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  1. Bug bomb. (I'm crying inside, but...) Bug bomb everything. OR... hear me out... OR Raise an army of spiders. Become Mother Arachnida. Conquer the God-abandoned earth with your fearsome powers.
  2. I did learn about some makeup when my mother went to a workshop when I was a kid. To me it was like paint, so it was fun. Now men beauty product rises very quickly. And I won't be surprised if one day men have to wear makeup to work too. (I just hope to retire before that.)
  3. Lemongrass oil helps if you can find one on the market!
  4. Sunday! A week's reflection! Food 6:00 Black coffee 8:00 Blanched young sprouts salad, rice. (I bought it from a restaurant, and there are so many types of veggies! I noticed young shoots of senna, Turkey berries, string beans, sweet potato shoots, etc, topped with garlic) 10:00 Cape gooseberries 12:00 Fish with Northern Thai chili paste over instant ramen 15:00 Carrot cake 17:00 Yunan rice noodles with pork and Chinese kraut. Exercise: 6 km running. Weekly tracking Five color veggies: good Highest bench press:8
  5. I wish you the best with the adventure ahead!
  6. Fear of spiders are the most common fear among humans. I'm sorry that you 'got shit' for expressing that fear. Humans, especially parents, are difficult to understand sometimes. I hope that spider is gone-- and the feelings that make you huddle in the corner have subsided. I am actually number 1 agent at the spider killing unit in my family (although I secretly love them because I am a sworn enemy with fruit flies, mosquitoes, and baby roaches), but I have this silly fear of height that I got called 'unmanly' and 'childish' for. I know sometimes people hurt you with th
  7. Thanks Nic! Maybe it's too yummy and that's' why I am... a little too happy. Thanks! Yes, a slow pace now and then is good for me, I think.
  8. Awesome and congrats. New records always give me the hype!
  9. Saturday (yay)! Food 8:00 Congee with pork, mushrooms, and duck egg 12:00 Grilled pork, young chili paste, and blanched veggies 12:30 Sago jelly with taro and corn in coconut milk 17:00 Iced green tea (no milk, no sugar) My ancestral Chinese blood probably boil in rage for the idea of an iced matcha, but my indigenous Siamese blood and American cheese in my veins said A-Okay. 20:00 Tempura salad with Japanese dressing. The fried stuffs are aubergine (I like this new word,) pumpkin, and carrots. (One fry from a kid's plate) Sympathy I
  10. That's crazy good work out with intense warm up! Mindfulness is a little tough for me too, but you can do it!!
  11. It's bright here and I feel down and unmotivated. Haha. We're in this together!
  12. Yes I do! This looks absolutely beautiful! Agreed! Wednesday Food 6:00 Dark chocolate 8:30 Rice noodle with pork and egg 9:00 Tapioca dumpling in coconut milk 11:00 Vendor pastry 12:00 Rice, garlic pork, brussels sprouts with pork 18:00 Fried chicken, fries Exercise None I woke up with a horrible ache in my left jaw in the middle of the night. I had to skip work for half a day to go to the doctor. Apparently, I have be
  13. This is awesome! I don't know what it is, but I'm glad you're happy.
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