpac. I'm doing Angry Birds this time around too. I love it! And Terros, you should start LARP now. It'll only help you get to your goals faster!
  9. Hey, a link would be good too, wouldn't it? Because I'm a Derp
  10. Ready to DO THIS!!! Here's my thread. At my weight and fitness level, I'll be an Adventurer for a while. But then? Who knows? ULTIMATE GOAL: Lose 150 lbs. Thus far: I've lost 35. Here's looking at the next ten.
  11. Thanks! I'll be awarding experience points according to how well I do, so my total success will determine how much I level up. Can't wait for tomorrow! LET'S DO THIS!!!
  12. Definitely NOT pass/fail. Because even a tiny bit of success is still success. I'll rate it on a 1-10, only allowing a zero if I fall below my starting point (ie: Gain more weight, shamelessly chug Mt. Dew, "forget" to work out, or just not bother to even shop for doors) 10 will be stellar, I achieved all of the goals, and stuck my landing.
  13. Hey all! I've been gone for far too long, and some of the success I'd had has started to backslide. SOOO..... Ultimate Mission Goal: Lose a Total of 150 lbs. I topped out at 315. I'm currently at 278. THIS IS DOABLE!!! Challenge Goals 1. Do Angry Birds Workout 3 times a week, cardio twice a week. 2. Lost 10 lbs. 3. No soda. 4. Install new doors to kids' bedrooms. They're small goals, but I figure everything beyond this is just a bonus. Can't wait for this challenge to get started!
  14. I've been gone for FAR to long. I'm still 30 lbs down from my inital weight, but it's been creeping back up. Time to get back on it and crush it back down!
  15. Last day of the challenge. I haven't done as well as I wanted to, but I'm encouraged by what I did get accomplished. The Wall still needs a door, but it's progressed far more than it had in the last couple of years. I've not touched a single soda in the last six weeks. Or any other sugared beverage. Water, milk, unsweetened tea, coffee, and oj have been the only things I've drank (drunk? drinkded? ) I lost 11 lbs. I'm good with that. The gym....epic fail. I joined, was all excited about it, and then hubby's work schedule turned into a huge cluster of leaving the house at 6 am and not
  16. I try not to pay too much attention to numbers, since they do fluctuate somewhat. But when I hit benchmarks, THEN I get excited. I'm wearing a pair of jeans I haven't been able to get into in three years!
  17. Going walking in the park. Awesome.
  18. Nice! It's so hard to get motivated to do anything when you haven't slept. Well done!
  19. The wall is mudded. Painting will be completed this weekend. AND! I haven't lost as much weight as I wanted to, but I'm officially below 280 lbs for the first time in almost 5 years!!! I'm 30 lbs down from my initial weight!!!
  20. Music...it's not exactly "Halloween" per se, but I'm a huge fan of Scandanavian symphonic metal. Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sirenia, Epica, Xandria, Kamelot... Nightwish's latest album "Imaginaerum" has some creepy tracks like "Ghost River" and "Scaretale".
  21. It's stupidly cold and windy outside today. Body weight workouts it is!
  22. Yesterday I decided to forgo the gym. Spent the last two days closing up the shop at the KCRF site. I'm not a lifter by ANY stretch of the imagination. My joints fall out of place. But yesterday I moved over 1000 lbs of art in boxes, usually 30 lbs at a time. Out of the building, loading into the cars, then unloading into the storage unit to be shipped. My arms and shoulders are a bit sore, but it feels GOOD!
  23. Holy cow. Can't get to the gym due to the hubby's work schedule. Three kids under the age of 10 are NOT conducive to a gym workout. BUT! After they bounced for an hour on the trampoline and I chased the soccer balls around that they kicked off, we took an hour long walk to and through the 200 year old cemetery that's a few blocks away. My legs are sore!
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